Almost every young kid's dream in one point in life or another is to race. Race something, anything. When you're little, almost no one cares what you want, who you want to be like, or who your idol is. Most kids reach the teen stage and forget who their idol was. Only the odd teen, which didn't blend in with the crowd, would remember their idol, and follow their dreams. I am that teen.

I'm Jessica Malone, or Scout as I'm known by almost everyone else. Fourteen years old, and still following a dream I'd had since I was six or seven. Still the shadow of my older brother, who did no wrong, who couldn't do anything wrong, or at least he didn't get in trouble for anything. (Back to the original speech now) My dream had always been to race, just like most kids. Today a new place was opening down the street from where I lived. A go-cart track, with quad and motocross tracks along with the go-cart track.

Today, I would not only go there, I'd hopefully come home with a job for the summer. Hopefully, but no promises. Only one problem, though. School was still in session for another 2 weeks, which included today. School first, and then track. Today was going to be one fun day.

The bell signaling second period rung, sending me back to reality, and back to the class room. I had block first and second, but a break in between. Jessie, my best guy-friend, was talking excitedly about who knew what. "H-hey g-guys" He stuttered. I looked closely at his hands and saw he was actually vibrating. I looked up at him. "You had a little bit of co-"I managed to say before he interrupted by grabbing my shoulders and shaking me. "N-no! No cof-fee!" he yelled. I just looked at him. Starred more like it, but that was technically a type of looking. He managed to whisper into my ear: "Meet me by your locker after this period." Before he went right back to stuttering and making no sense.

I started laughing under my breath; because I figured out he wasn't actually hyper. Shaking my head, I managed to hear the high pitched squeal that sounded right before every bell did. I jumped up with my stuff and headed to my locker. I stopped just short of it, because people were standing around it squealing and smiling. "My locker, people!" I yelled hoping to get some of them to move. No one did. "MOVE!" I yelled, this time people did move but didn't go far. I couldn't blame them either. Someone had literally tied a service dog- complete with kid- to my locker. I stopped and starred. The kid had to be a freshman, but he was cute. His shaggy black hair covered his face, and he held his head down. The dog with him started barking and trying to chew through the rope. He grinned. "Let me guess, your just here to watch like the rest?" He asked. I shrugged, and walked up to my locker. "Nope, my locker. Hold still I'll get you untied." I responded, still trying to get over the fact that someone tied someone else to my locker.

I quickly entered the code then stepped back and let the door swing open. I was surprised to see nothing fell, nothing happened. "Sorry kid" I told the boy. "One more second, you're wrapped to the hook, which is tied to my bag." He shrugged like he knew already. I untwisted the mess of rope enough to get him unhung form the locker, only now I just had to untie my bag. He jumped to his feet the second my bag hit the floor, still attached to him.

He stuck his hand out, almost hitting me in the side. "I'm Jazz. Sorry for getting tied to your locker, nice to meet you." I nodded. "You too. Who's this?" I asked and pointed to the dog at his side, who was completely calmed now. "Who's who? I can't see what you're pointing to" He replied. "The dog, Jazz." He laughed. "I should have guessed, most girls do like her better than me." He chuckled. "That's April. She's my seeing eye dog." He said, and then looked toward me. "Yeah cool" I said. Then proceeded to untie my bag from him. "All right, you're free from my killer bag." I told him. "Now, I have to get to class." I said as I shut my locker and turned to see Jessie.

He looked at Jazz, and shook his head as he looked back at me. "Scout, my place six tonight, you be there?" Jessie asked. I nodded my head, as he ran away breathing hard. "So, what class do you have now?" Jazz asked me. "Gym" I answered without looked at him. "Take me there?" He asked. "Yeah, sure." He nodded. "April, follow." He told his dog, them managed to get her to follow me through the school to the gym. "Where here." I told him. "Now you stay here or sit on the bleachers while I go to the locker room and change." He nodded, and then sat down like someone had told him to. "You too, April" He said and I walked away in disbelief because April sat down next to him.

I changed and walked back out. "Girls, and the boy with the dog, start walking. Guys run goat-trails for three minutes then walk." The gym coach yelled over the loud noise. I walked over to Jazz. "You're walking." I told him. He nodded. Then got up and April started following me again. I grinned. Who in the world could get a dog trained like that? The announcements came on. "Students don't be alarmed. The main waterline broke. You all are being dismissed early. Please dismiss to the gym at this time, and allow students to call home."

I looked at him. "Before you tell me anything." He said as he sat down. "I will sit here while you change back out." I looked at him. "You catch on fast." I replied. He grinned again, only this time I felt something stir from within me.