Things I wanted to say in my head,

See the world passing by my bed,

Can't believe I let things go… like this…

Things I wish they knew, they don't now,

Want to reach out, but I forgot how,

Can't believe I never showed them… like that…

Things I wanted to do with my life,

All got lost in the same old strife,

Can't believe I'd let this happen… like this…

Things I let slip far away from me,

Now all broken, lost and empty,

Can't believe I would become… like this…

Things I never really noticed,

Never kept close and now remotest,

Can't believe I'd be so stupid… like this…

Things I never wanted to fail,

All defeated by the same old tale,

Can't believe I've become… this.

Watched myself become broken, alone and frail,

Is this… me?