Listening to the expensive knives scratch along the china, he watched as every sat almost robotically at the dining room table. He hated meals like this. When it was just his family, meaning his mom, dad, and Raine, it was fine. Everyone laughed and joked and had a fun time. But you throw Gina in the mix everyone sat silently. Well other than Raine, who at one point was talking excitedly about her day at school, but with many throat clearings from Gina, Carrie told her little girl that maybe they should save their conversation for mommy and her time.

With a confused glance, Colton just sent his little girl a wink and a whispered promise of ice cream later and she just decided to continue eating silently.

"So," Gina swallowed her final bite of food and ran her napkin across her thin lips. Folding it perfectly, the room held their breath as they waited for her to continue. "Is there a reason behind this dinner?" her thin gray brow arched and the room heard someone swallow hard. Who no one was sure, but someone did. "Not that I don't always love your cooking, Carrie."

"Thank you," Carrie held her glass up to the older woman and took a sip of her water. Glancing at the blonde in front of her, she held the gaze of her oldest who seemed to be calm, but in his pale blue eyes she saw he was scared.

"You're shaking," Colton commented as he pulled on his shirt and started to play with his watch.

"How do you know?" she flipped her trapped hair from under her shirt out and turned to face him. "You aren't even looking at me…"

"Think I have to be looking at you to know what's going on with you?" he challenged. Her brow arching to challenge him on that and he grinned as he shifted his eyes to look at her. "I can feel it from here…"

"Sorry," she mumbled as she eased down to sit on his bed. Placing her hands in her lap and he watched her leg start to shake. "I'm not trying to be like this," she promised, feeling so dumb about being so nervous.

"Ten…" he sat his watch down on the dresser and slowly turned on his feet to move toward her. "Pretty Girl," he eased on his knees before her and she bit hard on her lower lip. "Don't be nervous…"

"My dad, Colton," she squeezed her eyes tight and wanted to completely erase the look he had given her. "He loves me and looked like that. I don't want your mom looking at me like that."

"She won't," he promised and slowly lifted her chin to look at him. "I promise. She…she will react; I'm sure, just like yours did. A little shocked, yes, we have to allow her to be like that. But it changes nothing. We will feel much better once it's all out. I promise."

"I know," she pulled in a long breath and rolled her eyes at how dumb she was being. Thanking Colton was being so calm and chill during this whole situation. "Guess I better find my underwear," she looked at the boxers of his she put on and glanced around the room. "Don't know if your mom will frown at us telling her I'm pregnant and then clearly showing what we had been doing last night…in her home…"

"Yeah," he agreed, toying with the bottom of the boxers. "I guess I'll allow it," his hand slid up under the leg of them as he pushed up to give her a sweet kiss. "Relax…just breathe for me…" he instructed and she pulled in a long breath. "Nothing bad will happen."

"Ok…but, I want to be the one to tell her," she told him and his brows creased. "Please? Let me tell her…I want you there, but I want to talk."

"If that's what you want. But if at some point you change your mind, you give me the word and I'll do it…"

"Ok…" she pulled in a long breath and snapped her head to the door when she heard the side kitchen door shut and the laugh of Raine.

"Ready?" he asked and she nodded, slowly taking her hand in his as they eased up and moved toward the door. Tenley laughing at some story she heard Raine going a mile a minute on as they moved down the steps.

"And it happened momma, it really did," she told her, still not sure how it happened.

"I believe you," Carrie nodded as she moved the groceries into the cabinets. Listening as her daughter went off on another story. Tenley watched as they interacted and she wondered if she would be like that. If after a long hard day, would she be able to hang on every word her child was talking about. She hoped so.

"Tenny!" Raine squealed and Carrie's head snapped up to see the young brunette standing nervously by the doorway. Following the young girl's hand to find it linked with her son's. "What are you doing here?"

"Hi Cupcake," Tenley gave her a hug and glanced nervously at the older woman. "I was just visiting."

"Was hoping maybe we could talk to you mom?" Colton looked at his mother and gave her a pleading look.

"Uh, Raine, baby why don't you go pick up your toys. Mommy, will be up there to help you with your homework in just a minute."

"Ok," Raine skipped over and grabbed her book bag off the kitchen table. "Colty," she whispered and waved him to come close.

"What's up Princess?" he squatted down before her and brushed a curl from her face.

"Tenny is here," she nodded at the young brunette. "She not make you sad anymore?" she whispered and Colton cleared his throat as Tenley glanced at the floor. "You take a nap like I told you?"

"Yeah Princess," he chuckled and gave her a wink. "You were right."

"Good," she gave him a big kiss on the cheek and flashed him a triumphant smile. "Bye!" she ran up the steps and they waited for the door to shut.

"Tenley, it's good to see you," Carrie commented, wondering a moment how she truly felt about it. She loved Tenley; she always had and thought she was great for her son. However, she had seen him in more pain that last few days than she had his entire life. He might get over it quick, but a mother doesn't as quickly. "Though, I'm a little surprised."

"I know," Tenley shifted on her feet nervously and tossed a glance over at Colton. "I just wanted to talk to you. Maybe a chance to explain some things…"


"Well," she cleared her throat and shuffled toward the edge of the counter. "First, I want to tell you how sorry I am," she pulled in a long breath and instantly started to feel her throat grow tight. "I know, I've hurt Colton," she sniffled some. "And, I wish I could go back and not have done what I have the last few weeks. I just…I was scared," a hot tear dripped down her cheek and when the blonde caught sight of it, he quickly dove to stand by her side and wrapped his arm around her small frame.

"Shh…" Colton soothed in her ear and knocked the salty liquid from her face. "That doesn't matter," he whispered and Carrie's brows creased completely lost to what was happening. "That part is fine…we're fine," he reminded her, pressing a kiss to her temple. "Mom," he turned to face her and inhaled deep. "Ten…she…" he stammered a moment, suddenly a little nervous to speak the words out loud. It wasn't that he was ashamed, or not wanting it, but to speak those words to Tenley and believing them himself is a lot easier than looking your mom in the eyes and changing her life too. "Tenley's pregnant," he blurted it out before he had a moment to change his mind and her eyes widened.


"I'm sorry," the young brunette whispered and tears started to form quicker. "I didn't mean too…Please don't hate me…" she begged, the young woman letting out a dry laugh and looking up at the young couple.

"Hate you?"

"I…I broke up with Colton when I found out because I didn't want to trap him into this life with me. I didn't want this for him. But I just…I know this wasn't what you expected for him. I know him being in college and getting his girlfriend pregnant wasn't what you imagined for him but I want you to know, I love your son. I love him more than I love anything in this world and I want him to do things. I'll do whatever he wants. I promise. I just don't want your family hating me or this baby…"

"Oh honey," Carrie swallowed the large lump in her throat and rushed to the young girl. Ignoring the million thoughts she was having about them being young and them possibly not being ready for this and just comforting the small girl. "I don't hate you," she promised, smoothing out her hair as she cried into her shoulder. "I understand, trust me I do…I understand," she cut her eyes over at her son whose eyes just reminded locked on his girlfriend. His hand not leaving her small body as it just kept running up and down her back.

"We didn't plan it mom," Colton told her. "I mean, it just…somehow happened. I mean, obviously, I know how it happened. But…"

"Things happen," Carrie nodded, completely understanding that. Hell, Colton and Raine both were surprises. Yes, of course she wanted a baby, but when she got pregnant the first time, Stephen had just started his job with his father and they had just moved into their home and in the processes of unpacking things and discussing work, they clearly forgot something and nine months later Colton was there. Then being Colton was sixteen when Raine was born, it isn't a shock to anyone she wasn't planned. Not that they hadn't tried in those years, just figured it wasn't in the cards for them. "Do your parents know?"

"Yes…" Tenley nodded as her lip trembled.

"Ten's dad is having some trouble with it…" Colton explained and Carrie also got that. "But he will come around," he told her, but Carrie could tell he was more saying that for Tenley's sake.

"Well he is going to have too," Carrie's eyes trailed to the growing belly and let out a long breath. "So there's a baby in there…"

"Yeah," Carrie didn't miss how her son lit up by that. "Your grandchild," he told her and her eyes widened. Not sure why that hadn't clicked to her.

"My grandchild," she whispered gently and gave a slow smile.

"Gina's going to murder me…she is never going to accept this child and me, Carrie. She's already made some…comments…"

"She knows?" the older woman snapped her head up shocked at that. Not sure why they would tell her before anyone else.

"No," Colton shook his head quickly. "She's just always been bitter about everything. The day she and I argued, she…she told Tenley it would be terrible if she got knocked up because we would take care of her bastard child…"

"Bitch…" Carrie mumbled, shaking her head she moved over to the counter on the other side. "Tenley," she pulled in a long breath and slowly released it. Suddenly a few more things made sense to her. "I…I understand you were scared, that you are scared, because I can tell you are. But don't let her thoughts make you think for any reason we won't love and support this baby."

"This what?" the room fell silent as they all jerked to the hall leading into the kitchen.

"Stephen," the older woman moved slowly toward him, the young brunette biting hard on her lower lip and the blonde quickly grabbed his girl's hand.

"You're pregnant?" his tone a little sharp and the room worried what he might do.

"Dad," Colton took a slow step in front of his girl and curled his arm behind him to stroke her hand. "I'm aware this wasn't what you were expecting. Believe me, I get that. But it doesn't change that it has happened and…and we're happy about it," he gave a smile as he looked over his shoulder at the small girl. "We're good and nothing is going to change that."

"You both are so young," he spoke and Carrie squeezed her eyes tight on that. Yes, she thought that, but wouldn't vocalize it to them. They knew they were young; they didn't need someone reminding them of that. "You still have a year of college left and what about you Tenley? Are you sure you're ready for a baby? Too raise a child?"

"She isn't doing it alone," Colton growled, gripping her hand tight. "I am here."

"Stephen, they aren't that much younger than we were when we had Colton," Carried defended, because she was actually Colton's age when she got pregnant. Stephen was a little older, but only a year.

"And do you remember how hard it was?" he asked and she went to open her mouth, but quickly shut it when she realized he was right. "I had just graduated and started working. I had shitty hours and long business trips and you had to sit at home alone. Money was tight as hell, because I refused to ever ask my father for cash. It wasn't easy. Hell, it wasn't easy for years."

"But we figured it out," Carrie pointed out. "They will figure it out."

"You think you're ready for a child? You're still in school, Colton."

"I took care of Raine just fine," his lip flared up and his father matched his glare. "I lived in my own apartment, paid my own rent, went to school, ball, and took care of a two year old and the only help I had was Tenley. I'm not asking your opinion on this dad. I'm not asking if you think its right or if it's ok. I'm telling you that we are having a child."

"We know it's not always going to be easy Mr. Wells," Tenley finally spoke, shifting on her feet to tighten her grip on Colton's hand. "And trust me, I know we've both made our share of mistakes since we've been together, but I love your son. I'm not forcing him into this. We aren't rushing into marriage or putting our dreams on hold. Colton will go to school and he will finish school and any job he wishes to take I will support. I promise you. I'm not going to ruin his life."

"And what about yours?" his tone flipped a fraction to caring as he stepped toward her. "Tenley, my biggest regret, well there were a few, but I regret so much Carrie dropped out of college because she got pregnant. She was going to be a doctor, a children's doctor and I ruined that. I got everything I wanted and she didn't," he told her and Carrie's eyes widened at that. She never knew he thought that. She never regretted anything in her life. Yes, she didn't finish school, but she finished enough classes to be a nurse and she loved being a nurse. The hours weren't as demanding as a doctor and on top of that, until Colton was ten, she only worked three days a week and got to spend all the time with him. Her life had always been perfect in her eyes. The only thing she ever missed was when Stephen took long business trips, but that was only because she got lonely and missed him.

"But she had you," Tenley spoke what Carrie thought and gave a light shrug. "Colton's dreams and goals are to have a good job and graduate school and be well off to take care of his family. You know what my dreams have been since I was a little girl?"


"To fall in love," she gave a gentle smile. "To find that one guy who treats me like I'm his world and to one day get married and have children and grow old with that same man. I've done that. I fell stupidly for a man who, yes, at times pisses me off more than anyone," she stated and all gave a short laugh. "But also makes me feel more loved and wanted with one look than anyone ever has. He supports every silly dream I have, as crazy as I make him, he still fights like hell not to let me go," her eyes danced over to the blonde hair boy and gave a cracked smile. "And yes," her eyes blur with tears as she sniffled a bit. "This isn't the order I imagined my fairytale going, but if in the end, all the factors are the same why does it matter?"

"Arguing about it isn't going to change what has happened," Colton gave a light shrug. "Tenley is pregnant. We are pregnant. Did we plan it? No, obviously in the mist of…things, we forgot something," he commented, his dad gave a light chuckle, his mother giving him a scolding look and the girl by his side turning a deep shade of red.

"But, we are adults," Tenley cut in quickly, nervous her boyfriend might say something embarrassing. Obviously, they knew they had sex. They had been together for over six years and on top of that, she was pregnant. However, to say to their face we are having sex made it awkward. It was more supposed to be one of those, we know what you do, let's just not discuss it things. "We knew what could happen and it happened. We will figure it all out. Just please…please don't be mad. I didn't mean too…" she told the older man, him holding a cold glare onto her as she swallowed the large lump in her throat.

She knew Colton and his father had a rough history, they still had issues. However, he had always seemed to like Tenley and he was always sweet to her. She prayed this didn't change that and strain Colton's relationship with him more.

"Well obviously you didn't mean too," he finally spoke and her small hands started to tremble. "It's this jackasses fault to make sure his shit covered."

"Stephen!" Carrie's eyes widen as he slowly started to grin and his son let out a small chuckle.

"What? I sat him down at thirteen and discussed with him how it only takes two seconds to slide on a damn condom. If he got a girl pregnant it wasn't her fault. It was his."

"It's true…but my girl is hot. I got distracted."

"Ok, both of you stop talking," Tenley held up her hands embarrassed. "Shut it!" she threw her finger in the younger blonde's face when he went to speak. His mouth snapping shut as she gave him a glare.

"Tenley," Stephen touched her shoulder and her eyes jerked to his. "I'm not mad," he told her and she slowly nodded. "Maybe this is partially my fault."

"What? Why?"

"Because I always told this dipshit over here, losing you would be probably the stupidest thing he could ever do. Better find a way to hold on to you," he gave a light shrug and she slowly started to grin and relax. "I didn't exactly mean this," he made clear, cutting his eyes to the ones that matched his. "But hey, it worked," he pointed out and she let out a small laugh as he knocked the tear dancing down her cheek.

"I want to tell Gina. I know she isn't going to be happy, but figure have to tell her sooner or later. Might as well do it now."

"She already hates me. I can't imagine what she is going to say."

"Won't be pretty," Carrie agreed and pulled in a long breath that slowly released. "But I think it's best we do it soon. We will have dinner, invite her over and just…do it."

"I don't want Tenley there…"


"No," Stephen cut off the small girl quickly. "I agree with him. I think it's best you stay at your parents."

"I...well I kinda thought about just heading back to the school…"

"Ten's dad…he isn't taking it as well…" Colton explained and the older man slowly nodded. "But he will be ok. Just the shock factor," he said, making point to look at his girl as he spoke it. "That's all it is."

"Why don't you stay here?" Stephen suggested, walking over and grabbing the key off of the counter. "Stay in the pool house. It's secluded away, but…close…"

"After dinner is done, Colton can bring you something," Carrie suggested, thinking her that close was a good idea.

"I don't know," she worried on her lip and looked at the shiny key in her hand.

"I don't want you driving this late," Colton decided and closed her hand around the key. "Plus, I'm not going back tonight anyway. Don't want you alone. Just stay in the pool house and we can drive back tomorrow."

"Ok," she caved and slowly stepped forward to give the older woman a hug. "Thank you…"

"It's all going to be ok," she whispered and the young girl nodded. "This is a happy thing. So be happy about it. The stress of it all is over with. Everyone knows."

"Well…not Max yet…but I think he will be…better than dad."

"He will," Carrie promised and gave a reassuring smile. For some reason it making the young girl feel more relaxed.

"I put sugar in the beans," Carrie informed her, knowing she always hated the sweetness of it.


"Raine," Stephen leaned over to the small strawberry blonde as she sucked on her drink. "Baby, why don't you go watch some TV and I'll be there in a little bit and we have some pink berry?"

"Yeah?" her blue eyes lit up and he slowly nodded. "Ok, daddy," she sprung from her chair and gave him a kiss to his cheek. "Don't forget the pink berry."

"I won't," he promised, her giving a quick nodded before skipping off and up the stairs. "Gran," the older blonde inhaled a long breath before cutting his eyes to his son. "We all wanted to talk to you."

"And why might that be?"

"I wanted to," Colton spoke, her eyes shifting to meet his and he shivered. They hadn't talked in a few weeks, not since he pretty much told her to go to hell.

"Alright," she held his gaze and tossed her not long enough hair back. She figured this would happen. Sooner or later he would come apologize. "What did you want to discuss?"

"Well first, I want to apologize for how I spoke to you the other week. I shouldn't have raised my voice with you. Though, we disagree, I should always show you respect."

"I heard you and Tenley broke things off," she spit her name out with disgust. "I told you honey, she wasn't good enough for you. So to say I'm bothered by this news would be a lie."

"Well," Colton cleared his throat and flexed his longer fingers to relax. "She and I are actually ok," he tried to hide his smirk when her eyes widened.

"I thought…."

"It was a misunderstanding," he told her. "She was scared."

"Of…what?" she swallowed hard, her heart starting to slowly race.

"Tenley's pregnant," he told her confidently with no fear and her spoon dropped onto the nice china.

"You have to be joking…" her lips pulled into a straight line and both adults heads dropped. They knew that look, she was about to snap. "Colton…" she pulled in a long breath and held a hand to her head. "I'm an old woman; don't do this to my heart. Tell me you are kidding."

"I'm not Gran. Tenley is pregnant…"

"Are we sure it's yours?"

"Gina," Carrie rolled her eyes and shook her head. "They have been together for six years. You know Colton. Did you really think he would be investing all this time in a relationship if he didn't see it being long term?"

"Them being together for that long doesn't answer the question of it being his, Carrie," she growled and Carrie just shook her head. She honestly found it exhausting having these sorta conversations with Gina. She just didn't get it, nor would she ever.

"It couldn't be anyone else's Gran…" Colton told her and watched the older woman look as if someone punched her in the gut.

"How do you know?"

"Because I trust my girlfriend. She hasn't been with anyone else, but me."

"This is your fault, you know?" she snapped at her grandson whose eyes widened.

"How is it my fault?" Stephen questioned confused to that happened. He didn't get the girl pregnant.

"You could have stopped this from happening! All the times you let that girl sleep over here. Allowed him to just sleep around with random tarts. What did you think was going to happen when you allow it in your house?! Morals Stephen. Didn't you think to teach him some damn morals?"

"Excuse me? He is an adult. He-"

"Dad," Colton held his hand up to cut him off. He didn't need his dad defending his choices. "Gran," he tried to calm himself, promising Tenley he wouldn't explode on people anymore. Well try not to. "I'm not going to go into my…sexual history, one because it's truly irrelevant and also because my mom is here," he gave his mother a light nod and she rolled her eyes at him. "But in the defense of my father…I'm twenty three years old," he informed her. "Tenley isn't the first girl I've been with. Yes, maybe at one point in my life I wasn't exactly…regular with the girls I dated," he went with, finding this whole conversation very uncomfortable. However, it wasn't his father's fault he slept around. It was hormones and the fact he was a teenage boy at one point. "However, that isn't my father's fault. I was a teenage boy. That is what we do. You think Great Grandpa, god rest his soul, but you think when you married him he hadn't had some past flings?"

"He didn't do them under his parents' noses with girls like that. Your father should have stopped this before-"

"Before what Gran?" he cut her off annoyed. "Stopped it before what? Before we met? Before we slept together? Before I fell in love with her?" he asked, because he wasn't sure what she wanted them to stop. "I hate to break it to you, to all of you, but that happened pretty damn quick. There wasn't much you all could have done to stop it."

"You think it did Colton. Tenley is gorgeous," Gina told him and that shocked most the room. She never gave the girl a compliment. "I will give it you. She seems, decently bright, but I don't see depth. I don't see a strong woman who can stand beside you and support you."

"You don't know her," he crossed his arms and shook his head. "You didn't take the time to see the girl I see every day. She has a heart of gold. She puts everyone above her wants and needs. She broke up with me because she was scared that it would mess up my life. She didn't care about the fact it could be hard for her, she didn't care it broke her heart. She did it because she didn't want to ruin things I've worked hard for," he made her and the rest of the room know. "Tenley has been there for me for some of the hardest times. She has supported me and trusted me and when I was a complete ass, trying to figure myself out she allowed me. I knew her a few weeks, but when I called her because I needed help with Raine," he spoke and his father's eyes danced across to his wife. "She helped me. No questions asked. She did something that no other girl I've dated," was his safe word, "did. She was my friend. And that friendship grew to be…to be something I wish everyone could experience."

"She isn't good enough for you. She doesn't fit."

"Gina," Carrie inhaled deep, completely aware to the fact she just wouldn't ever get it. "You didn't get the chance to experience what Stephen and I share and for that I'm truly sorry. Your marriage was arranged so I try hard to make myself understand you. You resent love because you were forced into it…why are you trying to do the same thing to him? He is your great grandson. Don't you want him happy?"

"I love her Gran. I'm sorry if that hurts you, but I love her and she isn't going anywhere. We will raise this baby together and I would like you in his or hers life. But I won't have you there being like this. I'm sorry, I won't," he gave a light shrug and slowly stood. Spinning on his feet he moved out toward the kitchen to see his girl.

"Colton…" Gina called and his body froze. Holding his breath he thought this was it. He thought finally it was going to work out and she was going to come around and be a part of his life. Because he did love his Gran. They were very similar in ways. She was cold at times, much like himself, but growing up she did spoil him and up until he really started to date, she supported everything he ever did. He didn't want to lose that. So he waited, waited and hoped it would all just be that easy. "You give that girl this family's last name, I'll wipe out your inherence," she told him and with his back to her his head dropped. "There are rules to you receiving it. In it, it states you have to be married to get it. You have to graduate college and you can't have illegitimate children running about."

"I'm sure it nowhere states that," Stephen defended, knowing he had the same rules and nowhere did it mention children. Yes, his wasn't as big as Colton's, his grandfather's company hadn't fully taken off yet, but there was still some.

"I can have it written in by morning. I'm in charge of it," Gina snapped at him and Carrie rolled his eyes.

"Then they will marry," Carrie shrugged like it was that simple. Not like she was sure they hadn't planned it already.

"No," Colton shook his head and slowly spun on his feet. "We won't get married," he locked eyes with the older woman and watched as she slowly swallowed the dry lump. "Tenley means more to me than clearly I could ever explain to you. Will I marry her one day? More than likely. However, it will be after you write that child clause in and it will be after our child is born. Then I will make sure both of them have my last name," he made very clear before looking over at his mom. "Thank you for dinner, mom. If you leave the dishes in the sink, I'll clean them before I go back to school tomorrow," he promised, walking over to kiss her cheek.

"Thank you sweetie," she gave him a proud smile. "I love you," she told him and he gave a tight lip smile before spinning on his feet and out the kitchen door. Flexing his fingers he tried to calm himself before reaching the door and opening it and stepping inside.

"Ten?" he called, shutting the door behind him. Cutting his eyes around the decent size pool house, he shuffled his feet up the small flight of steps and pushed open the bathroom door to reveal the only person he wanted to deal with at the moment.

"Hey handsome," she gave a small smile as she soaked in the large tub.

"You look comfortable," he shut the door behind him and eased to sit on the side of the tub. "And very relaxed," he ran his hand over the top of the bubbles and thanked she didn't looks so sad and stressed like she had been lately.

"You know how I feel about big tubs," she shifted in the large bath, swearing the thing was more of a Jacuzzi than bath tub. "I don't think I've been in one in years."

"You should turn the jets on," he leaned forward and her brow arched as he flipped a small box open and pushed the large gold button.

"Oh," she grinned and shifted as a large jet shot right into her back. "I didn't know that was even there."

"Yeah…" he again touched the bubbles and she took note on the fact his eyes dropped in the corners and lips were in a small frown.

"Want to relax with me?" she slid to the side and bit her bottom lip. "Plenty of room…"

"I don't think I've taken a bubble bath since I was like seven," he informed her and she giggled rolling her eyes.

"Then let's break that now," she told him and he shook his head as he stood up and started to tug his shirt over his head. "Wait," she held her hand up to stop him when he started to tug on his jeans. "Can you get me something to drink first?"

"If I must," he gave a dramatic eyes roll and she laughed sinking deeper into the top. "What you want Pretty Girl?"

"Want to get me some pink berry milk?" her brow lifted and he chuckled as he nodded and started to move out of the bathroom. Tenley sitting there a moment and dropped her head against the bath and frowned. He was upset. She knew he was and it hurt her heart to think someone upset him.

"I'm going to have to get you to not hang out with Raine so much. I won't be able to handle both of you having this strange addiction," his laugh filtered back into the room and her gaze lifted to find him wondering in, in the mist of getting the drink him stripping down to just having a towel around his waist.

"Well, be ready. I'll probably be having some strange addiction during pregnancy," she informed him and he chuckled as he dropped his towel from his waist and tossed it to the side. Dancing her eyes over him, her heart skipped a small beat, like it always does, as he lifted his leg and stepped in. Groaning at how hot it was; she giggled a bit as he twisted around and slowly started to ease on the other side. His muscles tensing up a fraction and she felt her body ache for him like it always did.

God her boy was sexy.

"Thank you for my drink," she moved over in the water and eased up to straddle his waist. Letting one arm hang loosely around his neck, she let the other trail down his neck and rest on his chest.

"Anything for you," his hands rested on the side of her thighs and gently pulled along the soft skin and then back across it. His head resting against hers, he lifted his chin to give her a sweet kiss that made her release a soft moan.

"You ok?" she whispered between kisses and he nodded. "Dinner go alright?"

"It went fine," he told her, but she knew he wasn't telling the truth. "Gina was Gina…"

"I'm sorry, baby," she sighed and brought her hand up to stroke over his lower lip. "I hate this is upsetting you. I hate she is being like this. Maybe if I just talked to her, explained everything."

"No," he started shaking his head quickly. "No. You won't sit and talk to her. I told her tonight she picked. Either she supported us, or she stayed away."

"I feel she won't be in the delivery room," she let out a dry laugh and hated when he frowned. "I wish there was something I could do. I don't want you hurting…"

"I'm not," he told her and reached to brush her hair back from her face. "I'm good, Ten. I'm happy and honestly…I'm excited for this," he slowly brought one hand to brush across her small stomach that was hidden by the bubbles.

"I love you so much, Colton," her head rested against his and she shook her head at how crazy that was. She had no idea it was possible to love someone that much. Yeah, she heard people talk about it, but until you actually feel it yourself, you never know.

"I'll make you happy, you know?" he told her and her brows creased to where that came from. "I…I may not be able to give you everything you ever wanted at first, but I will one day. And I will make sure you are always happy."

"I don't at all doubt that," she ran her hand through his blonde hair and gave a sweet smile. "We're going to be ok…I don't doubt that."

"Me neither," he agreed, leaning forward to give her a kiss, trailing his kisses down her jaw and latching on to her neck.

"Baby," her body arched into his as his grip tightened around her and he sucked hard on a spot he always loved giving attention too. "Can I ask you something?" she curled her fingers in his hair and heard him mumble a yes against her neck. "Did your dad really sit you done at thirteen to talk about sex?"

"Yeah," he chuckled pulling back to switch to the other side, however, not staying on her neck. Instead moving to the scar just below her collarbone that he hated.

"I didn't even know what sex was at thirteen. Well I mean, I sorta did, not really," she flipped her hand around as he licked the tip of his tongue along her collarbone. "Weird you already were….but I guess you did have sex at fourteen, so I guess it's a good thing he explained that," she reasoned, because she recalled when Colton and her talked about his first time. Only fair since she told him about hers.

"Ten," he pulled back to look at her and she bit the inside of her cheek so she didn't laugh at the frustration on his face. "Did you invite me in this tub to discuss my first time having sex? Or so you could have sex?"

"Don't want to talk about your first time? Is it because you probably weren't very good?"

"Excuse me?" his brow shot up and she really worked hard not to laugh then.

"It's not your fault. Most guys aren't good their first time," she gave a light shrug, trying to lighten the mood for him.

"I'm great at sex…"

"I know that. I've been there a time or two when you've been doing your best work."

"A…a time or two?" his jaw locked and then the giggle released. "That's it," he jerked up, her in his arms as he stepped out of the tub. "You aren't sleeping tonight," he decided and she giggled as their soaking wet bodies dripped on the tile floor.

"Wait!" her body tensed in his arms and he stopped suddenly. Her face falling serious for a brief moment and his brows creased. "Do you need to go ask your dad about how to do this first?" a hint of a smile danced over her face and he growled smashing his mouth into hers. The brunette letting out a small giggle as they shifted toward the bed. Her mind pretty much made up to make him focus on nothing for the rest of the night. They could be serious tomorrow, hell they were about to be serious all the time. This night could be anything but that and she was going to make sure it happened.

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