I wish I had listened.

"You're not to leave that room til you've studied every inch of your music notes for tomorrow." My mam ordered as I stormed upstairs and slammed my bedroom door.

I wasn't really upset that she wouldn't let go to Skye's party. I had predicted the 'no', but me storming off almost guaranteed she wouldn't check on me tonight. I put on a C.D of anger filled music, just to add to the scene. I slipped off my pair of flats, and climbed out of my bedroom window and shimmied down the tree into my front garden and ran quickly along the grass and took off running down the street.

"Hey Jenny, you made it!" Skye called when I arrived. "I didn't think you'd come 'coz of your music exam tomorrow."

I shrugged. "It's only music right? It sucks that it's the last exam."

She nodded in agreement and motioned for me to make my way into the party.

I knew pretty much everyone here, same people that always came to Skye's parties. They were all cool and I loved them all, but some were too much, even for me.

"Hey Jennifer!" Jamie called from across the room. He was in massive group like always.

I walked over to them and Oliver put his arm around my shoulders.

"Me and Andy are gonna give you a lift home tonight." He informed me matter-of-factly.

Oliver and I laughed until we realised he was deadly serious. "There's no way I'm letting her get into a car with you idiots! You'd get her killed!"

Andy looked deeply offended. "We're more than capable of get her home. Why does everyone think we're stupid?"

I rolled my eyes at them and pulled Oliver away and we spent most of the night either talking to Skye or dancing.

"Skye, I really need to get home." I told her later that night. It was getting really late and if I didn't get home soon, I'd never make it through 2 and half hour test tomorrow.

She looked around quickly. "Okay hold on I'll get David." She disappeared into the crowd.

Oliver leaned in close to my ear. "David left and hour ago."

I groaned. Maybe I should just accept the lift from Jamie and Andy.

Oliver frowned. "I know what you're thinking. Don't even go near them. They are completely out of it."

I spun around quickly and put my hands on my hands. "Well it's my only option isn't it? I can't walk it's too dark now and David's gone!"

Overhearing our argument, Jamie and Andy suddenly appeared at my side. "Taxi cabs at your service." They grinned.

Skye came back. "David's gone, but sure I'll walk you."

"No need, I'll get a lift home with them." I pointed at Jamie and Andy.

She frowned. "No offence, I love you guys, but you're in no condition to drive. Jen it'd be safer walking."

I was getting annoyed at this stage. "You think it's be safer for me to go through dark alleys in the pitch black, on my own, then in a car with two sober guys?"

Skye and Oliver shared a look. "Only if you let me go with you." Oliver insisted.

I looked at Andy and Jamie. They merely shrugged.

"Fine, but Oliver this is seriously stupid." I grumbled and started to leave the party.

"Put on your seatbelt." He instructed when we'd crawled into the backseat.

"Really? Is that what you do when you get into a car? I thought you sit there, no seatbelt, and drive at a dangerously reckless speed." I snapped sarcastically.

He stayed quiet while Jamie pulled out of the space and started to drive off.

"Jamie drive faster!" Andy complained as we get stuck behind an old man driver.

"This pace is fine." Oliver addedly calmly.

A boy racer pulled up beside us and gave Jamie a look challenging him to race.

"Race, Jamie, Race!" Andy started egging him on.

Before Oliver could protest, Jamie hit the accelerator and we were practically flying through the dark roads.

I dug my fingernails into the seat's interior, bit my lip so hard I felt blood rushing into my mouth and shut my eyes. "JAMIE SLOW DOWN! YOU'LL NEVER MAKE THE CORNER!" I yelled and gripped the seat tighter.

One minute we were flying along, the next minute the ca was sliding sideways into a wall of trees and bramble bushes.

For along time after the crash nothing happened no one spoke, all I could feel was a heavy crushing on my body. Then with a sudden burst of light the pain was gone, and I could see clearly around me. The road around me like a kaleidoscope, black spinning with red, night swirling with pulsing blue light of an ambulance.

They need you, I thought helplessly.

"Where are they? They need you!"

Jamie, Andy and Oliver were all lying still. Bathed in blood.

"I wish I had listened!" I sobbed. "Why didn't I listen when they told me not to get in the car?"

Then I saw paramedics crowded around a girl with hair the same colour as mine and the same brown eyes.

"No pulse," A woman said. "No chance."

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