The Queen of Heaven

Toosa is knocking on the grand doors of The Church of Eden as hard as he can. He is pushing and banging the doors repeatedly with one hand while the other is gripping on his oversized hammer to balance himself. After four days on the job to return to Ran-Town to meet the high Priestess, he drops down to his knees. He is gasping for air deeply. He wears a blueberry colored robe leaving only his face, feet and hands exposed. A gust of wind pushes his head to his left side where he sees his partner tossing one of her steel daggers in the air.

"Volas!" says Toosa, shouting with all his might.

"What?" says Volas, dragging on the word as long as she could.

"Open this door."

"You do it. Last time you knocked it open wide with your fingers." Volas sighs as she grabs the dagger in mid air.

"Open this damn door!"

There is a sight of red in her eyes that disgusts him. He watches as Volas strolls to the doors, poses her curved hips slowly; she pushes open the doors and steps out of his way.

"Let's go," says Toosa.

"No," says Volas, "You go in. I'll wait for you here."

Another gust, stronger than before, covers his sight of Volas. He knows her clothes reveals her splashy personality—a look not acceptable by The Church of Eden. When Toosa and Volas first entered Ran-Town, Volas bashed into a few nuns who then prohibited her to enter the church. She couldn't care less about it. Toosa refuses to ask her for 'help' to carry him inside the church; However, he can still feel the strains from his body. As the gust of sand cleared, Toosa glares at Volas, waiting for an answer as if he were her husband.

Volas finally answers, "I carried you across the desert and opened the door for you! I don't need your attitude. I'm staying here till you come back, unless that robe there is making you weak now?"

"It's nothing more than silk and cotton," says Toosa, "I am the Blood Colossus. Been, now, and always!"

"Oh…Until now," says Volas.

"Don't you dare fuck with me!" Toosa gets up and decides to go with the hammer despite the soreness in his body.

"That sallow priestess isn't about to help us," says Volas. "Not when she sent us for her precious garment from those Tear Cloud, not now. Just get the gold and we can leave here, Ok?"

Toosa says nothing. He progresses inside the church moving his hammer as a walking stick. Gold is the last thing he wants at this time. He is the man they called The Blood Colossus, a name earned by his massive body for all the work he accomplished in his county.

He sees the marble statues of women brightened by sunlight. Last time he enters the hall, he had every nun in the hallway frozen in horror that The Church of Eden was no longer a safe haven. Now they are cowering behind the statues themselves. It doesn't matter to him. For four days Toosa and Volas have walked in the desert to find the Tear Cloud Bandits. The bandits have stolen a holy rope from The Church of Eden. After the two brawled against the Tear Cloud Bandits and got the rope everything turned dreadful from then on. That woman will grant his request—Eden High Priestess Piggi.

After five minutes of stressful pains, Toosa reaches to the central chapel. There he sees a pot bellied woman splashing water on her face. The echoing from his hammer alerts her.

"Is that you Merc Toosa? Stay where you are," says Piggi.

Piggi wipes her face with her puffy hands. The moment she sees Toosa she appears more stunned than the other nuns.

"Why…The Queen of attached to you?" says Piggi.

"You, you knew about this cursed robe!" says Toosa.

Tossa can see Piggi trying to shift her face to match his expression; he then knew she had made a mistake-a horrible mistake that can't be fixed.

"It's not cursed," says Piggi, "The Queen of Heaven is worn by the woman who brings life from her spirit. Her virtuous body had given powers within her robe. The Queens of Heaven has many properties, and it can be worn only by a woman."

"Bitch," says Toosa.

"Don't you insult this place with your mouth," Piggi says, "Don't you want your payment?"

"This damn thing took my strength away," says Toosa, "I want you to get it off of me. Now!"

"Your strength," says Piggi, "The Queens of Heaven takes the bearer's physical aspects away in order for it to work. The Queen of Heaven can't be removed. Only finding another person like you with the same virtue will it be pass off from you."

"There is no such man alive in this world," says Toosa. "You knew about its powers and you kept that away from me."

"You are that man Merc Toosa." says Piggi, "I believe The Holy Mother wants you to take her place by giving you her robe."

Toosa takes a stance to show his vigor. "You and your holy mother should never...never...fuck with me!"

Author's Note:

This story has been revised by the help of these beta readers –unforgivabledeeds and Black Zombie Wolf. I want to thank all of you for your help.

If you or someone you know needs a beta reader, check them out.

After some thinking, from the thought-provoking ending to the interesting ideas behind this story, I going to start a limited series with The Queen of Heaven. I soon going to change the name of the story to fit the series' name. Can't say when so you all have to wait.