Hey, guys! How's it going!

As some of you have noticed, I will be back upcoming this summer with new chapters! I hope you guys are still interested! I have a few story projects that I would like to try and let you guys read! But that will have to wait because I definitely want to finish these stories that have been on hiatus for years!

Hope you are all excited!

One of the things that I noticed, is that this story has been plagiarized.

My Oriental Mate had been published on under "The Oriental Mate" with the same penname that I have. They even have image covers for the book, and it's a been disappointing to see someone taking credit for my work.

I just want to say that there is no way that I have uploaded any of my stories on any different websites. Though I have contemplated about that, I have not expanded anywhere else.

I have contacted the site and they want personal information that I'm uncomfortable about giving. Another thing is I don't know how to prove that the person who is posing as me uploading on their site isn't me since they have the same penname.

Has anyone dealt with something like this?

Can anyone give me some advice?