Just a memory of his face
That's all I can see
When I close my eyes and think of him
At times I would see him in my dream
He would hold my hand
And walk side by side with me
On the shore of endless sea
A time he came back to see me
And before he left, he gave me a hug
One that I can never forget
A hug that seemed so real, I can almost feel
But it ended when I woke up
I don't have a record of his voice
Not too much pictures
But he's here in my heart
That's where he'll always be
I am his one and only baby
And he's my one and only dad
He left me with pain
And endless tears
He left me with sadness
And endless grief
He left me to hope
That one day I'll see him
If I will be a good girl
Then surely I'd see him in heaven
"Coz dad I really miss you so much"