I'm not gonna be your guardian,

I'm not gonna be your angel too,

By now you should know how to love yourself,

And, honey, just accept, I'm in love with you.

I'm not gonna solve all your problems now,

I'm not gonna sit here and fix your brain,

If you learn to walk I'll be by your side,

And, babe, when you're in love, well, it's all the same.

I'm not gonna save you from the storm,

I'm not gonna ask you to protect me,

Fight your troubles first and I'll fight with you,

If you can't run your life, you'll get lost, you see.

I'm not gonna move until you move first,

I'm not gonna take the lead away from you,

Pick a course of action and that's what we'll do,

We'll stand strong together and you know that's true.

Learn to stand alone: I'll be by your side,

Learn to be strong: I'll support you.

I can't help somebody who won't help themselves,

But, baby, if you fall, I will catch you.