Hello all. This will be my second attempt at a multi chapter story. None of these chapters will go beyond about 500 words so it'll be a quick read, hopefully you'll like these little chapters to continue reading until the end.

Earth curled up in bed. It's Saturday. There's nothing to do but eat and sleep for the next 2 days. Vaguely, he thought of the paper that would be due that Monday. He thought of the two weeks that were given to complete said paper and how little research he'd actually done so far. Vaguely, vaguely. He'll hate himself later but he was exhausted still from hanging out all night. He needed this Saturday for just this. Sleeping. All American 17 year old boys need Saturdays for sleeping. It's just the right thing to do.

"Earth?" A voice invaded Earth's dreams. "Earth? Come on, wake up."

Earth grunted and rolled over in bed. Moon sighed. Earth promised to study with him today but now it seemed like he definitely wasn't going to get anything progressive done. Moon watched Earth sleep for a minute. Earth's short brown hair is messy from sleep… but then again, it's messy when he's awake. Moon wished Earth would get up and open his pretty ocean blue eyes and… and… shower so they could get the hell out of the house to study! It was impossible to get any work done at Earth's house. The library is their only option and it closes early on Saturdays.

"Come on Earth!" He tapped gently against Earth's shoulder. Moon sighed. Well, he wasn't winning this battle.

With another sigh, Moon slipped off his shoes and climbed into bed with Earth, and snuggled at his side. Moon was nothing without Earth. He revolved around this boy like a satellite. After all, when Moon first moved into the neighborhood, Earth was the only one to come right up to him, put on a friendly smile and decide that they were best friends.

It was easy for Earth to see how special Moon was. It was something Moon never experienced before.

Earth rolled over in bed, unknowingly put his arms around Moon and snuggled close. Moon sighed. He thought maybe he should pull away, jump out of the bed, and just go study alone. But if he did that then he wouldn't have this moment right now.

Earth felt a sudden chill. "Moon?" he mumbled in his sleep. "You're cold today."

Moon blushed. "Yeah."

Moon sometimes wished Earth was cruel. He could handle a little bullying compared to the stabs of having your best and crush casually hold you in his sleep. This was like nothing to Earth. It's just another day for him while Moon's heart was full to bursting.

After a few deep, steady breaths, Moon found himself sleeping too.

I think if you're into astronomy and/or astrology, you'll like my little bits on information tucked int these short chapters.

I'll be updating twice a week. comments?