Destruction of the Icy Matterhorn

By: Johanna & Erin

"Aaagh! I'll get you for this!" Matterhorn, the shaved ice mountain moaned as two young people who go by the names of Johanna and Erin, devoured his yummy iciness. All the by passers, the bobas, lychees, and pudding, cheered as he melted into a disgusting puddle of slush.

But late that night, as all the food and human settled for the night, the Icy Matterhorn slowly reconstructed himself, and by the time midnight struck, he was whole again, and even better than before. He slowly let out an evil cackle and coldly muttered to himself, "Hahaha! I said I'd get them back, didn't I?"

No one noticed as he slowly crept toward the bedroom where everyone was sleeping. He slipped under the door and headed to the beds where Johanna and Erin were sleeping.

Little did he know, was that the boba's, lychee, and pudding were also making plans.

Matterhorn got to the foot of the bed, all of a sudden, the door burst open and all the bobas came marching in single file with tiny spoons in hand like a spear. Following them was the lychees in bowling ball form, barreling for the Icy Matterhorn. And last but not least, the pudding was behind the door, waiting for the perfect moment to pounce.

First, the bobas charged at the Matterhorn, stabbing their spoons like knives into his icy body. He gave a cry of rage, but did not seem to be affected as he stomped on millions of bobas. Then more marched in as the lychees charged against the Matterhorn. The bounced and shoved him around until he began to crumble a bit. His body was losing mass, and before he knew it, the pudding had come in too, smothering him with their big, squishy bodies. Finally, you could no longer see any ice, for it was all covered in pudding. It seemed as though they had won, but all of a sudden, the pudding exploded as the Icy Matterhorn burst through. By now, he was a bit fazed, and starting to break down, but still strong in will. He knocked aside the pudding and charged at his unsuspecting victims, still in bed, fast asleep. All the foods worked into full power to save their masters. They gathered up and did the full speed charge, putting what they've been trained for at the most. Bobas charged, lychees pushed, and pudding smothered. Finally, the Icy Matterhorn was nothing but a pile of mush. Everyone cheered and returned to the pantry.

The next day, all of them were put into another treat. They were told by a piece of tiramisu that they would be traveling down the throat of a human, and make a pit-stop at the stomach, where they would spend a few hours at the most and be separated and put into buses called poop and be moved into the sewer. There, an optimistic piece of poo named Excreman would meet them there and possibly take some buses with him. If any buses were not taken, they were to remain where they were until the next rainstorm, where Excreman would return. Then, they all said their last farewells as they were placed into the mouths of humans, and began their next journey.