Here is the first chapter of the sequel, 'Don't Fall For The Player' I'm not sure all to say here just I hope you all enjoy it and the start of the sequel doesn't disappoint!


The title is based off the song 'Where I Can't Follow' by Amy Kuney

It will kinda be the soundtrack to this song if you want to check it out!

"I win!" he chuckled, flipping her over on her back and trapping her hands by her head. A feeling building up inside of her that made her grow nervous. The look in his eyes announcing that he wanted her, the feeling of his hands touching her, making her honestly want him and the growl in his voice making her know whatever she wanted to do, he wouldn't say no. And there were definitely parts of her that were aching for him, she couldn't help it.

She wanted him.

"And no!" she squealed, gripping onto his shoulders and pushing him back. "We aren't playing that game," she informed him and he growled. "But I want to," she leaned down about to kiss him, him lifting his chin and she giggled jerking back. "But we aren't…"

"You are being a straight up tease," he groaned, her giggle vibrating through his ears as she threw herself off the bed.

"I am not a tease," she swayed over to the chair in the corner of his room and grabbed her jacket. Pulling it on and very aware of him just watching her, glaring, but watching her. "I'll call you when I get off work, ok?" she gripped his chin and tilted his head back to look at her. "Bye babe," she leaned down for a sweet kiss.

"Have a good day," he said and she nodded, giving him a sweet innocent smile that made his skin tingle. Offering a wave as she headed out of his room. "I love you, you know?" he called making her freeze.

"Yeah," she rested her head against the doorframe smiling at him. "I know," she gave him a wink, grabbing her purse and heading out the room. Her flipping her hair back as she moved down the steps of the descent size apartment and towards the front door. "Later Max," she waved, walking out the door.

"Later," he gave a wave, not tearing his eyes from the video game before him.

"Fucking shit!"

"Guess things didn't go well," Colton laughed, walking into the living room from the kitchen, tossing his roommate a drink.

"Poor guy," Max chuckled, popping the tab of his coke and taking a sip.

"That girl drives me completely insane!" the large brunette came storming down the steps.

"Dude, chill out…" Max shook his head at his friend.

"Seven months Maxwell, I have not had sex in seven months," he explained, no getting why no one seemed to understand that fact. "Seven months!" he threw his hands up in the air.

"Lee, you really care about Billie…"

"Yeah, out of all the girls in this damn town how come I fell for the one who is a virgin?" he questioned honestly not getting it. Billie was fine doing everything else, she was great at everything else, but she just wouldn't let it go all the way.

"It's just sex Lee, not that big of a deal," Colton teased, the dark hair boy sending him such an intense glare he felt the heat from the fire in his eyes.

"What do you know? You are getting it every day, sometimes more than once," he hissed, very aware of what he hears on a regular basis in his apartment. He swore he didn't know how Colton got anything done with the amount of time he spent in the bedroom.

"Hey…" Max warned, not wanting to hear that. "Watch it."

"It's true!" he threw his hands up, dropping down on the couch and hugging his pillow. "Think it'd only be fair you share the wealth…" he grumbled and the blonde's eyes narrowed on him.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm just saying, Tenley loves me…you should be a good friend and graciously offer me at least one time," he shrugged and the blonde honestly couldn't help but laugh.

"You want me to share my girlfriend?"

"One time!" Lee repeated. "I mean Billie won't get mad if it's Tenley, because she loves her. So I think we should try and see how it plays out."

"Alright Lee," he stood shaking his head. "You shoot that angle with her and see what happens," he laughed, thinking his friend's logic was so out there.

"You would never cheat on Billie," he heard Max say as he headed up the stairs to his room.

"I know," Lee frowned, sinking back into the couch. "Damn it," he groaned and Colton chuckled, turning the handle on his door and pushing it open.

"Hey love," he smiled, shutting the door behind him as he stepped inside. His girl sitting on his bed with books scattered around her, her hair pulled up into a messy bun and her glasses perched on the bridge of her nose. Such a look of concentration he felt guilty disturbing her.

"Hey…" she worried on her bottom lip, all the words before her starting to run together.

"How's the studying coming?" he walked over to the bed and crawled up behind her.

"It's…it's happening…" she grumbled, Colton sliding his hands over her shoulders and started to massage the tension in them. "That feels good," her head dropped, enjoying the feeling of his hands. His thumbs working a spot right between shoulder blades and she swore it was the best feeling in the world. "What was Lee bitching about?" she questioned, rolling her head to the side and hearing him swear just a minute ago.

"Oh…" the blonde chuckled, adjusting his position on the bed to get better access to her. "Billie still isn't giving him any."

"Good for her," she closed her eyes and nodded. "If she isn't ready then she shouldn't do it, he shouldn't rush it on her."

"Yeah," his finger knocked away loose hair and looked at the mark on her sweet skin. "I don't think he is," he whispered, stroking the scar and frowning. He knew she didn't think about it that much, she grew up and moved on; he however still had issues every time he saw it. The thought of someone hurting her still made his stomach churn. "But…" he cleared his throat, quickly shaking his head of the thought. "He thinks logically it is only fair for me to offer him one night with you…"

"He does, huh?" she raised a brow and he nodded.

"Says if we have it all the time, it's only fair he gets it at least once."

"Well I guess if it's just one time," she shrugged and his eyes playfully narrowed on her. "What?" she turned her body to face him. "It is only fair… and it is Lee," she stated, holding the look on him a moment before breaking into a grin.

"You are the furthest from funny," he told her, letting go of her and pulling back a little to look at her.

"You find me adorable," she teased, turning around to face him and climbing up onto his lap. Her arms snaking around his neck and dropping her mouth down for a gentle kiss.

"Only a little…" his arms rested around her and her head dropped against his. Breathing in a deep breath as her eyes fluttered shut. "You tired?"

"Exhausted," she admitted and he nodded. "But I need a shower before we head out tonight…"

"Why don't we just stay in?" he suggested, knowing you get her to lay down she will fall asleep and honestly thinking it was probably best for her.

"No," she shook her, playing with the small hairs on the back of his neck. "I'm so tired of being locked in my room studying. Plus if I don't go out soon Max might kick me. I mean when did he become the fun one and I become the nerd?"

"Well if it helps you are the cutest nerd I've ever seen," he joked, pushing up her glasses and she laughed. "You sure you're ok? That you're just tired?" he asked, thinking there was just something off about her. He wasn't sure what it was, but it was just a feeling.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she gave him another kiss, it being rough enough to make his mind shut off anything else. Her nails slid up to grip in his hair and he growled, tightening his arms around her slim waist.

Colton growling when he had to break their kiss to tug her shirt over her head, dropping his mouth to nip at her collar bone and her head dropped back.

"God I love that," she moaned, her eyes fluttering shut as he worked on that one spot she loved so much. Colton pulling back long enough for Tenley to yank his shirt over his head and then slam her mouth back into his. "Shower now?" she suggested, feeling the tingle running down her spine.

"Mhmm…" he agreed, thinking nothing sounded better as he stood from his bed, her legs wrapping around his waist and he started to shuffle his feet to his bathroom.

"Hey Colt, what time-" the door flew up and the couple pulled apart to glance at the body before them.

"Hey Lee…" Tenley awkwardly bit down on her swollen bottom lip and Colton sent him a look he honestly couldn't read.

"Can we help you?" Colton raised a brow, Tenley tapping his shoulder to put her down but his grip just tightened around her.

"Seriously?" the dark haired boy raised his brow, running his eyes up and down the couple and Tenley gave an innocent shrug.

"We were just going to shower before we went out tonight," she explained and Lee sent out a glare.

"Man fuck you two," Lee growled gripping the door knob and slamming the door shut, not before yelling, "Assholes!"

"Poor guy," Tenley laughed, "He is so sexually frustrated…"

"Yeah and I'm going to be frustrated if we don't get this show on the road," he explained and the brunette girl let out a giggle.

"Then let's go baby," she smirked, crashing her lips into his and biting down on his lip, him releasing a growl before walking into his bathroom and kicking the door shut.

"Lee…" Tenley glanced in the rearview mirror at the pouting boy in the back. Toying with Colton's hand as it rested on her thigh and he drove. "Bubben…" she frowned; using the nickname she had for some reason gave to all her friends. She didn't know why, it was like a mix of words where she went to say baby and it mixed with button because she was playing with Raine and it just popped out Bubben and it stuck.

Stuck more with Lee because to her it was like an innocent word. Lee to her was as innocent as they came.

"Is Billie meeting us here?" she wondered and he just shrugged making Colton laugh and shake his head. "I bet she is going to look pretty."

"As she always does," he stared out the window and Max rolled his eyes as he let out a snicker with his best friend.

"Lee," she twisted in her chair and Colton's hand traveled a bit upward. "Sweetie if Billie doesn't mind I will have sex with you…" she said and he lit up like a kid on Christmas as Colton let out a weird sound in his throat.

"Really?" Lee shifted in his seat to look at her. "Because she loves you Ten…you know she won't say no."

"I'm sure she won't," Tenley agreed. "However how do you think she would feel if the boy she loved had sex with someone else? Even if it was me?" she questioned and he frowned sinking back in his chair. "I mean to her it would seem you're just looking for one thing…but if she doesn't care, you know I will," she winked pulling around to face the front and loving the grin on her boyfriend's face.

"Lee…" Max turned his head to look at his friend. "You know you wouldn't ever cheat on Billie."

"I'm aware!" he tossed his hand up knowing he would never go through with it. He might joke and laugh about it but he knows if it ever came to it he couldn't. He really loved Billie. And though he was as frustrated as they came, he never felt like this for a girl before. Yes he wanted to have sex, but he just wanted to have sex with his girlfriend. "Bet she is going to look gorgeous though," he grinned a bit. "She said she was going to wear that blue dress that hugs all those curves of hers perfectly," he licked his lips excited. "Damn it…" he cursed and the car laughed as Colton pulled into the parking lot.

"There's Darren and Hannah," Max nodded as he climbed out of the car and Lee followed. Colton getting out and walking over to the passenger side as he pulled open the door.

"You look gorgeous love," he informed her as he watched her check her reflection in the mirror. "Plus who you trying to impress in there?" he nodded his head toward the club and she rolled her eyes.

"No one…I'm just saying if I walk in with you, I need to look at good as I can," she smirked, pulling her licenses out of her wallet and her lip gloss and eyeliner from her purse. "I want to make all the girls in there that are going to hate me for having you, see why I have you," she shrugged, slapping her hand in his large one that was holding out for her.

"Almost five years together and you still worried I'm going to leave you?" he raised a brow not getting that.

"No…I know you aren't going to leave me," she told him quickly knowing that wouldn't happen. "But sometimes girls at school make comments, give looks," she shrugged. "Comment on they don't know how Mr. Gorgeous Colton Wells dates little ole me."

"Baby," he turned her to face him as she glanced down. Hating how someone he looked at as so strong and confident in herself can be so insecure at the same time. "Who says that?"

"Just people…" she mumbled biting her lip. "I know you aren't going to leave me Colton. I know what you feel for me," she told him hating that look that flashed through his eyes. "Just some people don't get it…"

"That's because they are jealous bitches and they need to just leave you alone," his temper flared and she grinned biting her bottom lip.


"God I hate girls!" he growled and she laughed shaking her head.

"Colton you know I'm a girl right?" she kinked her brow and swayed her body closer to him.

"Yeah but you don't count," he flipped his hand at her and she let out a scuff and jaw dropped. "You know what I mean…"

"Yeah Boyfriend I do," she pushed up on her toes for a kiss.

"Come on. Let's go find everyone so I can get in this place and show off my gorgeous girl," his arm draped over her shoulder as they walked through the parking lot. Her heels clicking all of the way to the building as she curled her body into his warm one and skipped up the curb.

"Hey gorgeous girl," Tenley smiled looking up to see her best friend.

"Hey!" Hannah grinned throwing her arms around her neck. "How are you?"

"Great, how was the beach?" she ran her eyes over her tanned best friend and wanted to smack her. "Hate your tan ass…hope it started off as a burn…"

"It didn't," the blonde informed her with a laugh.

"But where is Billie?" she scanned her eyes around for her friend.

"Well her company is working this event," she explained. Billie interned for some fancy event planning company that is constantly throwing parties and shows. That was actually where Lee met her; he was at some club and tried terribly to flirt his way in. Billie thought he was cute, didn't let him in but did let him take her for coffee when she got off. Ever since then they all got to know Billie and has always been so sweet by getting them all in. After she realized Lee wasn't crazy. "So she has to work the door for about an hour than she gets to come hang out with us."

"Oh gotcha," she looped her arm through her friend's as they walked towards the entrance. Glancing up to see the guys paused at the door laughing at something the dark haired girl was saying. "She is so cute…"

"I know…for once I completely approve of Lee's choice in girls…" Hannah said making both girls laugh. "Way better than Gaby," she commented and Tenley let out a noise of disgust at the comment of the girl she hated. How she weaseled her way into her sweet Lee's life she will never know.

"Tenley! Hannah!" Billie wiggled through the guys to move toward her friends. "Hey!"

"Hey baby," Hannah gave her a hug before Tenley. "Don't you look all professional," she commented as Billie did a small dip. "I love that dress…"

"Thank you, Lee got it for me," she did a spin to show it off. "Wait…" she touched the headset in her ear to hear her boss making a comment about someone who was about to arrive. "Yes sir," she clicked the mute so he didn't hear anything she said after that. "But I have to get back to work. Trying to get everything done so I can get in there…"

"Well hurry," Hannah winked, holding out her arm to get the snap on band and grabbing Darren's hand to skip inside.

"And there you go love bug," Billie snapped one on Tenley's slim wrist.

"You going to be off soon?" Lee wondered standing beside his girl.

"Yeah, I'll come find you when I'm done," she pushed up for a quick kiss. "Have fun but behave," she warned with a tease and he chuckled giving her a wink. "But Colton…" she caught the blonde's hand and his brows scrunched confused. "Can I talk to you alone for just a sick?" she asked and he and his friends shared a look.

Yeah of course he and Billie got along. He honestly liked the hell out of her but they weren't really talk alone friends. They didn't really hangout unless it was a group setting.

"Umm…" he tossed a look at Tenley before back at the girl in front of him. "Sure…" he let go of Tenley's hand as he started to follow Billie down the sidewalk.

"I know this is random," she laughed a bit grabbing her clip board and flipping through the pages. "I just…I wanted to show you something," she scanned the board before landing on a name. "This…" she turned the board and his eyes narrowed down. "His dad made a huge donation… I just…I thought maybe you would want to know he was inside," she chewed her lip looking at him as she watched his normal cool blue eyes turned a dark storming gray.

"Yeah…thanks Billie…"

"I mean it's a big place," she told him and he nodded. "And I honestly didn't know he was going to be here until he showed up. I didn't even know he was on the list," she rushed to tell him. "Otherwise I wouldn't have suggested you all come."

"It's ok Billie…like you said it's a big place," he gave her shoulder a squeeze. "Thanks for the heads up…"

"No problem," she offered a half tight lipped smile as she followed him back towards the door. Stopping to talk to Lee as he passed and walked toward the girl waiting for him at the door.

"What was that about?" Tenley wondered not liking the weird look on her boyfriend's face.

"Nothing…just a question about Lee's birthday," he lied and knew she knew it too as they walked inside. Colton thanking quickly when she let it dropped.

"This place is cool," Tenley looked around the large club with the loud music blasting and colorful lights flashing all around them. "You going to dance with me?" she teased.

"Maybe later, right now I need to talk to Max a second…"

"Ok…" she pushed up to give him a sweet kiss. "I'm going to go get a drink with Hannah and Darren… I'll meet you at the table."

"Umm…" his hand remained tight in hers when she started to walk away.

"Colton…" she let out a small laugh as her brows pulled together. "It's right there…" she pointed to the bar on the other side of the room. "You can go that long without me," she pushed up to give him a kiss and stepped away. Colton watching her walk through the crowd of people and reached their friends. His eyes searching around for his best friend before heading over and letting him know that bit of information.

"Why you so tense Maxwell?" Hannah tapped her friend on the nose and he pulled back.

"I'm not tense…" he shrugged casually taking a sip of his drink. His eyes scanning around the building on search for the one person he wanted to find. Well not wanted but knew if he saw him he could keep him on lock and not worry he might pop up randomly.

"You're a little tense," Tenley agreed, dropping her head to Colton's as she sat in his lap. "You both are…" she played with the small blonde hairs tossing a look between the two favorite boys of her life.

"Maybe you two are just a little drunk," Darren reasoned not thinking they were tense. "How many shots did you two do again?"

"We aren't drunk," Hannah covered her hand to his mouth as she hushed him. "You two are just being weird," she wiggled her fingers at them and biting on her straw. "Weird boys weird," she sung out and Tenley giggled lifting her straw up and down in her drink as the ice rattled.

"You're being weird," Darren shook his head, getting caught off guard when his girl fell forward and hooked her mouth hard on his.

"Well," Max twisted in the booth. "She is one of those drunks," he teased knowing whenever Hannah got really drunk she just attacked Darren like they were in private. She always said that wasn't true but it so was. She couldn't help it. She was just a very touchy lovey drunk. "But I'm going to head to the bathroom," he stood up giving the blonde a look he understood.

"Oh Bubba can you get me another one!" she shook her glass at him and he chuckled shaking his head as he walked down the steps into the large crowd. "I love these…" she said around the straw and he shook his head.

"What are they?" he wondered and she shrugged.

"The bartender said they were the top seller and his own little mix of random stuff," she explained looking at the blue liquid. "Try it…" she shoved it to his mouth as he took a small sip.

"Not bad," he cringed a bit thinking it was very girlie tasting. "Not my favorite, but see why you girls like it."

"Yeah well you never drink," she flipped her hand at him. "You don't know what's good…"

"I do too know what's good," his hand slid up her thigh and she grinned leaning into give him a kiss. "Are you having fun tonight?"

"I am…and we should go dance…" she gripped her hand in his and was a little surprise when he didn't groan and moan about it.

"Sure baby girl," he took the glass and sat it on the table. "Let's go dance…"

"Yay!" she jumped up and started tugging him toward the dance floor. Colton chuckling at his girlfriend. She loved dancing, why he never knew because he hated it. However she loved it and honestly he would do whatever she wanted to make her happy.

"Ok…" Tenley breathed in deep, trying to gain back her breathing patterns. "I'm tired…"

"Thank god," he grumbled and she giggled lacing her fingers through his.

"Why are you pouting?" she spun to face him. "You just stand there and have me do all the work," she teased and he rolled his eyes.

"I also get assholes staring at you," he informed her, knowing the looks his girl received drove him nuts. What she said earlier about girls looking at him making sense. He knew she wouldn't stray, that thought never even crossed his mind but he just really didn't like watching the looks she received. "And I don't want to get in a fight tonight or I get in trouble," he pouted and she laughed pushing up on her toes.

"You have been very good tonight…"

"I have. I've even danced and you know how much I hate dancing," he waved his hand towards the dance floor and loved the spark in her eyes as she threw her head back laughing.

"I love you," she gripped his shirt and tugged him down for a kiss. His hand getting lost in her damp locks and gripped tight. Over the years him clearly getting over his hate for PDA as he pushed her up against the rail and she let out a moan.

"Baby…" his body jerked back when her small hand started to slide into his jean pocket. "None of that…" he warned and she giggled again, her eyes slightly glazed over from her drunken state.

"But didn't you want your reward?" she kinked a brow and he swallowed the large lump that formed from her smirk.

"Later…when I know Lee can hear us," he teased and she laughed slapping his chest.

"Be nice…"

"Always," he brushed his lips once again gently across hers. "But I'm going to get me a drink, want another one?"

"Yes, please…" she sung out and he laughed shaking his head.

"Alright love, I'll be right back," he pressed a final kiss to her lips and moved through the crowd of sweaty bodies towards the bar. Tossing a glance at her to find her still at the table and not wondering as he went to order.

"You two are ridiculous," Billie laughed, brushing back her hair as Tenley dropped down beside her.

"We are perfect," she got a dreamy look as she gazed at her boyfriend. "And I love that little shit," she admitted and the girls laughed as he sent her a wink. "And he is so getting lucky tonight…"

"Down girl," Hannah laughed at her friend's growl.

"I can't help it. I think I have a problem," she confessed and Hannah shared a look with Billie before busting out laughing. "No it's true!"

"Having sex with your boyfriend isn't a problem, Ten."

"But I want to…all the time," she spoke the last words slowly and the girls again busted out laughing. "I've never been like that with anyone before."

"It must be good then, huh?" Billie chewed on her straw as she questioned. "Having sex? Or I mean Colton and sex," she shrugged and the old friends shared a look before looking back at the girl they've really grown to like.

"It's great because I was ready," Tenley explained. "If I wasn't, I'd be so nervous I wouldn't enjoy it. Trust me; I've been that way before."

"Was Colton the only other guy you had been with other than…" she trailed off not really knowing how well Tenley took talking about her ex.

"No," she shook her head with a frown. "I wish he was my first but he was my third and I will quickly tell anyone as much as I wish he was my first, I don't regret my second," she rushed to make that fact known. Knowing to this day as much as she loved the blonde hair blue eyed boy she didn't once regret Zane.

Never would.

"I just don't know if I'm ready," she admitted. "I mean there are times when I don't think I can stand it anymore, because I love him, I really do. However we get in a moment and its great and I want him but I just hit this wall…this wall that shoots up and I can't."

"You don't have to ever explain to anyone why you aren't ready," Hannah told her quickly. Honestly being there, Darren was her first, her first and only and she had been Billie before. She had hit that wall and pushed him back and he never pushed it. Never tried to rush her and would just always tell her when she was ready, then he would be ready.

"Plus between you and me," Tenley leaned real close as if sharing a secret. "Lee loves the fact you haven't with anyone else before. Tells me all the time he thinks you are an angel," she informed her and Billie blushed.

"Well he knows that isn't always true," she smirked and the girls let out a giggle. "What? A virgin doesn't mean I don't do things for him, it's only fair."

"More power to you girl," Tenley waved her hand at her friend. "I honestly do that as little as possible…"

"Seriously?" Hannah questioned, not knowing there was much Tenley and Colton didn't do often. "You two are like animals..."

"I don't care, I hate that," she cringed thinking about it. "He gets it, like, once every birthday or something," she joked and the girls laughed rolling their eyes. "Trust me, he starts hinting at it and I just give him sex instead. Win win for all," she shrugged thinking it was that easy. Why guys preferred that over just sex was beyond her.

"Yeah, but if you don't do that for him, he won't ever do it for you. Honestly there are times I like it better when Darren does that then sex. But we have to trade off…"

"Yes but you see girls the difference is my boy enjoys doing that," she informed them and a few brows raised. "I have a scar," in her drunken haze she didn't feel the pain of it like she normally does. "It's from my ex and right here," she twisted her leg to point where it was. "Colton likes giving it a lot of attention. And when he sees it, it kinda sets him off and he does all he can to make me not think about that time. Yet what he doesn't know is I honestly don't think about it at all anymore."

"How long have you two been together again?" Billie asked quietly, never knowing Colton was so compassionate. She obviously knew he was crazy about Tenley, even though she had never heard him vocalize his love for her, the look he gave her made that clear. But she didn't know he was so upset all the time about her ex. She heard what had happened some, not much but enough from what Lee knew.

"Well I guess only four years, but we have been together," she paused and her friend knowing, she heard all about the start of the young couple. "For almost five now."

"And still stupid over each other," Hannah teased and her friend gave her a shove.

"This coming from the married girl at eighteen," she teased her friend who got married to Darren right after graduation. Not that it shocked anyone, the two had been together since damn sixth grade, well minus that year their junior year where Hannah moved and they broke up, but as soon as she moved back in with her grandparents it was like no time had passed at all.

"When it's right its right," she shrugged, glowing as she looked down at her ring.

"And here we go," the girls glanced up to Colton placing three glasses before them.

"Colt, you didn't have to get us anything," Hannah told him, reaching for her new favorite blue drink.

"I know, but I'm just amazingly sweet like that," he smirked, dropping down beside his favorite girl.

"Want some more?" Tenley bit the tip of her straw and asked.

"No thanks babe," he shook his head, lifting his own drink. "I got a coke."

"Ok," she leaned up kissing his cheek and snuggling into his side. Just like always his free hand dropping to her thigh and wiggling his finger to stroke her leg.

"You tired?" he dropped his head to her ear as her arm wrapped around his.

"A little…" she admitted her vision a little blurry and he chuckled. "But I'm having fun."

"I think you might be a little drunk love," he rested his finger on her chin and she let out a content sigh.

"I love being your love," she told him and he grinned. "Like your own little way of saying I love you…"

"Ten…" he frowned a bit and she just grinned shaking her head.

"I know," her hand slid to his cheek and brought him down for a kiss. "No worries," she smiled and he nodded giving her one more sweet kiss. Tenley honestly never freaking about him not announcing from the roof tops his loved for her. She knew he did, she never questioned it. He just thought it was more for just her and not the world and he was right. She didn't care what anyone thought about it. She loved her boyfriend.

"Colt…" Lee tilted his head to the side as he watched the girls on the dance floor. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure…" the blonde reached for his phone to send off a quick text.

"It might be inappropriate," he admitted first and Colton sent him a curious look. "And it might involve your girlfriend being naked."

"Precede with caution," he warned and the guys chuckled.

"Is Ten a top or bottom girl?" he questioned, going back to watching her dance. "Because she is a hell of a dancer and you know what they say about girls who can dance," he stated and Colton actually laughed.

"She's an always moving girl," he shrugged, taking a sip of his drink and trailing his eyes to his girlfriend. Watching as she threw her head back laughing as she danced with Hannah.

"I can see the constant moving thing, but I just feel she would be more top."

"She is a really good dancer," Darren agreed as the table started to watch her, a smirk on her lips as she swayed to the music. Completely oblivious to all the eyes on her.

"I like control of my girl," Colton admitted, his sex life never something he was embarrassed to discuss. "So I prefer top, but we change it up."

"Nightly?" Lee questioned with a raise of a brow.

"Momently," he smirked and the guys chuckled. "She doesn't like staying in one position long."

"I'm not trying to be a buzz kill but not a conversation I want to be having," the group looked over at a very uncomfortable looking Max. "I've heard it," he turns to look at his friend. "That is enough to scar me."

"It's all a part of nature man," Colton smacked his best friend's shoulder as the guys laughed.

"Yeah and I'll be sure to remind you of nature when Raine gets a boyfriend," he threw back and Colton's eyes narrowed.

"Nicely played…" he rolled his head to the side and his eyes narrowed forward. "Max…" he slapped his hand to his friend's leg as he jumped up.

"Fuck…" Max moved after his best friend. Both guys' eyes burning into the guy a few feet from him. His eyes playing on the girls dancing with his signature smirk before he slid up behind her and Colton watched when her eyes widened. "What the fuck are you doing?" he dove forward and shoved the guy back. Tenley's drunken feet getting the best of her and stumbling into her blonde friend.

"Whoa…" he chuckled stumbling back into a group of people. "What's up guys?"

"I know your dumbass isn't that stupid," Max moved forward as his fist tightened. "I know you seriously just mistook my sister for someone else and didn't touch her."

"I mistook nothing," he shook his head, running his eyes over to the dark haired girl beside the blonde. "I've known Tenley a long ass time. Probably better than anyone here and she doesn't care that I wanted to dance with her."

"Really?" Colton stepped forward and Tenley grabbed his wrist. "You really think you know my girlfriend better than anyone here?" his temper started to flare and the dark haired boy's top lip flared. "You really think she would ever want you touching her?"

"Colton…" Tenley tried to push him back as she moved between the group of boys. "Come on stop…lets go…let's just go…"

"I remember this dress Ten," she felt as his body grazed against her back and she swallowed hard. "Think I was in the dressing room with you when you tried it on…"

"Colton…" her heart pounded as she looked at her boyfriend. "Baby please lets go," she pushed but he stood still. "Please I want to go…" her voice shook and his icy blue eyes darted down to hers. "Please take me home…please…"

"Funny… I bought the dress, you get to slide her out of it," he smirked and Tenley dropped quickly when she saw her boyfriend's arm go up and fly forward.

"Ouch…" he cringed as the ice pack collided with his sore cheek bone. "Tenley…" he frowned as she paced in front of him.

"I mean do you ever once think!" she threw her hands in the air annoyed. "Do you ever once think, hey if my girlfriend says don't do this, I shouldn't do this!"

"He touched you Tenley," he reminded her like she was somehow not there.

"I don't care!" she spun to face him and feeling the anger bubble in her. "I don't care what he did. I told you no, I told you to leave. I told you to walk away and-"

"I took care of it!" he snapped rising up from the bed too look at her. "For the last five god damn years, I have looked at this…" his finger thrusted into her chest. "I have touched it and…and kissed it and…and every time I have I have pictured…pictured this asshole…" he clutched his fist by his head, "touching you, putting his hands on you…"


"And for the last few years I have walked around this damn campus watching him, knowing I couldn't do a damn thing…" his body started to tremble as the anger built higher in him. "Tonight he gave me a reason," he threw the ice pack on the counter and shuffled his feet toward his room.

Tenley letting out a long sigh before shuffling her feet following him. Reaching his door and paused to glance in the room to see him tugging his shirt over his head and tossing it in a pile forming by the closet.

"Don't ask me to apologize," he told her, not even glancing up to look at her. He knew she was there, he felt it. "Because I won't."

"And if word get backs to the coach about you getting into a brawl?" she crossed her arms over her chest as she leaned against the door frame.

"That won't happen…" he yanked open his dresser to find some gym shorts to pull on.

"And how are you so sure?"

"Because he is stupid," he turned to face her; in her slight drunken state she doing the best should could to ignore his half naked body. "But not that stupid… he won't let anyone say anything because if he does...well, well things might slip out about the schools favorite quarterback."

"Didn't know spreading gossip was your type of thing…"

"Piss me off enough and anything is my type of thing," he shrugged knowing she was right. He usually kept to his business, never really dealt with others personal life because…well because honestly he didn't care. But he did have his father in him, you fuck him over he had no problem doing it right back.

"Do you really think about it?" she pushed off the door and swayed over to ease down on his bed. "Every time you see it…"

"It's not a big deal…" he walked over to plug in his phone and heard her frown.

"It's not a big deal my boyfriend pictures some other guy when he is with me?" she kinked a brow and his eyes squinted on her. "You know what I mean Colton. Is it even enjoyable for you if you're constantly thinking of that?"

"Ten…" he shook his head, walking over and easing down beside her on the bed. "Did you just ask me if I enjoy sex?" he wondered before letting out a small laugh.

"I think I might be still drunk…" she confessed, reaching up and touching his bruised cheek. "Because everyone knows you like sex…"

"I love sex," he corrected, turning his head to kiss her small hand. "I don't handle someone touching you well…even if it wasn't him, some other guy rubbing up on you would have set me off."

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I…I didn't know who it was at first, just knew it wasn't you."

"I won't ever apologize for standing up for you Tenley. I will never apologize for not handling someone touching my girl well," he shrugged and she sucked on her lip. "And my girl shouldn't ask me too."

"Have I told you lately how much I love being your girl?" she kinked a brow and he slowly grinned. "It's my favorite of all things."

"Of all the things I do that is your favorite?" he raised a brow and she giggled sliding her arms around his neck.

"Yeah," she bit her lip looking up at him. "I greatly enjoy many things you do, but when you call me your girl…" she paused a moment before slowly smiling. "I just…I love it…makes me feel special."

"You are special love," he rested his head against hers and breathed her in deep. His eyes traveling downward as he started to pull the strap off her shoulder, his eyes traveling to the scar that his thumb stroked over.

"Colton…" she curled her hand around his and frowned. "It's ok…" she whispered and he let out a dry laugh.

"Not even a little," he shook his head. It still sending feelings in him he never felt before. After five years it still made his blood boil every time he saw the scar along her perfect skin. It made him mad, drove him nuts, made him wish he did more than just swing at the guy earlier. "Sorry I upset you earlier," he told her, lifting his eyes to hers. "I hate him for what he did to you, I hate him for the pain he caused you but you asked me to leave and I should have left. I shouldn't have made you stay there and see it. I shouldn't have made you see a side of me I really can't stand."

"I love all sides of you Colton," she tilted her head up for a sweet kiss. "And I understand why you did what you did. Just…just please don't let him get to you anymore?" she begged and he slowly nodded. "If he sees you go off like that, it's like in his mind he is still winning. It's like he has this…this power over me. I don't want him to have that again."

"No one has a power over you, Ten," he curled his arm around her slim waist and lifting her with ease off her feet. "If you ever fear that let me know, because I assure you I'll never let anyone let you feel like that again," he told her, carefully laying her on his bed and her eyes drifted up toward his.

"I love you so much Colton," she whispered through the dark room, brushing her hand through the front of his hair and he gave a gentle smile. Colton, honestly swearing nothing sounded better than when she uttered those simple words to him.

"I know, baby," he grinned and her heart tightened. "So much more than you're aware of," he leaned down to capture her lips. Promising that he would make her forget all about that asshole from earlier for the night.

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