My life had almost always been normal. Until the day that I met Jazz, a cute, messy haired, boy. Jazz stuck out about as much as I did, which tended to push us together. Not only that, but I found out that his family owned the new race track up the road. We met the first day he came to my little town, when someone actually tied him and his dog to my locker. Jazz was allowed to take April, his golden lab mix, to school every day. He had become blind when he was eleven, having an accident where he had used to live.

I was sitting in our little corner at the track; ours because we were the only people who ever used it. It was a garage that had been built for Jazz, but he didn't use it, so he had given it to me. "Scout, come here for a minute please." He asked me. I looked towards him, even though I knew he couldn't tell. "Sure, why for though?" I replied to him. He grinned that crooked-tooth grin of his, which I secretly liked. "Because. We are going to take a walk. I want to show you something." I shook my head and walked to him. I offered my hand and April nosed his till he took my hand. "Where to?" I asked him. He pointed to the direction he though there were stairs. "Um.. Jazz, there isn't an upstairs." I told him. He shrugged. "April, stairs, now please." She ran off towards the way that Jazz had pointed, and then came back covered in dust. She had something in here mouth, which she dropped at my feet. "Keys? Jazz, why did April bring me keys?" I looked astounded at both the boy and the dog.

"To go upstairs." He replied to me. "Okay where is that door that I need the keys for?" He pointed to the same way that April had run again. "Behind my black toolbox." I looked at him. "Behind?" I asked. "Yeah, it's behind it. If I can move it by myself with April than you sure can move it too." He answered as I marched over to the black tool box. I pulled on a rope that had apparently been tied to it for that reason. The toolbox rolled right out of place and stopped about five feet later. I quickly saw the key's hole, and unlocked it. "Now, go on upstairs. There's something I've got to show and tell you." He told me as he started to climb up the stairs. I followed him up the stairs.

"That tarp." Jazz said while pointing towards a tarp in the corner. "The blue one, come help me pull it off." I walked over and so did he. We pulled it off with little trouble. "I got these when I was ten." He said. "One's a Suzuki, and the other's a Honda." I looked at him and looked behind him at the rest of the room. Tarps covered id dust sheltered many things. Two army green tarps in the corner had wheel showing of what was under them. A black cover of some sort covered a needle-like vehicle in the middle of the room. "The quads in the back corner are both Yamahas and the bike on the wall beside them is also a Yamaha." He stopped talking. April had laid down in the floor on the tarp we drug off of the Honda and Suzuki bikes. "My pride and joy is sitting in the middle of the room, it's a junior dragster. I've took it to the championships four times, and won them three of the four times."

He turned his head to look at me, that was if he actually could see me. "All of them I'm giving to you. You mom said tomorrow was your birthday, so happy birthday." I just watched him, not saying anything for a while. "Thank you Jazz, but you don't have to." He smiled. "Well, I can't exactly use them, and all the gear is here for you to use whenever." He looked as if he was teasing me now. "That's true, I suppose." I replied to him. He smiled.