A Cry for Hope

I hear the screams. I hear the cries.

I cover my ears, but it's in my mind.

I turn away. I avert my eyes.

Still I hear the heart-broken cries.

I turn my gaze. But all to see is all in pain.

The sky is a canvas with streaks painted red, a red as deep as blood.

Like a rose after full bloom, with the haunting death of a full moon.

There's no where to run, there's nowhere to hide.

There's nothing to seek, nothing to find.

My mind was set; no turning back.

But now all I know is this regret.

I closed my eyes but now I'm blind.

I heard the screams, I heard the cries. I covered my ears, I averted my eyes.

But there's no where to run, there's no where to hide.

Now and forever, it's seared in my mind.

-Christina Khokhar