The Wait

I sat on the grass near what the students of Chief Joseph Middle School, (or at least those of us in band,) called the "band door." Actually, what I was doing was more of a squat, as the grass was thoroughly soaked with morning dew. The longer I observed the arriving students, the more I began to doubt that today really was Wednesday. Very few of the other members of our Symphonic Band had brought items for our party... Tuesday was supposedly the seventh graders' party, and Wednesday was ours.

Have I mixed the date up again? Its way too easy to do that for me– having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can really confuse you.

"Hey, today's Wednesday, right?" I asked one of the "regulars." That's what I called the others who were always standing near the band door when I arrived. I really wouldn't have wanted to walk all that way carrying the cookie brownies on the wrong day.

"Yeah, it's Wednesday." The kid replied, shooting me one of those glances that I recognized all too well. The one that meant; "What on earth is wrong with you?"

Instead of getting mad, I looked up, cocked my head, and gave the kid my best smile. "Thank you," I grinned. The kid's eyes widened for a second, then his face went back to that look again.

I smiled and looked back down at my cookie brownies. This was the first time I had ever baked something like this... I wondered how they would taste... I shook the thought away. I'd get way too hyper if I ate them now, plus I was supposed to be saving them for the party! Fifth period wasn't too far away...

To distract my impulsive mind, I attempted to find other ways to occupy my time. As usual, my thoughts drifted to Connor. Today was one of those days when I thought he, and Jon, and Maggie, and Zoë, and basically all of my eighth grade friends had jazz band. I could hear music drifting down the hallway whenever some random teacher spontaneously opened the doors, so I figured I was probably right.

At last another teacher pushed open the red-and-teal door! "You kids can come inside now." She announced, letting the door fall shut again. I pulled on my backpack, scooped up the cookie brownies, and followed the regulars inside. Now all I had to do was put the cookie brownies in Mrs. Elliott's office, and get to Ms. Huling's first-period US history class.