Chapter two

I woke up in a warm bed that wasn't my own. My body still throbs from the pain of hitting the ground hard. If I was human I would have already been dead; but I'm not human. I tried to sit up until to fall back from the pain that shot up my spine making me yelp out in pain. I then saw my vision grow black around the edge. I was falling, falling back into blissful darkness.

When I awoke again I heard a door open and close, then footsteps. Footsteps coming toward the bed I am laying on. I move my head to the side to see who it was. Panic begin to rise up in my chest, I thought I was going to die for sure now. I see this ghostly pale girl with long black hair and purple eyes walking towards me. I see in her arms a tray of food. On a plate was two circle shape food with a glass of orange liquid. Since I am an angel… well fallen angel, I never had a need to eat. What I did eat was only fruit, that why I'm so fit and healthy. I never had anything with sugar it in. Very sad that a thirteen year old haven't had the joy of chocolate.

"I'm so glad you are awake, I thought you were going to die." The girl says in a warm cheerful voice. Her voice cause me to lower my guard, only a little.

"Who are you?" I ask in a quiet voice.

The girl stops in front of the bed and answers "my name is Madeline Dark." She sits on the edge of the bed and put down a tray of food.

"What is this?" I ask as I eyed the food as if it was going to come to life and rip my face off.

"Waffles, sorry my roommate Mariko is obsessed with waffles and is the only thing that she bought beside monster, gummy bears and pocky." Madeline says with a groan. "I swear that will be the last time I let her go grocery shopping by herself."

"What are waffles?" I ask quietly.

"Are you serious?" Madeline ask me with a shock look on her face. I felt my cheeks grow hot with embarrassment and I look away.

"Well they are baked batter in the shape of circle." Madeline explains as best she could. "Just try it." I looked down at the food and use the fork to pick up part of the waffles. I then slowly raise the fork to my mouth and slowly taste it. How can I describe the taste of waffles in my mouth? Like fireworks bursting forth around and warming me to the core. I then attack the plate of waffles and inhale the orange liquid. It taste like oranges, so I'm guessing it orange juice.

"Wow I haven't seen anyone eat waffles like that beside Mariko." Madeline says shock. I blush again and smiles. Then Madeline and I talk for a bit before we heard a door slam shut.

"Great my roommate back." Madeline says. "Want to meet her?" I nodded and follow Madeline downstairs to the kitchen.

"Damnit, who ate my waffles again! I told you people over and over don't eat my damn waffles! Oooo, pocky." I heard a female voice yell that sent shivers of fear up my spine. I hate when people yell, it cause fear to rush through me.

"Oh shut up, buy more than waffles and no one will eat your stuff." Madeline says clearly annoyed. This light brown skin girl came into my vision as I walk into the kitchen. She has orange and red flame kind of dyed hair. It was in a Mohawk hairstyle but the sides of her hair wasn't shave, just comb back.

She is wearing a white tank top under a black leather half jacket with no sleeves. Chains hung from it and a skull was on the front of it. The bottom half of her has on black rip skinny jeans. She also has on black and white platform boots on that had spikes and studs on them. She has a lip ring, eyebrow ring and the bridge of her nose is pierce.

"Who is this?" she says as her one black eye and one white eye turn on me.

"This is ummm…" Madeline trail off as she look at me. Oh yeah I never told her my name yet.

"My name is Araceli church, I am a half-breed." I say. I already told Madeline, might as well get it out of the way with Mariko.

"Cool half-breed, I guess Madeline already told you who I am. I am a fire elemental." Mariko says with a smile. Fire elementals are beings that have that control fire. They aren't fire demons; they are humans with the power of controlling fire. There are many elementals in the world; like ice, water, wind and earth. Mariko put a brown stick with pink icing covering the end in her mouth.

"So what you mix with?" Mariko asks me with that stick in her mouth.

Madeline eye twitch and says with an annoyed tone "chew first than talk Mariko, please." Mariko chews on the stick and swallow, trying to please Madeline.

"Angel and mermaid." I say quietly as I look at the two girls.

"So cool." Mariko says with a smile then offers me one of those sticks she was eating. I took it and look at Mariko, she only smiles. I put it in my mouth and bit it. If I died right now I would have no regrets because of how good this pocky is.

"That taste so amazing." I say with a dreaming look on my face.

Mariko smiles and says "I know!"

Madeline shakes her head with a smile and says "I will be back; I have to go buy some real food now." Madeline walks out of the kitchen and a few seconds later a door open and closes.

Mariko looks at me and asks "mind telling me your past and how you end up here?" I told Mariko everything about what happened to me.

"If your crazy grandmother finds out you are still alive, wouldn't she be looking for you?" Mariko says as she thought about it.

"Yeah." I say as I also thought about it. I'm in serious trouble if my grandmother finds out alive.

"I got the perfect idea Araceli." Mariko says

I ask "What is it?"

"Let me dye your hair and put contents in your eyes that will change your eye color, then no one will recognize you." Mariko says with a big grin. I thought about it for a moment then a smile broke out on my face.

"Yes let do this." I say, Mariko grab my arm and took me to her room. It was black with words painted on the wall in white. There is also poster of guys on the ceiling.

"Ok I have a bunch of colors to choose from, take your pick." Mariko says. I nod and start looking through the many shades of blue, purple, green and others. I pick the forest green and ocean blue. Then Mariko got started on my hair, she wash it and cut it. It went to my shoulder now and had my bangs swoop over my own eye. The forest green was the base hair color and the ocean blue is my bangs color.

"Ok your eyes will be a normal sky blue." Mariko says and put the contacts in my eyes.

"Tomorrow we will go shopping for some clothes for you." Mariko says with a warm smile. I couldn't help hugging Mariko hard and cry into her shoulder.

"Thank you." I whisper in her ear.

"You are so welcome, beside I love shopping at Hot Topic." Mariko replies as she hugs me back. Then Mariko and I ate some waffles for dinner and sat down on the couch to watch TV and wait for Madeline to get back. I fell asleep after an hour on Mariko and I'm pretty sure she fell asleep on me.

I think I would be happy here.