breathe in the remnants of your mind

the cataclysms of your soul

do you feel the brush of death

because i feel it


i feel it every time i turn the pages of a book

walk down the road

breathe in the rich air

smell the fragrance of flowers

i feel it

like a curse upon my existence

one that calls out to make it stop

would i be missed

is it alright with you

to ask that sort of question

would you truly

full heartedly

in grace and sadness

really miss someone like me

i'm sorry

i didn't mean for you to have to hear it

the inexplicable truth

that you are my last hope

my only redemption

is that too much of burden on you

i just need to know

what i need to know what you hide

would you miss me

would the world give a crap about me


the world couldn't care less

nearly the entire populous

the entire epitome of life

would never know

that i had once lived in its boundaries

and again

why would anyone miss me

this catalogue of depression

this destroyer of friends

of family

of joy

who in their right mind

would want me to stay

to continue on with me in tow

why do you put up with me

i need it straight

why would you stay with me

doesn't it give you pain

i feel wretched

i feel sickening

i am broken

someone you can't fix

you shouldn't miss me

i shouldn't be missed

i destroy you

you don't deserve what I offer

but would i be missed



do i deserve to be missed


definitely not

do i want to be missed


a complete and utter truth

would i make it end

do as i please


i choose a different route

to play the role of dice

and let fate decide

would you miss me


but i think that you'll be okay

much better

without me