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Haine laid still on the cold ground, her limbs numb from the chilly wind. She could feel the leaves and twigs through her fingers. It was long before she actually got her senses back. She stumbled as she struggled to stand up.

Her legs hurt from bruises, her throat was dry, her light blue hair that reached the middle of her back was tangled, and her uniform was dirty with slight tears.

She felt as if she was walking in circles, unable to find a way out.

Suddenly, she heard what seemed to be firecrackers and ran, resisting the pain.

Haine soon reached a town, nothing like she'd seen before.

The people were dressed weirdly. She saw a beautiful female dressed like a ninja or an assassin of somesort, a fitted black leather top that reached just above her belly-button, and a tight leather skirt with fishnets underneath that emphasized her long legs tied together with a pair of matching black combat boots. The girl had fair skin that matched her magenta eyes and hair that was up in a ponytail. she stared at the girl as she pulled out from fingerless gloves and put them on. Haine's eye caught on the katana like weapon by her side, slightly confused.

She was taken aback at the beauty of the female, for she was probably the most flawless girl on Earth. Long legs, dreamy and mysterious purple eyes along with long lashes. Her fair heart shaped face and a perfect nose. She was around her own height: 5'6'' more or less. At that height, she was slim and lean, not to mention she possessed the legs any model would die for.

For a slight moment, she thought the girl was cosplaying... until she saw other people.

Haine looked around some more. It was surprising to her that no one looked at her weirdly, except those who looked disgusted by her tangled hair. It was as if her choice of clothing-in this case a tattered uniform-was normal. She saw males in robes, females in yutakas and kimonos, an other unusual clothing.

A middle aged women walked up to Haine with a little girl beside her. Haine figured the little girl was the women's daughter.

The brown haired women introduced herself as the owner of an inn down the road. She offered to help Haine get a little more... clean.

Haine figured nothing could go wrong with a little help, especially with her appearance. Deep inside, she was grateful and held her tears back. No one was ever this nice to her, not even her parents, who could not care less whether their own daughter was bullied at school.

They walked inside the inn. The place was lively and was filled with people wearing all sorts of different clothes. Walking up the wooden staircase, they reached a room at the end of the hall. The little girl followed her mother inside a room with Haine, who was bewildered at how nice the women was. Haine looked around the wooden room. It had a warm feeling to it. The feeling or love and care. There was a mini fireplace off to the side.

"Why are you so nice to me?" Haine asked, unable to hold herself back.

The women thought about it for a moment and replied. "You remind me of my own daughter, who is now gone."

"Oh..." was all Haine could say, she knew she had brought up a sensitive topic.

After a warm bath, Haine sat in front of the mirror and brushed her wet hair. The women walked in after a knock with the little girl.

"I should get you some new clothes." The women quietly said as she walked to the right side of the room and pulled out a trunk of clothes. "Please, take something to wear."

Haine refused for the women had already helped her so much. However, the women insisted and Haine relunctantly chose an outfit and changed into it.

She felt weird wearing an outfit similar to the girl she saw from earlier, well, the concept was similar. She wore a leather halter like shirt with leather pants and boots.

"You're so pretty..." The little girl said in awe.

Haine smiled but said nothing. She thanked the women and her daughter and bid good bye as she left, thinking of how to collect the amulets.

Haine somehow found herself on an abandoned road. It was quiet, unlike the previous places she'd walk thought. Frustrated at getting nowhere, she kicked the dirt.. "Stupid Scheduler never told me how to collect them. Unresponsible forgetful useless weirdy dressed girl." She spat out to herself.

Out of nowhere, the Scheduler appeared in her usual outfit. "I prefer words like... pretty, beautiful, smart, alluring. You know what I mean?" She said as she poked Haine's forehead.

"Wait... How did y-" Haine started to say before she was interuppted.

"I'm in charge of you, it's my job to know what you're doing and saying." The female shrugged as she said these words.

Stalker. Haine thought to herself.

"I heard that~" The Scheduler said in a taunting voice.

Without giving Haine a chance to say anything else, the Scheduler continued on. "Since you're an idiot, I guess I'll have to break it down for you. Bit. By. Bit." She took a breath and continued. "Once you find an amulet, it'll be easier to find the others. The amulet, or amulets that you have in you possession will glow if they are within a 500 meter radius. The closer you are, the brighter it'll glow." The Scheduler simply said, as if it was an easy task.

"Yea, you're forgetting the fact that I don't have an amulet to attract the others."

The girl sighed. "Here's a clue to the clueless girl. Go to the place you were at." With that said, she laughed and vanished into thin air.

Haine rushed back to the inn to find the women and her daughter.

She asked her if she had an amulet of some kind. Surprised, the women nodded and took it out of her pocket. The amulet laid comfortably in her palm.

"It belonged to my daughter." The women explained. "Why do you ask...?"

Haine didn't say anything and the women didn't force it out of her either.

The women looked at the auburn amulet with sad eyes and stroked it with her fingers before tucking it in Haine's hand. Haine was surprised at the women's actions.


"It is about time I let my daughter go... I hope it will be of use to you. You must have a reason of wanting it." She walked away after saying this.

Deep inside, the women was looking for a chance to give the amulet away. Her daughter had vanished several years ago and the memory of her still pained the women.

"One down. Six more to go." Haine said as she looked at the amulet before putting it in a pouch.

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