Feeling these thoughts close in on me, I step up to the mirror and wonder

What happened to the girl I use to be? What happened to the sparkling brown eyes

Now lit with terror, the pale unscarred arms, now scared and bleeding red.

My nightmares give chase, as I run through the darkest corners of my mind.

Will today ever be forgotten?

Will I ever find myself again?

That girl in the mirror, she is no longer me.

Im afraid that things just are not the same.

That girl grew up,

Faced the world.

That girl in the mirror now knows how it feels to hurt.

Scared senseless,

Terrified of getting hurt

She wonders what she could have done, what she can do to make it all go away.

Scared of myself, I turn away.

Scared of the prices I will have to pay.

My mind wonders, my thoughts turn blurry as I lift the blade once again,

Watchin the crimson tide roll down my arm,

I stand alone just as I cry alone.

My thoughts turn blurry, fading to black as I whisper goodbye to the girl I once knew.