Rift Between Us.

We're standing alone,
On the doorsteps of a church.
The night is swallowing us,
enveloping us, dragging us in.
The wind is blowing, howling.
The skirts of my dress, cracking in the wind.
You shake your head, 'no',
A simple guesture, unnoticed by passer bys,
But to me, it's enough to crush me...
I take off running,
As I passed by, each street light went out.
I could hear your voice, faintly, lost in the wind,
I didn't turn back,
The only way to go, was to go forth.
The wind causes my dress to swirl,
And I couldn't tell,
Wether the water on my eyes,
Were tears, or raindrops.
When I finally force myself,
For one final time,
To look and see,
Your just standing there.
Unruffled by the weather,
Uncaring about us.
Then I'm brought back to reality.
No wind, or rain, no black outs.
Just me, you and the rift between us.