Aki stared at the busy street. Her red hair was cut unevenly and hung above her shoulders, dried mud clung to her clothes, and her arms, face, and legs were cut and bruised. Her schoolbag, which was cut open on the bottom, was empty. Papers whipped around in the wind, and papers rolled around on the ground behind Aki.

She got bullied every day since she was young because of her red hair. It used to be just getting her lunch money stolen, getting her desk and lockers trashed; all the usual cheesy bullying methods you can think of.

Today was the worst.




"Aki," a voice rang out. Aki turned her head, her waist-length hair swirling around. Her eyes widened, and she looked around in alarm. No one was around, much to her relief.

"Natsu," she whispered, quickly walking over to the blue haired boy. His grin was carefree and gentle. "Don't hang around me, you… you'll get bullied—"

"It's alright, chill," Natsu said. "No one's around, I checked. They're all out in the field, since it's such a nice weather today." He held up his lunch box wrapped in blue patterned handkerchief.

Aki stared then remembered. Natsu was the "prince" of the school. There was no way that he'd get bullied. She let out a worried smile, and held up her own lunchbox.

Aki and Natsu were childhood friends—Natsu was the only one who comforted her. Her parents were long gone from this world due to an accident, and the teachers or any other adults didn't bother to listen to her.

All because of her red hair.

After lunch, Aki sat in her seat, waiting for the bell to ring. She was daydreaming—about a world without pain and sufferings. A slamming sound brought her back to reality.

Startled, she looked up. Her brown eyes met a group of black eyes.

"…What did you do with Natsu-kun?" the girl who slammed her hand against Aki's desk asked. Her facial expression was the most furious out of the group of girls surrounding her.

"W-what do you mean…?" Aki asked quietly, her voice barely audible.

"I mean, why was he eating lunch with someone like you?" she demanded, banging on the table some more.

"W-w-we're chi—Ow…!" she was cut off when she was suddenly yanked up by her hair.

"And this hair; it's so annoying! Such an attention hog! You dyed your hair like this so you could get Natsu-kun's attention!"

"N-no, it's my natural—"

"Hey, Nanami," another girl spoke up. Nanami turned around, yanking Aki's hair again. "If her hair's annoying you so much, why don't you just… cut it?" With that remark, she held up a pair of scissors.

The classroom fell silent. Then cheers rose from the girls.

Aki watched in horror as her bright red hair fell onto the floor.

"While we're at it, let's cut her bag too!"

And here she was now.

Her empty eyes stared at the road. Car headlights were illuminating the darkening city.

I don't want to live like this anymore.

Aki knew that she had Natsu. But someday, Natsu would get tired of her too. Someone as popular as him wouldn't want some freaky red-haired girl to hang out with him.

She took a step forward.

No one would care if I disappear, right?

Another step.

Cars honked and some swerved around her, and their numbers decreased slowly as the red signal came on.

Yeah… no one would care.

She stopped, and faced the one car that was speeding toward her in the now-empty road.

No one…

Her eyes snapped open when she felt a hand shove her off to the other side.


She heard the screeches of tires and screams.

"Someone call the ambulance! A boy got hit!"

… A boy… that voice…?

She carefully turned her head around…

And her eyes fell on a boy with blue hair.

"N… Natsu…?" Aki said, voice trembling as much as her body. "Natsu…?"

Natsu looked at Aki. Blood flowed and pooled around his head. "…Aki…"

She knew that Natsu had no chance of living anymore. "Natsu, don't move!" she said, tears welling in her eyes. "You—you still have a chance! If only we'd stop the bleeding—"

"Aki… you're alright…" Natsu said, smiling weakly. "Don't mind me… I know that I'll have—"

"You'll live!"

Aki sobbed. Her whole body was numb. She didn't even notice that she had caused a ruckus when the police came. She didn't notice anything around her.

The only thing she saw that burned into her head was Natsu's lifeless eyes, his comforting smile that no longer was warm, and the tears that flowed nonstop and melted in with the blood.


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