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Moon is quietly, unnaturally, and overwhelmingly beautiful. Everyone thinks so, but no one says it so Moon is mostly totally unaware of his affect on people. Earth, as well, usually finds himself staring at Moon's heart shaped face, wondering how his skin can be so luminescent, how his eyes managed to be a melted pearl grey, and how his long black hair can be so soft and shiny.

Moon as always been, and always will be, effortless.

He tucks a few stray bits of hair behind his ear. "What?" Moon asked, hoping not to let his nerves get the best of him. He hated it when Earth stared!

Earth smiled. "Nothing, just looking."

"Well… cut it out." Moon blushed as he turned to look in another direction.

"Are you going to the game tonight? The victory party should be fun too."

Moon sighed, irritated by the topic of conversation. "Haven't you ever wondered why everyone at this school plans victory parties even before the game starts?"

Earth shrugged. "You don't think Sun is going to win?"

"That's another thing! It's a football game with a football team. Why do people act like he's fighting against an army all by himself? You guys are just fueling his big, fat ego."

Earth laughed. "Sun has always been the center of attention. Besides, it's not just gas. Since he's been playing, we haven't lost a game. You of all people know how great he is."

Moon sharply turned back to Earth. "Why do you say that?"

"You guys fight all the time but I can tell you guys don't really hate each other."


"Aw, don't be so dramatic Moonie." Earth said with a laugh.

"I'm not dramatic!" Moon yelled as he jumped to his feet. "Go to the game yourself!"

As Earth watched Moon walk away, he wondered if there were any two people more in love than Sun and Moon. Moon is emotional. But Earth didn't mean to offend him. He sighed. Earth was going to have to find someone to go to the game with tonight. Moon is definitely not going to go.

Maybe he'll ask Venus later.

get it? moon? the crab? cancer?