Katie was sleeping peacefully in her room and after a while the sun began to peak in between the blinds and landed on her face, waking her up. She had already begun to stir prior to that but she wasn't quite ready to get up yet. Glancing at the clock, it read 11:30, it was a later morning for her so she stayed up late the night before finishing some paperwork, presentations and lesson plans for an upcoming class. Even if she didn't stay up late doing work she didn't waste a chance to sleep in. Katie was not a morning person and was rarely up before 10.

She began her day as normal and in an hour was out the door with her dog Shadow. Once he was loaded in the car and her trailer hitched with the equipment for the day, she began the journey across town to the wooded area at the edge of the city. The wooded area was uninhabited and not too many people came down this way except for a few. Katie bought the land a long while ago and has been building on it for a few years as she expands her business. No one knows of its location except for the students that attend the Academy.

A long dirt road sticks out from the wooded area but many places in town had random unused roads; sure there were the occasional hikers that stumbled upon it but everyone minded their own business and kept moving once they saw the warning signs. At the end of the long road lie a brand new, large building. It was surrounded by a tall chain link fence around the entire campus and another gate blocked the driveway. Several other buildings were in the background including one full of class rooms, an arena, kennel, a couple dorms, and a student lounge.

She made her way to the main building which was the first and original school before it had expanded. Most everyone's offices were in here now and the old arenas had been transformed into more office space and storage. Katie's main office was in this building where it had always been but she also had a second one in one of the dorms where she had her own room reserved and ready in case she had to spend the night which she did on many ocassions.

She was greeted by her employees and some students who were waiting to see her or other people and she greeted them back. One of her current students, Aaron was waiting for a while to talk with her but Katie wasn't ready to see him just yet. He happily waited as she got herself and Shadow settled. Shadow has his own little nook in her office and was free to come and go as he pleased into a large run that made a half loop around the building. When she was all set she called Aaron in; he sat down as she pulled together some papers and put others away in a file cabinet.

"What did you need Aaron?"

"I'm having some problems with Racer. He won't run the obstacle course."

"That's because Racer isn't supposed to, he's too old for one, and second he was involved in a collision on the obstacle course. Who told you to use Racer?"

"Mr. Spiel."

"I see. I'll have to have a talk with him, he's new and still learning the ropes. Tell you what, let's go sign you out a new dog. I havent been to the Kennel yet today so I don't know who I have on the roster. If I have too, I'll move things around and get you someone who can race the course and if I cant don't worry about the class. Sound good?"


"Great, you go back to your room or whatever it is you were going to do, and I'll send you an email later today or tomorrow with the details. Don't forget to return Racer to his pen though."

"Ok. Thanks."

"No problem." she replied as Aaron left. She quickly got to a pile of papers that had been waiting since yesterday afternoon as well as an addition that was waiting in her mail slot at her door when she arrived. She made herself a note to work on Aaron's case, check on Racer and talk to Mr. Spiel, otherwise she would forget.

The pile of papers were quick and simple and she was done in a half hour. She filed, copied and sorted what she needed before bringing them to the front desk to be handed out later to their respective destinations. She went back to her office and called to shadow, asking if he wanted to go for a walk, tail wagging he ran through the door in seconds and followed her to the kennel. After being at the academy for several years, Shadow didn't need to be on a leash anymore, he learned that the area was fenced and there was no where to go so he stayed with Katie although he did wander around between buildings but he always came when called.

She arrived at the kennel and things were pretty quiet, it wasn't unusual, the dogs were trained to be quiet and not bark unless for an emergency so unlike a regular boarding kennel or pet shop even, if someone walked in all you could hear was the clicking of claws tapping the floor in excitement, tails thumping the wail and sometimes and occasional whine. She checked the log book at the door and Racer was checked in a few minutes prior and he was one of only 3 dogs available out of the 20 that she owned. She decided to check on Racer before trying to figure out who she could move around.

Racer was sound asleep in his basket, tired out from field trials. She opened his pen door and he looked up to her with tired eyes but still managed to wag his old tail. Racer was a 15 year old coon hound, he was a unique mix of different colored coon hounds but yet quick on his feet in his younger days. He was still active but he was definitely tired out and possibly a little sore. She checked him over real quick before closing him back in to let him sleep, she put him on 48 hour pen rest and gave instructions to keep an eye on him and to call the vet if necessary.

Katie had many things to do and many rounds to make now that the Academy had gotten so large. She hired only the best and most knowledgeable and experienced employees. Everyone was trained on how to handle and care for dogs in general, what to do in an emergency situation and how to identify a sick or injured dog. The names breeds, history and personality of each dog was memorized so it was easy to spot something different almost immediately.

Once Racer was set, she took the daily log to see who she could lease to Aaron. The only 2 dogs left for the day were a cocker spaniel, Tucker and an Irish Setter, Mahogany, neither were beginner level agility dogs. She looked over the ledger real quick and saw another of her students, Brianna, had a showing class and she had taken out, Cookie, a Boarder Collie. Cookie was full of energy and was difficult to keep occupied and figured agility would be best for her. Katie signed out Mahogany in Brianna's name and initialed it, and did the same with Cookie for Aaron, then grabbed Mahogany's gear and brought her across campus, Shadow in tow, to the Showing Arena.

"Good Afternoon, Headmaster Katie." the instructor Kayla Hitch said. The class followed suit and Katie quickly acknowledged them before telling Brianna to switch dogs. It was quick and painless and Brianna was soon back in line with Mahogany and Katie left with Cookie and brought her back to her office to wait for Aaron to come get her. Aaron arrived a half hour later and took Cookie who was bouncing all over in Shadow's run and hurried off to class, thanking her as he left. With another crisis solved, she sat at her computer to get some well deserved downtime.