A/N: Note to all my readers that this is a written one-shot detective story I had happen to write along for an english project assignment. Because the maximum number of pages were only 10 for my written-story assignment, the story may seemed to be slightly rushed than intended. This is also my very first one-shot/written mystery story by the way, so I hope you all will come to like it despite it being my first written attempt on detective story cases. Well, now that's taken care of, enough of my rambling and off to the story!:

Detective Story Case #4:

A Piece of Fabric, A Dropped Hairpin, And A Ring:

Christopher's POV:

My name is Christopher Sampson.

I'm currently in my last year of high school.

School was finally over, so as usual, Diana and I walked home together.

As we headed out of the school gate, my childhood friend and I were engaging in a tight conversation about something.

"-So yeah, you have to help me out on this Chris!"

We had been going on about this for 2 hours straight now. Diana Ross, my childhood and best friend here had been urging me to give in to her urgent request, but I absolutely refused to do it.

Why you may ask?

"Come on, this concerns about your given image! Of course we'll need to dress you up as a girl again!"

"No, I am definitely NOT doing that again, and that's final."

"What? Awww, please-!"

It is simply against my pride of morals when it comes to natural gender.

You see, though we look like ordinary high school students right now, Diana and I actually share a big secret together. We solve mystery cases. Real ones. Yes, not just the ones you see in movies. (Well, it's mostly me who does all the thinking here.) When I solve mystery cases, I go by another name of "Serenity", a disguised female name Diana made up for me in order to conceal my true identity around others. Since then, Diana had become my partner-in-crime, making me cross dress when given opportunity to solving any mystery cases, despite to my strong reluctance on it.

Now, you may wonder, how in the world did we start getting the idea of solving real mystery cases in the first place at our current age right now?

I vaguely remember hearing stories of my father being a well-known private detective when I was younger. Because of my dad's influence, ever since childhood, I have always enjoyed observing and solving things as a hobby. I was able to notice details no others manage to see and clues no others manage to find. It was as if it came natural to me, to be able to see such clear observations on the spot.

However, my hobbies soon changed when I turned 6. That time, my father had left our family for unknown reasons. He just suddenly disappeared, and that's all I really know. My mother had also stopped talking about how he was like in the past, so I barely know much about him anymore. She didn't like it when I was too smart or analyzing too many things for some reason, saying I resembled too much like my father. As the result, I made myself a habit of not doing any of those things for a long period of time. Though as I became older, I began realizing I had taken an unusual hidden liking towards my unique ability. I just couldn't dislike it, it was a part of myself, and I had a strange desire wanting to use it to help other people.

That was when Diana came along.

In the beginning, it had only been a one-time solving case. Being my childhood friend, she knew about my hidden talent and liking towards solving things. She then introduced me to mysteries; to which was only suppose to be like solving puzzle games in the beginning. However, when we had actually followed a true serious case related onto that, unexpected occurrences happened to which became of what we secretly do as of today.

-Though I still don't like the idea of cross-dressing either way. It was definitely NOT my style, but I ultimately had no other choice in the end. If I was going to effectively deceive people at night, the best way was to change my gender appearance.

I gave out a long moment of sigh before finally giving in to her request.

"Ugh, I hate doing this…but I guess I don't really have a choice now do I?"

As expected, my partner-in-crime's smile immediately broadened up the moment I agreed to her request.

"So you'll do it? Ahhh thank god, you're the best! I always knew I could count on you-!"

"So what's exactly the case this time…?"

Upon asking her this, her smile soon faltered into a more serious look on her face.

"Actually…it's related to my elder sister. You remember Cynthia right?"

I raised an eyebrow at this. Cynthia Ross? Well, of course I'm familiar with her, seeing that she's Diana's eldest sister and all. I have chatted with her a few times before, so I'm pretty acquainted with her by now.

"Yea. What about her though?"

"Well…recently, one of her best friends has gone missing. She disappeared a week ago, but there still haven't been much reports about her."

"Didn't they contact the police about it?"

"Of course they did! But it's strange how they haven't found any hints or clues about where she might be yet…"

I was a little taken aback by this. Even the police can't find anything into it…? Hmmmm…I guess I really should help her out then. It does concern Diana's relatives after all.

"Alright, we'll look into it. If any case, let's first go to your house to find your sister."

"My sister…?"

I then smiled towards my childhood friend in an obvious manner.

"To look for clues of course."

"So Cynthia, I heard one of your friends have gone missing recently?"

I was now currently in Diana's house. Since Diana had left to get something real quick, I was alone with Cynthia to gather information about the case we were currently solving.

Cynthia's expression became very uneasy upon hearing my sudden topic on this.

"Oh…you heard about it from Diana?"


"I see…then I guess I should briefly talk about it."

I then used this chance to ask her questions.

"What was her name?"

"Her name was Josephine. She's a very good friend of mine, so I invited her to a charity ball we were contributing to a week ago. But I really never expected her to disappear that night…where on earth could she be? Her parents are extremely worried about her…"

I observed Cynthia's face. She bit her lip, looking very guilty and anxious about the situation. Well, it's only natural to feel that way. She probably feels at fault for inviting her to the charity ball that led to her disappearance that night.

Though as much compassion I felt towards her, I had to go on with the questions.

"When was the last time you saw her?"

"Before the charity ball had started. She said she had to use the bathroom, so I let her go on. If I only I hadn't let my eyesight out of her, maybe she wouldn't have disappeared…"

"Was there anyone else with her that time? Any other people you had invited that was familiar with her?"

"Oh…? Well, there were 2 other people I invited who were quite familiar with her. I'm sure she might have seen them before her disappearance occurred. It could have been William or Louie…"

"What had she been wearing the last time you saw her?"

"If I remember correctly, I believe she had been wearing on a white dress, a hairpin, and an engagement ring her boyfriend gave her a few days ago…wait, why are asking so many questions about this?"

Though by the time she finally began to take suspicion from me, it had already been too late as I had already left out of the house without further trace in sight.

"William and Louie…? Oh! I remember my sister talking about them before. Their full names were William Shaw and Louie Harrison, and I believe William was Josephine's current boyfriend, and Louie was Josephine's childhood friend. Do you think one of these 2 might have known where she could have gone by any chance…?"

"There is a hunch, though we don't have enough clues yet. That is why we need to go to the same charity ball ourselves in order to gather more clues about our suspicions."

Diana and I met up again outside of her house the moment I had fled. As the result, we were heading towards the place before the disappearance had happened in order to confirm and find more clues about the disappearance incident.

"But don't you think the police may have picked up all the important evidence by now?"

"If they've already picked up all the important evidence, they wouldn't have such a hard time trying to crack this case in the first place."

"Hey look Chris! I really did find something!"

We were currently inside the charity ball. Though there were some areas that were off limits to us, nevertheless Diana had managed to find something.

"What did you find?"

She then revealed the accessory she had been holding. It was a hairpin adorned with various jewelries around it, but it was slightly chipped off at the point of the tip. As I looked more closely into it, there was also a letter "J" written alongside the jewelries of the pin.

My eyes widened. At last, our first clue!

"I chatted with the attendant clerk a bit and he happened to be holding onto to this. He said while he had been on duty, somebody had dropped this, so he held onto it for awhile."

"A dropped hairpin…if our observations have been correct, this should have belonged to Josephine. Where did he first find it?"

"Somewhere around the waiting room, here I'll take you there."

As we headed our way, I suddenly took a halt when I caught a glimpse of a white piece of clothing along the edges of the hallway. Ignoring Diana's confusion towards my sudden stop of pace, I walked towards the white piece of clothing and carefully examined it.

"It's a torn piece from a white dress."

Though as soon as I flipped over the torn piece of fabric, my face paled up upon noticing a slight coloring of red onto it.

"Chris, is something wrong? You suddenly stopped and-

"Oh no…"


Just then, we suddenly heard a scream coming from up ahead.

We may have been too late.

We hurriedly headed towards where the scream had been coming from, which led us to an abandoned empty warehouse.

There, we finally found who we've been looking for.


Up ahead, Josephine had been hanged. She was perfectly motionless, her eyes closed with a tight rope tied around her neck. Her dress had been ragged, being slightly torn and worn out.

At first, I had been immobilized by her sudden death image. However, I finally got a grip of myself and slowly approached the victim. I first went up to her and shakily lifted my index finger towards her nose.

No breathing.

Confirmed that she really has passed on, I began scanning the area in hopes of searching for some important clue that might be hidden somewhere. Diana in the meantime had tried calming down the terrified witness victimized at the sight, all the while calling for the cops for further backup help in advance to our current situation.

Still scanning around the area, my eyes widened when I had indeed found something shining around the corners of the warehouse.

It was a crushed ring, probably crushed by a hammer at that. Whoever bothered crushing the ring, it must have been someone disapproving Josephine's and her boyfriend's engagement…

It was then realization finally hit me.

Dropped hairpin indicates kidnapping.

Blood stained cloth indicates struggle.

Checking to see if my suspicions were correct, I closely observed Josephine's neck. To my correct anticipation, it indeed had way too many bruises around that area to only be a mere hanging suicide attempt.

Rather, it was more as if somebody had strangled her.

I then looked back towards the ring.

And the crushed ring…

…Ah, I finally see how the crime scene happened.

General POV:

About 15 minutes later, the police had arrived to the crime scene. Meanwhile as for Christopher and his partner-in-crime however, they had long left the charity ball, deciding to focus hurrying back on finding a certain witness instead.

"Wait, but if that's how the crime scene occurred, who could be the one who did it?"

"That's the one thing I have yet to confirm of. Once we find that one missing piece to our information, our case will be finally come to a close."

"Do you think William or Louie could have done it? Well, William seemed to really love Josephine, so I don't think it'll be him. Louie on the other hand may be a possibility, him being Josephine's childhood friend and all. He could have done it out of jealousy or something, but he seems more of the type to really wish for someone else's happiness first…"

"Then have you ever considered it may be neither of them?"


"Yup. Diana, I hope you're prepared. I'm afraid the culprit we are about to meet is someone much closer than we may have ever imagined them to be."

Christopher's POV:

"Oh, you two are back again. What gives?"

We finally arrived back at Diana's house, except this time not as eagerly as I may have been before. I was practically giving out a very hard stare at Cynthia, looking around skeptically about her while searching for the one last clue I needed.

Surely enough, there it was at the ring of her finger.

The same ring that had been crushed at the crime scene.

Ah, I get it…so that's her ulterior motive. I finally understand the whole situation now…

The ring indicates former jealousy.

"That ring. Was it from your ex?"

As if bringing up the most vulnerable subject of her life, her face had crossed a look of fear before she replied back to me in a tone of voice more composed than ever before.


"Don't you think it's time for you to confess? You knew where Josephine had been all this time. After all, you were the one who killed her."

Dumbstruck by astonishment, Cynthia's facial expression had immediately changed into a face of bewilderment. Her eyes had widened, and she looked almost speechless even.

"W-What? How did you-?"

"William was it? Your ex boyfriend. You have always secretly despised your friend for stealing your ex away from you, am I right? The ring you're currently wearing on proves it. When you heard about how he was going to get engage to your friend using the same brand of ring he had given you in the past to propose to her, all the hate you swelled up inside just finally surfaced. So, you planned out a careful scheme to kill her and lock her up somewhere no other people would bother entering during the night of the charity ball. You wanted to make everyone believe she had just simply disappeared, and that the evidence would never be found. But, just in case, you also thought of a backup plan that even if someone were to find her, it would look as if she had hanged herself, when really, it had been done by a the killer who strangled her to death. My information isn't incorrect now is it Cynthia?"

There was a long suspenseful pause afterwards. But as if getting struck by utter and complete defeat, her knees had finally sunken to the floor, her two hands covering her face as if giving in to her remorse and regret to her sinful doings.

Unfazed by her actions, I gave my one last advice to her before taking my leave.

"What's done is done. But for your family and for Diana's sake, I highly suggest you to turn yourself in. That is my final advice to you. "

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