A half-breed life

Chapter one

I slowly open my eyes, my vision is blurry. My whole body is throbbing in pain, slowly numbing. I couldn't move at all and trust me I tried. I'm sure I should have died. I feel wetness on my cheek and I move my mix match eyes toward my angel wolf. My pet, I smile at him to reassure that I will be ok. The truth was I wasn't going to be ok. By now you must be wondering who I am, what happened to me and how it happen. Well I will tell you, this is my story.

My name is Araceli church, I am a half-breed. What you should know before reading this story is that half-breeds are the most hated thing in the supernatural world. You either die before you are born or die before you even live your life. For the lucky ones, your life is a living hell. Every waking moment is you fighting for your life. You barely make any friends and trust the wrong person will be the end of your life. I am the cross breed of an angel and mermaid. My mother is an angel and my father is a merman. I never met and I don't even know if he is alive. My mother on the other hand I know is alive; but not for long.

I live with my mother from the time I was born until the time I hit the cruel cold crust. Angels live high up in the clouds, away from humans. The only angels that are able to live down on earth are fallen angels and guardian angels. There are many different angels that live in this world.

One is the Angels of Light, the stuck up angels who care about themselves and believe they are the best. You become an angel of life by completing the guardian life goal of saving two hundred souls. Angels of Light put every good thought in a human's mind once you become one. Then that is your job until you die. You know if an angel is a light angel from their wings. Their wings are a pure white that sparkles with gold.

Then there are the Angels of Darkness, these angels evil right down to the core. They care for no one and feed off the pain of humans. They are the ones that put evil thoughts in a human's mind. What? You think some humans are downright evil and don't have any help at coming up ways to hurt a person? Oh no that the Angels of Darkness doing, every single evil thought that cross your mind is the touch of a dark angel. You become a dark angel from the moment you are born. You know this when your wings are black.

A guardian angel is an angel that is destines to become an Angel of Light. You are train at the tender age of one then at thirteen you are sent off to save the souls of children. When you hit your twenties' you are to save the souls of adult humans. Once you reach two hundred souls your wings begin to sparkly gold that is the mark of a light angel. An Angel of Darkness even at a young age put evil thoughts in a human's mind.

Then there the fallen angels, the angles who are cast out and sent to earth to live out the rest of their lives as humans. That is what I am, a cast out because I am a half-breed. A dirty mutt that is useless and should have never been born in the first place. That is how I'm seen I pure blood angel's eyes. Fallen angels wings are half black, half white. The white is at the top and the black is at the bottom. When you are a fallen angel, you still have your wings; but your wings mark you as an outcast. Since you know those facts now, here is what happened.

It started on a sunny day…..

Normal P.O.V

A young girl was running over the clouds with her pet running next to her. A gray wolf with a streak of white hair going down it back. The girl looks about the age of thirteen with shoulder-length golden blonde hair with streaks of blue running through it. She was dress in white dress with a dark blue belt around her waist and a dark blue sash. She had an excited happy smile on her very light tan face. She wore no shoes on her feet and had golden ankle bracelets.

"Ok Error get ready to dive." She says to her wolf friend. The wolf nodded and out of the girl back a pair of white wings burst out. The wolf and her float up before diving down the white fluffy clouds. They pass many angels that shook their fist at them and yelled. The girl only laughs and kept diving until she got to her home in the sky. She landed on her feet and ran into the house. There she was greeted by a woman.

"Hello Araceli." The woman with golden blonde hair says. She had ivory pale skin unlike her daughter and was wearing the same kind of dress with golden details instead.

"Hi mom, I'm finally a guardian angel!" the girl says as she dances around.

Araceli's mom smiles and says "that great Araceli, I'm so proud of you." Then the door of the house slams open reveling an old woman with a scowl on her wrinkle face.

"Oh hello mother." Araceli's mother says to the women. "So glad to see you."

The old woman shouts "the girl now!" then she grabs Araceli wrist in a bruising grip cause the girl to yelp out.

"Grandma, what are you doing!" the young girls half yelled half says. Fear slowly creep into her chest and grip her heart.

"Shut up girl you are coming with me!" the woman says with an icy cold tone that causes a shiver to roll up Araceli's spine. The angel wolf snarl and growl at the woman. The grandmother shrugs it off and kicks the wolf out of her way. She begins to pull the girl out of the small house only to be stop by her daughter.

"You are not taking my daughter, mother." Araceli says with a glare.

"You can't stop me." The grandmother throws back and pushes her daughter away. Araceli struggle in her grandmother grip; but the woman was much stronger even for her age. "

"I know what you are girl, half-breed scum." The grandmother muttered under her breath. Araceli eyes grew wide in fear from what she heard her grandmother say. How could she know? How could anyone know? Those were the thoughts that ran through Araceli mind as they came closer to the edge of the cloud.

"Now no one will have to know that my daughter gave birth to scum." The grandmother says and pushes Araceli off the edge.

"Araceli!" her mother yells as she reaches out a hand to catch her daughter.

"Mommy!" Araceli yelled as she reaches out her hand. Their fingers touch; but it was too late. Araceli was falling and even with the help of her wings. She was still falling fast towards earth, towards the hard ground. As she fell, she could see the feathers that were floating turn black. She knew she was turning into a fallen angel. Then she hit the ground and a sickling crack rang through the air. Araceli screams out in pain.

Araceli P.O.V

That is how I end up here, laying on this cold unforgiving ground. With my pet staying by my side, trying to help. My vision was fading to black fast and I knew I would be out soon. Then I heard Error growling, I wonder who coming? Whoever it is, I hope they end my suffering.

I hope.

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