I've decided to delete the poems about you, every last one. it's the only thing I'm holding onto. after this week, all evidence of you will be deleted. like you were never my muse. like all the anguish I experienced never happened. like you never existed. I started this pen name around the time we started dating and I'm still writing, 5 years after the fact (been 2 years since you walked out of my life). I know why I hold onto these words - some were the best I ever created. all while I was in love, in hate with you. gut wrenching love/hate/screwed with my head sort of feelings. it's for the best, I'm starting to forget microscopic details like where you used to live. maybe with time, I'll let go of the conversations we had. words that as a whole created a film of bacteria that have been analyzed to death. you'll become the thing I learned to forget after the exam. if this is a test, I'm failing.

a/n: the reason why I deleted 2 collections and 50-something poems.