The Way You Make Me Feel

This pain in my heart
I feel it every time I think of you.

Happy memories of hidden love
Play forever in my mind
Slowly driving me crazy,
The thought that it can never come to be
Just pulling me apart.

I can't focus,
I can't think straight,
I can't breathe
This is slowly and painfully
suffocating me.

Every sad love song
Reminds me of you, only you.

As if intentionally wanting to taunt me,
Telling me it was never meant to be.

It is as if the Fates
Are against our happiness.
Why does it have to be like this?
Why do all good things
Have to come to an end?

Oh, to turn back time.
To have told you how I felt
And not live in this Hell of 'what ifs'.
Why does it have to be like this?

I miss the way you made me feel:
The butterflies and tingles
Whenever you were around me
Or hugged me
Or when I even thought of you.

That look that you would give me
That made the whole world dissolve around us
Until there was only me and you
In our special moment,
In our own world.

That comfortable silence
And those days when we couldn't keep quiet.
The way you knew me so well
And yet so much
We had yet to know about each other.

The way our love felt like it lasted a day
And the way we lived that happy moment in time.

The innocence of Friendship
That so obviously was something more.
The fact that I could
Be myself around you
Without a second thought.

The way you loved
The silly old music I kept on my music player
Oh, cruel destiny..
Why did it have to be like this?
Why did you take him away from me?

Those beautiful dark eyes
Full of joy
Smiling down on me.
Now only as a memory
Does he stay with me.

And I am left,
A withered, dead version of myself
Forgone of love,
To go down this mountain of emotion
That is still repressed in me…