You cut me down and expect me to cope
Well, you can hold your breath while you hope
Because I am not someone you can push around
I've got the Devil in me and I'm keeping him safe and sound

I hang on a rope as thin as a thread
I don't care about anything you've ever said
All your chances have gone down the drain
And I laugh and laugh and scream, "Let it rain!"

I've been dancing on the line of insanity for a long time
And I don't care if you're mad, I'll keep on with this rhyme
Because I'm an angry girl right now and on a roll
I don't care about the damage or the price of the toll

You expect me to respect you no matter what
Well guess what. You can get used to seeing the door shut
I am no good girl and this will always be true
You must be really thick if you think I'm so good that I won't lie to you