Uncovering the Layers of Reality

The crude and naked Reality
Often overlooked, although always there.

Only now, when I view the world
Through my dream-like state,
I see it through a layer of rustic yellow
I now notice how beautiful it can be.

The wonderful view of the scenery
Not raw and cold and Real.
Real to the point of becoming
Vulgar and pale and boring and blue.

Savage weeds and untrimmed trees and plain lawns
Become of beautiful, ancient, renaissance airs.
A whole new reality in which I find myself wondrously in.
My eyes adjust to become aware of this new, almost exotic, scenery.

(And I wonder, sceptically, watchfully
How I have never taken notice).

The beauty of the blue-green sky
And the jungle-like wild grass
And the picturesque, vine-line branches of the trees
And the freshly mown lawns.

Now, extraordinary
And colourful
And exciting
And rustic-yellow.

I awaken and the layer is gone.
I squint at the sun in a field where I now lay.
It is just as it was before
But different somehow.

For the wondrous unexplored world
And the pale and passive crudeness of Reality
Are in the viewer's eye.