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I have a twin sister called Ruby. She's 'the Chosen One'.

Yeah, I know. That phrase is really over-used. But it's true. I mean, a load of weird stuff's been happening around her lately. And then her and her mates, they've been trying to solve some big 'mystery'. She's acting like she's Harry Potter or something. And how do I know this is true? I don't. It's just a guess. I thought it was all for attention yesterday – the rudeness, the 'investigating', the excuses of "no, I didn't do my homework, Miss Jenkins, because I was too busy trying to save the world all weekend". Of course, now I'm dangling upside down above a vat of boiling lava, I believe her. Still, I suppose it's just a guess.

"For the ten-billionth time in an hour! I am not Ruby!" I scream at my capturer. His dark eyes bulge out like apples stuck to his face, with a large beak of a nose separating them. His lips are like a snake's, meaning they are nonexistent. Though his odd appearance may be due to the blood now rushing to my head and the ever-present heat coming from below.

"You can't fool me, Ruby Stalker. I know you!" I give a huff of frustration.

"Do you have ears? I've already told you, I'm her sister. Her sister. And that's not even our surname. It's Ruby and Ella Staker. So shove that up your mouth-hole and choke on it. Oh, and the whole dangling over a pit of lava thing? So cliché."

"Really?" says apple-eye man, "What's the best way for me to torture and kill you then?" What kind of evil guy does that? Maybe I'm having one of those weird dreams where I'm trapped in a kid's sit-com. In a minute a fox in a green suit will jump out yelling corny jokes. Still, this is an opportunity for me to arise out of the current deadly circumstances, I suppose.

"Well, perhaps if you drop me down onto solid ground we can... brainstorm?" I suggest. It feels as though I might pass out if I'm upside down by this heat for much longer. If my sister's such a hero, where is she now?

"Alright. But you've got to promise not to run away when I do."

"Me? Scarper? Never! That's not what Ruby would ever do." This is almost too easy. Apple-eye man presses some controls on the wall and makes the rope that's holding my leg move across towards him, taking the rest of me with it. Then he dumps me onto the steel floor beside him and I only just have enough time to rearrange myself so as not to crush my skull. "Watch it!" I yell at the man.

"So," he replies, unfazed as I wobble to my feet, "What is the best way for me to kill you in the most pain, Ruby?"

"I've already told you, I am NOT Ruby!" I kick him in the privates and his hands rush there to protect them, but too late, and then I push him onto his back, "So I won't be breaking any promise when I do this!" I dash for the nearest door and just keep running. Ruby's got a load of explaining to do when I get home. Well, if I get home. I could be in Antarctica right now for all I know. And that's a long way to walk back to Salford.

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