would you think of me
when you ride the train to your new university
and it's your first day and you always told me
how you hated meeting new people
because you were so awkward and afraid they
might not like you

would you think of me
when you get your first homework
and write your first paper
i remember how you hated writing things
and it's ironic because i love writing and you just had to
go on about how you hated it

would you think of me
when you stay up late at night
actually studying for your finals and
praying that i'm doing well in mine too
because, certainly, that's what i'd be doing
but i would know that you'd ace it anyway

would you think of me
if you get reprimanded by the professor
whom you told me had the weirdest beard ever
and a strange penchant to make references on astrology
even if the subject he taught was mathematics

would you think of me
when you get asked out for the first time
by an engineering student, you know,
that guy you used to tell me had the galaxies in his eyes
and you used to count the stars
too much until you fell in love with him
i hope you remember to text me about that

would you think of me
until the last day of your school life
because we'd be graduating together
you in medicine; i in law
and we'd be taking the world by storm
because we're awesome like that
and we've survived college and grad school

i hope you'd still remember
that i'm always here for you and
i would leap through the planets
if that's what you'd like me to do
because i just love you
and i love you more because
i love you

i hope you'd still remember
because i'd still remember
and in every second of every day
of every week of every month of every year
i'd wonder
if you'd still think of me
the way i think of you