So this was going to be about a girl fighting in the war impersonating a man but I decided i'd change the plot before it got too far along. I've been recently into mermaids and pirates and i thought about having a story with both. This just clicked. So instead of the setting in New Bern, NC i'm changing it to Oriental, NC. It's a waterfront town close to where I live. Lots of ports and perfect for Pirates in the 1700's. I hope you like my changes.

Chapter 1:

Charlotte Middleton dangled her bare feet off the roof of her family's town house.

It was a very hot summer day. Thankfully there was small breeze to be felt. It ruffled her inky black hair that had fallen out of her mob cap.

Her mother always tried to keep her hair from being too noticed. It was 'too black and straight' she said. Charlotte didn't know what the fuss was about it. It was just hair.

"Miz Charlotte, your mama requests your presence in the parlor." One of the servants, Nancy called from the gardens.

Charlotte scrambled down from the roof and used the lattice on the side of the house as a ladder.

Nancy didn't reprimand her like most of the servants did. At that Charlotte was glad.

Charlotte dropped down on the grass and hitched up her skirts so she could get inside faster.

The servants stared at her in horror but didn't speak a word about her very unlady-like behavior. It never did any good. It only sent Mrs. Amelia Middleton into a mood. Nothing seemed able to be done about her daughter's ways. It seemed Mr. Charles Middleton got the son he never had in his oldest daughter. The younger daughter Emily by two years was always the prim and proper gentlewoman. Something Charlotte would never be. It grieved Mrs. Middleton so much sometimes she took to her bed.

Charlotte skidded to a stop at the parlor doorway. Her mother stopped in mid needlepoint as she looked up to behold her daughter's appearance.

Amelia placed a hand to her chest to calm herself and took in a breath. "Dear child, please sit down."

Charlotte sat down on the settee and waited for her to speak. All the while fidgeting. She had a feeling this was going to be something she didn't want to hear. She had that feeling.

"As you know last week you turned 20. Past the courting age really." Amelia went back to doing her needlepoint and glanced up.

Charlotte bit her tongue. She knew exactly where this was going and she didn't like it. No one was going to confine her and make her a housewife or make her have baby after baby. She wanted freedom as much as all the colonies wanted a free country. Only she wanted freedom of herself.

"Eligible men are going to come courting you from now on. Tis time you settled down and stop acting like a child." Amelia announced. "I expect you to be married by the next month."

Charlotte opened and closed her mouth trying to find words. Finding none she fled the house as fast as her legs would carry her.