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Summary: Jaysen is a werewolf hunter. Claudia is his latest target. Can the beautiful female werewolf change this ruthless assassin's heart? Erotica m/f

Genre: Fantasy, Erotica, Romance

Warning: Contains strong explicit sexual content, language, and mild violence.

Author's Note: I can write straight erotica too! (I hope). This series is just a quickie, about a werewolf hunter and a female werewolf. It's labeled erotica so you can kinda guess what's gonna happen. This isn't exactly porn without plot, but its plot is secondary to the porn. You'll understand by the second chapter. Please enjoy.

Assassin's Touch (part I)

My boots clanked loudly against the thick wood of the dark tavern. It was midday, the sun just getting ready to set, casting a huge shadow over the entire world. I had to move quickly, I knew it – my target would be much stronger once the moon has risen.

The few people inside ceased all conversation when I entered. I was a tall man, with a thick dark brown travel cloak covering everything but my head and my feet. I had rich auburn hair that was combed to the side, except for a few strands that escaped. They hung over my forehead. My handsome face was scarred with a long gash that went from my left temple down my chin. Though it was years old on some days the scar throbbed like it was brand new.

I wore big black boots that had stylish buckles on the sides. I didn't get them because they were stylish, but that was always a plus.

I did a quick look around, searching for that one target. When I didn't see her I continued on into the tavern, ignoring the looks as I made my way to the bar. An older barmaid was cleaning out a large glass beer mug when I reached the counter.

"Your finest ale," I said, dropping a few good sized coins. I even smiled at the woman. The tension in the room eased and the barmaid smiled back at me, though I wasn't sure if it was because of the money or my smile.

"Of course," she said, putting the glass down to get my drink. I glanced towards the storage room she disappeared into, but saw nothing. I sensed nothing either. If my target was here I'd know it. My body would react before I even saw her. I just had to get close enough.

She was around here somewhere.

The barmaid came back with a large mug filled with ale.

"Finest ale for a most fine customer," she said.

"Thank you." I took a long drink. Gods, it's been a while. It seems like forever since I've had anything to drink. I put the cup down and sigh. This was definitely their finest.

"Anything else?" she answered.

I nodded, swallowing down the chilled drink and licking my lips. "Yes, actually, there is – I'm looking for a fair maiden, about this high," I used my hand to show her height. If I were standing she would have come to my nose. "She's beautiful, with dark brown hair, and a heart stopping smile."

I smiled, and hoped I was blushing a little.

The barmaid swooned a bit. It was nice to see the scar didn't really take away from my looks. "Oh my, you must have it bad for this lass."

I reached into my cloak, going for a pouch tied to my side. The barmaid stared at the sword on my side. The handle was made of pure silver, as was the blade. The handle was made to look like a dragon with an orb in its mouth. The orb was a red ruby. The dragon's eyes were sapphire diamonds.

"That sword would fetch a fair price," she said, eyeing it like she wanted to snatch it from me and sell it round back. I got the pouch I was looking for, shrugged my cloak over my sword, and tried not to look as annoyed as I suddenly felt.

"Yes, it would," I said. "It was my grandfather's before me. It's more valuable than any amount of gold." I presented the pouch, opened it, and let the amulet spill out. It was red diamond fitted into a gold casing, with a gold chain. It looked harmless, but it was actually spelled to decrease the strength of the wearer.

"I want to present this to her, and ask for her hand in marriage," I said, watching the barmaid's eyes sparkle.

"A – aye," she quivered, reaching out to touch it. When I let her she pulled it into her hands, examining it closely. It was probably the most valuable thing she's ever seen. "My, it's g – g – gorgeous."

"It is," I said. "Her name is… Claudia."

"Pretty…" the barmaid cooed.

I hooked my finger in the chain and pulled it out of the woman's hands. She watched it slip from her fingertips. I put it in the pouch and put it to my side. She groaned softly.


"Head north to the outskirts of town," the barmaid said, looking terribly disappointed. "She lives in the house there, the last building to the north, a lone house on a hill. She lives alone. Her parents passed away long ago."

"Thank you," I said. I drank the rest of the ale down and the barmaid actually watched me. She didn't do anything else. It's like seeing such an expensive piece of jewelry blew her mind away. It cost more than she'd make in an entire life time.

I put the empty glass down. "Thank you. I'll be on my way now."

"May the gods bless your path," the barmaid murmured as I got off the stool. "And good fortune to you and your future bride," she said, and she sounded bitter.

"You think she'll say yes?" I asked, still playing the part of the love struck fool.

"She'd be a fool not to," the barmaid hissed.

Okay, time for me to leave. As I walked out the doors the room went silent again, and the people inside watched me leave.

I got to the outskirts of town, to the last house to the north, to that lone house on a hill, where the beautiful Claudia lived. I could almost smell her in the wind. I ran my fingers through my hair as I made my way up the hill. My senses were leading the way, I simply obeyed.

I went around the back of the house, where my senses reacted the strongest. Standing before two grave markers was a young woman in a long black dress. It was causal work clothes, but the way it gripped her perfect curves made it seem like something more formal.

She had her back to me, that thick brown hair shining in the sunlight.

My cock hardened almost painfully in my trousers – my heart sped up. It was my body's reaction to her kind. Most werewolves I encountered made my cock throb, but my heart never reacted. Now it sped up, and not from any kind of adrenaline rush.

I tried to ignore it. I reached into the cloak, my hands wrapping around the handle of my sword. A silver blade to slay a werewolf. I found my target.

She turned around, her long hair framing a perfect little face that matched her petite body. I hesitated. My heart throbbed in sync with my cock, and I wasn't sure what to do.

"Good afternoon," she said, brushing her hair out of her way. "Can I help you, sir?"

My grip tightened on the blade. She was going to die, I decided. I slowly started to pull the blade out of its sheath.

(Continued in part II)

Author's Note: hope you enjoyed it! The sex starts in the next chapter. (Go! Go now!) Comments and criticisms are welcomed, please forgive any mistakes and please join me for part 2.