Assassin's Touch (part IV)

I grabbed Claudia by her ass cheeks and lifted her easily with my enlarged muscles. She hugged her arms around me and I spread my legs to support her and ignored the sound of my trousers ripping as I spread my legs. The jolts ended but the pleasure didn't. I spread her cheeks and gripped them firmly; my new claws accidently bit into her flesh.

"Forgive me," I breathed. My voice was far deeper.

Claudia took a deep breath and said into my ear, "Don't be."

Instead of thrusting into her I moved her up and down on my cock. Her bare breasts rubbed up and down against my chest, the nipples still taut. Her juices drenched my cock, streaming down over my scrotum and down my thick legs. It was thick cum, slightly thicker than my own, and it tickled my flesh on its way down. I licked the side of her neck as the pleasure finally began to build, bring me closer to a climax.

Claudia licked and lightly nibbled at the side of my neck, but I didn't mind her, just as I didn't mind the fact I was turning into a full werewolf. Her vagina hugged tightly around my cock, and felt myself terribly close to the climax.

I sat her back down on the table and grabbed her thighs, resuming my thrusts. I needed to thrust into her as I finally came. I had to feel our flesh smashing together as her tight vagina brought me closer and closer to a climax. Her breasts bounced back and forth furiously.

I watched her nipples and as I thrust into her I wanted to lick them, take them into my mouth. But I didn't, I kept thrusting, because I was so close to coming. My thrusts became harder, needier. She moaned and groan with each thrust, and even when I went harder she could handle it.

I thrust into her and she screamed out, "Jaysen, Jaysen!"

I tensed, the numbing sensation coming over me. I gave one more powerful thrust and then it came over me. The orgasm ripped through me. I came, flooding her with my semen. She cried out as she came one last time, with me.

I leaned over her, my cock still hard, inside her. I went to her throat, opening my mouth like I was about to bite her. I ran my tongue over the soft flesh and she shivered. I breathed in deeply, taking in her scent. I knew that just from this single focused sniff I'd never forget her scent.

"Where's the bedroom?" I growled.

Claudia pointed in a direction. I lifted her into my arms and she fit perfectly. She breathed in deeply, and gave a sleepy sigh. I felt really sleepy too. I went into the living room and went to the single closed door. I pushed it opened with my foot.

There was a single bed, large enough for the two of us. I placed her gently down on the bed, and lied down. She ripped the dress off like it was nothing, fully exposing her beautiful body. I was already completely naked, my pants being shredded as I thrust into her.

She slipped into my arms and I closed my eyes, resting my chin against the top of her head. We drifted off into a restful sleep.

I had a dream I was running through the forest, completely naked. My cock was hard, and I could smell her. I followed her scent, racing through the trees at speeds I've never reached before.

She was a thing of beauty. She ran a few feet ahead of me, her long, soft body covered with a thick coating of brown fur, her human ears replaced with wolf eyes that stood up on the top of her head. Her hairless breasts bounced about as she ran, her partially hairless ass covered by a long, flickering tail.

I reached her, grabbing her, pinning her against a tree. I was completely hairless, I noticed with some relief, as I press my hardness to the entrance of her hairless vagina. I thrust in, filling her up once again.

I took her against the tree, and she allowed me. Even with my new found strength I wouldn't have been able to defeat her in a fight. I knew that, and she knew that. Still, she let me take her.

After we climaxed we continued our run through the forest, under the full moon.

I opened my eyes with a jolt. I sat up, shivering from the bite of the morning cold. I was completely naked. I felt my body, my thighs, my arms, I checked my nails, and saw I was back to normal. I was right beside Claudia's house. I stood up, brushing the dirt off my ass. It was useless – I was filthy.

I went inside, picking up my shirt and pulling it on, finding a new pair of trousers when I looked on the pile of shredded cloth on the floor. I grabbed my travel pack, my cloak, and my sword. As I strapped the sword on I noticed Claudia from the window.

Fully dressed I walked out with a blanket and put it over her body. She didn't wake as I stood over her, knowing I couldn't kill her and wishing I didn't have sex with her. She looked so human and defenseless lying below me. I turned around with a sigh and started down the hill.

"Not gonna do it?"

I glanced back. She was standing up, holding the blanket around her naked body. There was a bit of distance between us, but I could smell her as if she were standing right in front of me.

I wondered if I still could. That's what I did – I killed werewolves.

"No," I said, finally. "I'm not. I… can't."

She smiled. "I'm glad."

"Me too, actually," I said.

"W – will I ever see you again?" she asked, as if she already knew the answer.

I shook my head briefly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be," she said. "One day with you and I'll remember you for a lifetime."

"As I will," I said.

Claudia smiled. "Good."

I started to turn around back turned back. "Uh, I left a pouch on the counter. I has a spelled amulet in it. Dip it in some salt water to dispel it before you wear it, if you decide to keep it. Or you can sale it. It's worth a ton of gold."

She giggled. "I'll wear it. After I dispel it."

"That's what I wanted," I said, so softly that if she were human she wouldn't have heard. She did hear me, though, and she understood. She nodded once, the smile faltering at the edges.

"Good bye," she said.

"Good bye," I said.

I turned and walked down the lone house on the lone hill with the lone woman, and I wished I'd never met her, because now I'll never forget her.

(End of Assassin's Touch)

Author's Note: He couldn't stay with her because she's a werewolf. He'll still kill werewolves, because he's an assassin. This ending is better than the one I originally planned, when he kills her in the end. And in case you were wondering, his partial change was just a onetime change, nothing permanent. Thank you for reading! Tell me what you thought of the story.