Where the hell have I been? lol. Actually, none of the stories Ive been following all year have updated for a long time now. I havent gotten that excited feeling of getting an email from fictionpress... I miss it. But Im here, so thats one story updated right?

Venus is a bit of a flirt. He likes nice looking things so he'd rather not hesitate to get what he wants. And if he wants it, he'll have it. It normally doesn't take long.

But he's been hanging out with Mercury for weeks now and despite liking him, he hasn't pushed for more yet. Maybe he's getting sick?

Venus whined. "Why aren't you helping me?"

Uranus and Neptune just continued on their art work. Neptune was putting final touches on his painting of Venus while Uranus sketched out Neptune working on his painting in his sketchpad. He's secretly jealous of Venus always being the subject of Neptune's paintings. Was he crazy to think if his boyfriend has only ever used one person in his art then something was up? He was crazy.

"Venus, why don't you just ask him out?" Neptune said without liking over to the blond.

"I don't know…" Venus blushed. "Things like this used to be easy."

Neptune chuckled. "Maybe you've met your match."

"Hm, I always thought his match was Mars." Uranus chimed in with a forced laugh.

"You guys are no help. One, I hate Mars. And two, Mercury is something else. He's… got his really sexy thing going on and…"

"Hey," Neptune cut in, "If you're going to like him, let go of his looks."

"What?!" Venus scoffed. "But he really is good looking. Who would date someone they thought was ugly?"

"He's right…" Uranus mumbled, lowering his head. Neptune noticed Uranus but then turned back to Venus. "What I'm saying is, stop watching his face, and actually find out if you two are compatible or not."

"Are you saying I'm shallow?"

"I'm saying there's more to life than pretty things and pretty people. Love isn't about who's pretty and who's not."

Venus rolled his eyes. "Well I know that! I can't help what I'm attracted to though. This is just how my brain works. And you should talk; I don't ever see you use some ugly person as your muse—just perfectly me." Venus stands, "I'm gonna go make that boy mine. Adieu!"

"He's right, you know." Uranus mumbled after Venus made his dramatic exit.

Neptune pauses. "Right about what?"

Uranus shook his head. "Nothing."

Neptune sighed. "Are you… mad?"

Uranus shook his head. It didn't make sense to be with Neptune and be jealous of Venus still. Plus, someone as dull looking as him has to know how lucky he is to be with Neptune.


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