I listened to the Mr. Rodgers remix today. I welled up a bit. When I was small I totally loved the show. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google it. Why can't there be more shows nowadays like Mr. Rodgers? It makes me sad.

I love how nobody ever says "Yahoo it". Obviously because nobody from this decade ever uses it anymore. Or Ask it, as in .

WARNING: If you are easily offended by Atheistic beliefs that disprove Catholic teachings and support gay rights, please refrain from reading this entry. Just skip it.


I love Google. But Google pisses off my former religion teacher, Mrs.S. As you may know, school is over for the year, but when it was presuming she mentioned that she didn't use Google anymore in class one day. With natural curiosity, someone asked why. She stopped using Google solely for the fact that it supported gay rights. BAHAHA! This anti-gay bitch stopped using the internet's most used and favored search engine because it supported freedom of love! Lol.

Gays. What's the big deal? Why do people hate them? You want to take away peoples' rights to love one another just because both parties are of the same gender? Christians say that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. According to Catholic teachings God made Eve from one of his ribs. But because God was apparently a man, how could he make female sex chromosomes out of his male body, thus creating a woman with female genes? Either God was a chick with a dick or Eve was a tranny. Something's not right here.

Also, Catholic teachings reveal that incest is bad. Last time I checked, Adam and Eve fucked and had kids. And their kids had kids with their OTHER kids, and the list goes on. So you and I are related. So if we have kids together, it's incest. If you're a female reading this, we would be homos, which is a sin according to Christians, so we'd never win with this one.

Also, where did Africans and Asian people come from if they were born of Adam and Eve?

Ugh, sorry for my little rant there. I'm tired. Bye.