It was nearly dawn by the time Katie had gone back to bed, she was glad to see Shadow safe and sound in her room, he was laying by the door waiting for her return. He was antsy, knowing that something was different, no doubt he heard everyone up and moving around. Before heading back to the dorms, 2 more dogs had shown up, the Dalmatian, Duke and Scooby the Great Dane. The count was brought down to only 5 dogs missing, Dandy, the Dandy Dinmount, Laddie, the Scottish Terrier, Vixen the Papillion, Beauty the American Pit Bull Terrier and Gracie the Grey hound.
She counted off in her head but something wasn't adding up right, she kept missing someone. After the 5th or 6th time she went through the list she realized that there was one other dog missing: Racer. He had slipped her mind because he was put on lockdown and it didn't register that he was missing. She didn't think she would be able to fall asleep at all with all this excitement but she eventually she did, she woke up late the next morning, groggy and tired even though it was well after 1 in the afternoon. It had been quiet all morning and she couldn't really understand why until the memories from the night before caught up with her. All her emotions came flooding back at once but she pulled herself together to start her day.
The dorm was quiet and appeared to be empty, no one was in the lounge, the laundry room or the kitchen. She figured everyone was either asleep or doing something else. She had been in the dorms during the day and it was usually quiet. She made her way downstairs to go across campus to her office when it finally dawned on her that the dorm had power.
The rest of the campus had power as well and it was an active community. Things were still in shambles from the previous day and was going to take some time to rebuild. Katie was greeted with smiles and news came in that Dandy, and Laddie were waiting at the kennel door this morning and a passer by brought in Gracie. Vixen and Beauty were still unaccounted for and Katie also mentioned that Racer was missing as well.
Ads were made up and sent to the newspaper, posted online and around town as well given to the news crews that stopped by to interview the events that had happened the night before.
"We bring you a developing story today from New Canaan, CT where several teens and young adults gathered to race on what they thought was an abandoned dirt road off of route 12 late last night. Despite the large, brightly lit sign for the Academy of Canine science, the group used a large truck with what police believe to have been equipped with a battering ram to destroy the heavy electronic gate at the entrance of the long driveway. Once the two racers took their places, they took off reaching 80 mph in less than 3 seconds where they crashed into the 2nd electronic gate.
The Academy had its own share of problems earlier in the day such as having no power which had caused a malfunction in keeping the Academy's dogs locked up safe in the kennel. Many of the dogs wander the campus, a few were at the gate when the accident occurred. One dog, a Briard called Buddy was instantly killed in the accident, another dog, Tank a Siberian Husky, also had several severe injuries, it is unknown if any are life threatening.
At the time of out interview this morning, the founder of the school, Katie Pryszweic mentioned that 3 dogs still remain on the loose. She wanted us to tell the public that not only is she fond and very attached to these dogs that she has raised and trained herself since they were just puppies but the students themselves are worried and hope for the safe return of their beloved pets. Katie also mentioned that these dogs are professionally trained and in the wrong hands can become unpredictable, especially around young children and other animals. Its unlikely that they would attack someone but the chance is out there. These dogs should be returned to the Academy if found but it is recommended that you call the Academy or animal control to catch the dogs. They could be hurt and hungry and although they are usually friendly they may lash out in fear.
Police are also involved in the lookout for the remaining dogs whose pictures you see on your screen. Officer David Fornick says that the precinct has worked closely with Katie and some of the current dogs who reside at the academy in training police dogs and teaching students. Officer Fornick says if the dogs are found to be kept as pets at another home, as here has been a rash of purebred thefts in the state, charges will be filed. We will bring you more on this story as it develops."