Making Varsity (R)

Eddie was finally spared from toiling on the junior varsity baseball team when he was promoted to the varsity as a junior although he was a bench player, utilized as a back up first baseman and outfielder. Some of his friends had made the team a year earlier than him but they were better skilled and tooled athletes and Eddie couldn't complain about his delay. He was just happy to finally be on the varsity team with a chance to play in some big games in a more important venue.

There was the pomp and circumstances of being added to the varsity squad along with the usual hazing rituals necessary to be accepted by his more seasoned and veteran teammates. Anti-bullying and anti-hazing restrictions by the school made it more difficult for guys like Eddie to be initiated into such frolics but a weekend party at Tommy Drummand's house allowed for some of the required traditions to be practiced.

Eddie and the other new additions to the team were required to strip naked in Tommy's cellar and stand with baseball gloves over their genitals as three female volunteers wandered through the cellar to take a look. They also had to eat marshmallows that had been soaked in vinegar but the ridicule wasn't as bad as Eddie thought it might be. He had heard horror stories about guys forced to eat shit or stick grapes up their butt holes and other disgusting tortures so he thought he got off pretty easy with Tommy's treatment.

Eddie actually was kind of turned on standing naked with his mitt over his genitals as Nellie Hopkins, Maria Melendez, and Riley Stewart all filed by although he was horrified to feel himself getting hard and he had to squeeze his mitt over his dick to keep it from springing out. He and the other rooks were standing against the cement wall so the girls couldn't see their asses either but it was still humiliating yet a bit of a turn on to have the girls walk by and see them like that. Nellie seemed amused, Maria looked embarrassed, and Riley was winking at them and applauding while she laughed.

That night, home alone in bed, Eddie closed his eyes, savoring the image of the girls with nothing but his baseball glove between him and his dick and that made him throb and moan softly into his pillow. By Monday, Tommy's party was basically forgotten and if the three girls had anything to say about the incident they refrained from commenting to him at school and that was a relief to him.

Eddie was happy to finally be a member of the team and if humiliation was part of the price for admission he was willing to take it. He worked hard during practice to establish himself as a worthy substitute player and he hoped the coach noticed that he would be ready and able to help out should any of the starters get hurt or not play well. Because he already knew most of the guys on the team, it didn't take Eddie long to fit in and bond with his teammates. Everybody was given nick names based on their personalities, playing talents, or some physical feature that made them stand out. Tommy had bestowed the name 'King Dong' upon Eddie after a shower incident when a member of the girl's softball team's hazing required her to run through the boy's locker room. Eddie recognized her as Sally Kerwin, not an especially attractive girl but a girl just the same and she came running around the corner of the lockers and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the naked Eddie stepping out of the shower.

Poor Eddie instantly went hard for some reason - perhaps it was the look on her face, or the smell of her perfume, and he instinctively put his hand down to his genitals. He was originally going to cover himself but something in her eyes told him that maybe he should give her a show to remember and he uncharacteristically decided to be obscene as he started to stroke himself mostly just to be an asshole and further humiliate the poor girl and to prove to his new teammates that he was one of them now. Sally screamed, turned and ran out of the locker room as several of the guys laughed and that's when Tommy yelled out: "Dude, no beating off in the locker room, King Dong!"

The nick name stuck and while Eddie was proud of the compliment aspect of the nickname he was also embarrassed by how he got it but at least now he was accepted as a member of the team.
Tommy crossed his arms as Eddie made his way to his locker. "So? Are you gonna do it? I wanna watch!"
"No way. What, are you crazy?" Eddie said.
Tommy laughed. "Dude, you're something, you know that?"
Tom was the most popular and well liked guy on the team and the best player by far so Eddie didn't mind being recognized and razzed by him. If Eddie was noticed by a guy like Tommy, he really was an accepted member of the team.

Darrin McMatthews was Eddie's best friend on the team - and outside of the team for that matter. They had played baseball since little league together and now were reunited on the varsity squad. Of course, they had been friends all along, hanging out and confiding in each other. Darrin considered Eddie's new nickname 'King Dong' a right of passage and an honor to have bestowed upon him, although the name was shortened to 'King' in the general public to avoid reprimands as most teachers would know what 'dong' referred too.

"You're not Asian," Darrin pointed out.

Darrin was a more skilled ball player than Eddie but The Big E didn't resent his friend for his skills and Darrin didn't throw it in Eddie's face either. They both loved the game and that's all they really cared about. They both rooted for one another and they stood by one another when things weren't going so well. Darrin got Eddie drunk when Eddie didn't make varsity as a sophomore and Eddie was always the first to congratulate Darrin when he had a big game.

Now that they were big deal high school juniors, however, Eddie had noticed some changes in Darrin. He was much more of a womanizer these days with a crude attitude about him that Eddie found uncomfortable. Perhaps Darrin was more experienced and worldly than Eddie now but Eddie found Darrin to be more of a jerk than anything else but perhaps that came with being a star baseball player.

The Hillsboro Hurricanes won their first three games of the season and Eddie got into a couple of them, either as a pinch hitter or a late game defensive replacement and he loved every minute of it. He was a great cheerleader when he was on the bench and he was thrilled every time he got to step onto the diamond.

Eddie was leaving the field with Darrin after practice one afternoon when Darrin spotted Maria and some of the other girls sitting in the bleachers.

"Let's go say hi to them," Darrin suggested.

"What for?" Eddie asked, still embarrassed by initiation night at Tommy's.

"Because they're girls!" Darrin laughed. "And you're on varsity now. That's what we do."

"Oh," Eddie replied nervously.

"Maybe they'll want to hang out," Darrin said hopefully as he turned to Eddie and grinned as they approached the three pretty girls. "I tell ya, I gotta get me some of that or I'm gonna go nuts," Darrin announced with determination.
Eddie felt the same way, but he didn't say anything and sighed instead as he was convinced that none of the girls would be interested in him even if he was a varsity player now.
Maria wasn't difficult to spot in the group. She stood out like a woman among girls. She was a bit taller with a shapelier figure and her long dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Eddie wanted to put his hands on her body, feel her soft, warm parts. How could anyone resist her?
"We gotta get you laid," Darrin whispered, fully aware of his friends less than stellar success in the romance department.
Eddie snapped out of his thoughts. "What?"
"We gotta get you laid," Darrin repeated. "You're on the team now. We gotta find a girl for you."
"You do?" Eddie said, choking on the words.
"Hell yeah. We can't have any damn virgins on the team. Shit, you're probably the only one. Besides, you wanna know something?"
"Guys hit better when they get fucked the night before a game," Darrin theorized. "I mean, it's true. Look at our team. Most of the guys fuck a girl before a game. Look at our record. We only lose when we don't get laid. I know it works for me. It loosens you up, makes you run faster, hit better, you know, shit like that."
Eddie was pretty sure Darrin was talking shit but he didn't say anything. He looked past Darrin at Maria. The girls were barely paying attention to them as they approached and Eddie doubted Maria even knew who he was or that she remembered him from Tommy's basement. Darrin followed Eddie's gaze and sneered.

"I know what you're gonna say, you son-of-a-bitch and don't even think it," Darrin advised. "No guy gets his hands on my girl." Darrin glared at Eddie and pointed with his finger. "You so much as touch her, I'll kick your ass, got that?"
"Yeah, relax, I wasn't thinking anything," Eddie said as he tried to wipe from his mind the vision of Maria's naked body wrapped around his own. "Besides, she's not exactly your girlfriend," Eddie pointed out.

"Well, she could be one day," Darrin replied defensively.

"Of course," Eddie replied sarcastically.

"Hey, anybody need a ride?" Darrin called out to the group of girls.

"Sure! Maria called back. "Come on, Riley," she said to her friend.
"Aw shit, what the hell is she bringing that cow for?" Darrin asked.
"Who?" Eddie wondered.
"Her, Riley , Maria's dumb friend," Darrin complained. "She's always hanging around with Maria."
"She doesn't look so bad," Eddie decided.
Riley wasn't as pretty as Maria but who was? Riley was a bit heavier but she still had a nice curvy shape. Her face was a bit square, her sandy blonde hair was silky and she had a huge dimple in her chin.
"Bullshit, she's a cow," Darrin insisted. "Her tits are way too big, not perfect, like Maria's. Plus she'll fuck anybody. She sucked my dick at Fredrickson's party last year."

"She did not!" Eddie said with shocked disbelief.

Darrin laughed at Eddie's naivety. "I'm telling you, she's one horny bitch!" Darrin laughed and then gave it some more thought. "Hey, maybe I should get Riley to fuck you. I bet she'd do anything I asked."
"Really?" Eddie said, suddenly feeling nervousness.
"Sure, leave it to me," Darrin grinned. "You won't have to worry about being a virgin any more."
Eddie opened his mouth to protest but then he closed it. How could he complain if Darrin was actually going to get him a date?
The two girls joined Darrin and Eddie and the four walked to Darrin's car in the student parking lot. Darrin began shooting the shit with them with ease but Eddie kept quiet as they strolled to the car.
"Hey Darrin, who's your buddy?" Riley asked. She smiled at Eddie and rocked her hips side to side. Her large breasts moved in and out of view under her v-cut colored tee shirt.
"That's Eddie, He's hot for your bod," Darrin teased.
"Shut up," Eddie said.
The girls giggled, leaning close to each other like they shared a secret. Darrin laughed, too. Eddie wanted to hit him in the head but he refrained from doing or saying anything stupid. He wondered if the girls remembered him from Tommy's basement.

"Hey, where's your glove?" Riley joked and Eddie had the answer to that question.
"What are you guys doing?" Maria asked.
"Not much," Darrin replied.
"Great game the other day," Riley said.
"Thanks!" Darrin was always happy to accept praise for his baseball play. "You guys want to go to Johnny C's with us for a coke or something?" He asked as the four stood by the car.
"Sure," Maria said. She gazed into Darrin's eyes.
"Yeah, I love their hot dogs," Riley said.
"I bet you do. Get in." Darrin turned to Eddie. "Get in the back," he said with a wink and a sneer.
Eddie held the door open. Riley climbed in the back behind Darrin's driver seat and Eddie walked around to the other side and got in next to her while Maria sat in the front with Darrin who squealed the tires and raced off as soon as Eddie had closed the door.

Riley screamed with laughter as the car tore around a corner. She fell against Eddie and her bare thigh pressed against his leg and her soft breast pressed on his arm.
It was only five minutes to Johnny C's and the four walked into the diner and grabbed a booth.
"What does everybody want?," Darrin asked once they were situated.
"I want a hot dog with mustard," Riley said.
Maria glanced at the menu and Eddie tried to read what she was thinking from her expression but her face showed nothing. He couldn't believe he was actually sitting in a booth at Johnny C's Diner with a girl like Maria. Of course, a girl like Riley scared him!
"Why don't you get chili on it?" Darien said, looking at Riley across the booth.
"I don't want chili," Riley answered. "It'll make me fat."
"You're already fat,"
"I'm not fat!" Riley protested. "I'm big boned!" She turned to Eddie and grinned. "Besides, I like big bones."
"Yeah, right," Darrin said, rolling his eyes. "What are you having, E?"
"I'll have a foot long with everything and onion rings and a coke," Eddie replied.
"You got money?" Darrin asked.
"Yeah, I got twenty bucks." He paused and glanced at Riley. "I'll buy yours too."

"Thanks," she said with a warm smile.
Darrin looked at Riley again. "Why don't you get a foot long?" He suggested.
"I can't handle twelve inches. My throat's not that big," she said. She looked at Eddie and laughed.
"You can try Eddie's," Darrin said, playing along. "He'll let you have a bite."
Riley leaned closer to Eddie and she lowered her voice. Her hand touched his leg under the table. "I might take more than a bite," she said.
No girl had ever said something so forward to him before and Eddie wasn't sure what to make of it. Was she making fun of him or being serious?

The waitress arrived and took their order and then disappeared as quickly as she had arrived.

"This stupid bra is pinching me," Riley complained. She put her hands on her large boobs, pulling at the seams of the bra.
"Is it new?" Maria asked.
"Yeah. I hate new bras," Riley grumbled. "They always pinch my tits."
"Maybe they wouldn't pinch if your tits weren't so big," Darrin remarked.
"Very funny." Riley looked at Eddie. "You mind if I take it off?"
He looked at her like she was nuts. "You mean right here?"
"Sure, it's not that crowded," Riley reasoned. "No one's paying attention to us."

Riley turned sideways in the cramped booth and pulled up her shirt. Eddie's eyes grew wide. He turned his head but he saw Riley ' reflection in the side window. Darrin was grinning like he saw something.
"Riley, are you crazy?" Maria asked with disapproval.
"She's crazy, all right," Darrin replied with a grin.
Riley unfastened the bra from under her shirt, pulled the cups away from her breasts, and slipped the straps from her shoulders. In the reflection, Eddie saw the sides of her large fleshy white globes.
"Would you hold this for me, Eddie?" Riley asked, holding out the bra from under her shirt.
He took it in his trembling hand while Darrin and Maria leaned close together, whispering to each other and Eddie couldn't believe any of this was really happening.
"You didn't see anything, did you?" Riley asked.
"No," Eddie lied.
"Too bad for you," Riley said with a giggling smile, taking the bra from him and shoving it in her bag. "Except now this tee shirt itches. It makes my nipples hard."
Riley stuck her chest way out and her loose breasts swayed under the tee shirt and a pair of hard points poked through at the tips.

Darrin laughed, greatly amused and entertained while Eddie felt his face flush.
"Riley, what are you doing?" Maria wanted to know.
"What? He doesn't mind," Riley said, pointing at Eddie who looked away awkwardly and Darrin laughed again.
"You shouldn't tease him like that," Maria said.
"Why not?" Riley smiled. "What's he going to do about it?"
"Nothing," Eddie said.
"That's too bad," Riley laughed, elbowing him in the ribs
Eddie blushed but he didn't say anything in response. He wondered if Maria thought he was a weirdo. He had to admit that he found Maria more attractive and interesting than Riley who's forward behavior intimidated him.
The waitress returned with the food and the group made small talk while they ate their food. Eddie noticed that Riley was sitting closer to him than necessary and it was cramped for him to move his elbows without hitting Riley in the arms or ribs. Eddie's foot log dog sagged in the middle and the chili and mustard and onions spilled over the sides of the bun and he tried to eat it without looking like a total slob or making a complete mess.
"Aw shit," Riley said.
"What?" Maria asked, looking up from her food.
Riley glanced down at her shirt. "I just got mustard on my tit."
Maria made an ugly face and Darrin laughed out loud, spitting tiny bits of food onto the table. Riley looked at Eddie and she smirked seductively at him. His eyes locked on the yellow glob running down between her large breasts on the shirt. She scooped it up with her finger, licked it off, and laughed.
"You look so funny," Riley remarked when she saw the look on Eddie's face.
"Sorry," Eddie said, choking on his own voice.
Riley stuck her tongue way out at him and ran it the entire length of the hot dog, licking off all the mustard.
"Riley, that's so gross," Maria grumbled.
"Where's your sense of humor? Riley laughed . "Besides, that's not gross. This is gross."
Riley lifted the hot dog out of the bun, put the end between her lips and slid it all the way into her mouth. She pulled it out again and smiled at Eddie.

"I didn't like the bun anyway," she said, licking the last bit of mustard off the end and swirling her tongue in circles.
Maria groaned and shook her head, obviously disgusted with her friend's behavior. Darrin laughed and looked at Eddie and laughed even harder. Riley plopped the hot dog back on the bun and back onto the plate.
"You want a bite of mine?" Eddie asked, lifting his hot dog toward her face.
"Sure," Riley agreed.
She brushed her hands together, leaned toward him and put one hand on his leg. She opened her mouth wide, looking into his eyes, stuck her tongue out past her lips, and sunk her teeth into the hot dog. She moaned softly and Eddie swallowed. His mouth was watering.
Riley wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Is that all I get?" she asked.
"What else do you want?" Eddie foolishly asked.
She glanced at his lap and smiled. "I could think of something."
"Grow up, Riley. Leave the poor guy alone," Maria told her.
"Yeah, don't tease him unless you're gonna get his rocks off," Darrin agreed.

Riley crossed her arms and looked at Eddie with a smug smile. "I never said I wouldn't."
Eddie finished his hot dog in silence while Riley ate her French fries one by one, like a treasured delicacy. Darrin finished his burger and Maria took only a few tiny bites of her salad. The conversation had pretty much tapered off.
"Anyone want a mint?" Maria asked when they were finished and waiting for the waitress to return.
"Yeah, I'll have one," Riley said and she held out her hand. She looked at Eddie. "Why don't you have one, too?"
Eddie started to say no but Maria held the mint roll out for him and he stuck his hand out. She tapped a cinnamon tablet into his palm and he popped it in his mouth and smiled his appreciation at Maria. A different waitress came to bus the table. She was tall and skinny and had long red hair and her shirt was a little tight.
"You think she's hot?" Riley asked when the waitress disappeared with the dishes.
"What?" Eddie said.
"Do you think they waitress is hot?" Riley wanted to know.
"She's all right," Eddie said with a shrug. He really hadn't looked at her.
"She's a bitch," Darrin said. "I know her. She's a real bitch."
"Darrin, that's not nice," Maria said.
He rolled his eyes. "So what? It's true."

"Who cares anyway?" Riley wanted to know "Give me a kiss, Eddie. I wanna see if you taste fresh."
"What?" Eddie asked with surprise.
"Kiss me, on the mouth," Riley ordered. "What's the matter, you never kissed a girl before?"
"Sure. Lots of times," Eddie lied.
"He's a virgin," Darrin announced.
"Shut up!" Eddie said with embarrassed anger.
"Darrin, don't say stuff like that," Maria said.
"What?" Darrin said with annoyance. "It's true."
Riley grinned. "A virgin? How sweet. Come on, kiss me."
Eddie was beyond embarrassed but he knew he'd better do something so he puckered his lips, closed his eyes, and gave her a quick peck on the lips.

Riley's eyes popped open. "What the hell was that?"
"A kiss," Eddie said defensively.
Riley frowned. "That was no kiss. That's how you kiss your Mom. Open your mouth. I'll show you a kiss."
Eddie hesitated so Riley slid closer on the booth seat. Her right hand slipped around the back of his neck. She tilted his head to one side and touched her lips to his. He sucked in his breath. The blood surged in his ears as her lips parted. The moist tip of her tongue touched his lips and his mouth opened. Their lips smacked. Her wet tongue slithered into his mouth. She moaned softly and her tongue found his and teased it in his mouth. Her fingertips touched his knee and moved slowly up his thigh. Eddie tried to back himself away but she held him so he couldn't move and hand found the hard bulge in the leg of his jeans and she squeezed him under the table.
Riley broke away suddenly and grinned. "That's what I meant by a kiss," she said. Her hand rested on the lump of his erection. "Wasn't that much better?"
"Yeah," Eddie said, choking with disbelief.
She chuckled. "I tasted the cinnamon."
"I think I swallowed it," Eddie said.
"Are you two finished?" Darrin grinned.
Riley sat back but her hand stayed on Eddie's leg and her fingertips moved lightly on his erection. "Let's go someplace so I can teach this boy how to kiss right," Riley said, smiling at Eddie.
"Riley, are you crazy?" Maria demanded. "You have a boyfriend. You can't go make out with another guy."
"Jesus, Maria, relax. Billy won't mind as long as he doesn't find out."
"I think I know a place," Darrin said as the original waitress returned with the bill.. "I got a bottle of vodka in the trunk, too. We can get ripped."
"A bottle of what?" Eddie asked.
Riley snickered and leaned closer. "Get me drunk and you're halfway there, dude!"

"I should go home," Maria remarked as they paid the bill and headed for the car.

"What's the rush?" Darrin asked.

They piled into the car and Darrin drove them to the Blue River and he parked the car facing west where the sun was turning a rich orange. He got out, opened the trunk and came back with a bottle in a brown paper bag. He twisted off the cap, took a quick sip and passed it back to Eddie in the backseat with Riley . Eddie took a hit and coughed. The stuff was awful but he didn't want to come across as a wimp.
"Give it here," Riley said with a laugh. She snatched the bottle from his hand and tilted it to her lips.

She swallowed a couple of times, lowered the bottle and licked her lips. "That's good," she said and handed the bottle to Darrin who took another drink. Maria just watched with no expression on her face and Eddie wondered what she was thinking. He took the bottle from Darrin again, held his breath and took a sip. It was still awful and he coughed.
"Dude, you gotta learn how to drink," Darrin advised. "You can't be a part of the team if you can't hold your liquor."
"I know," Eddie said as he wiped his mouth. His eyes teared up but he didn't want Darrin to see that he didn't really know what he meant.
Riley drank as much as Darrin every time the bottle came around. Maria didn't take any hits and her expression never changed. Eddie tilted the bottle to his mouth and let a little more pour down his throat. It burned but he swallowed and fought the urge to cough. He didn't want Darrin to think he was a loser. Riley finished the bottle in a few big gulps. Her cheeks had a red glow and she was smiling like she had heard something very funny. She grabbed Eddie's hand.
"Come on, let's go over to that rock. I wanna show you how to make out," she said.
They all climbed out of the car and walked to a large rock on the bank of the river. Riley sat with Eddie on one side of the rock while Darrin and Maria sat together a few feet away from them.
"You wanna kiss me?" Riley asked Eddie.
Eddie shrugged nervously and Riley scooted close to him on the rock and turned herself sideways. He figured he should just let things happen as they were meant to happen. He had never been in this sort of situation before but he didn't want to look like a pansy in front of the others.
"First, you gotta go slow, right?" Riley said.
Eddie nodded. Her lips were puffy and moist. She licked them again as if to make sure. He couldn't wait to feel them pressing against his own lips. He closed his eyes and leaned toward her. Their lips touched, softly at first and then he pressed harder. He remembered her instructions to go slow but he wasn't sure he could, especially when he was ready to explode. He stuck his tongue out and touched her lips. Riley pulled back.
"Remember, go slow," she said. Riley touched the soft fleshy area at the corner of her mouth. "Kiss me here."
Eddie touched his lips to the area where she pointed. Her finger moved down to her neck beneath her chin.
"Now kiss me here."
Eddie tilted his head to the side and kissed Riley ' neck where her finger pointed.
"Here," she whispered, pointing to her neck behind her ear.
Eddie brushed her hair aside, turned her head in both hands and touched his lips to her neck, letting them linger on the warm, soft skin by her ear. Riley sighed. Her hands touched his chest.
"You're gonna do just fine," she said. "Now put your tongue in my mouth." She turned her chin up slightly and her lips parted.
Eddie glanced at Darrin and Maria who were both watching. Darrin had a sly smile on his face while Maria looked slightly embarrassed and uncomfortable. Mad even. Eddie leaned forward until his lips touched Riley's. He let them part and poked his tongue out, remembering to go slow. His tongue touched her lips. They parted wider. His tongue pushed deeper, touched her teeth, and found her tongue. Riley dug her fingers into the muscles of his chest. Eddie slipped his arm around her waist and her back arched. She was soft around the middle. He longed to put his hand on her chest to feel the softness of her large boobs but he resisted out of fear. She might not want him to touch her there and if he made her mad she might not let him kiss her anymore. Their lips ground against each other's and his tongue twirled with hers in her mouth. She finally pulled away, smiling.

Eddie wiped the saliva from around his mouth. He was breathing hard and his heart was pounding.
"That's pretty good," an impressed Riley said with approval.
"Dude, when you're making out, you gotta grab for her tits, like this," Darrin said as he leaned over to kiss Maria with his lips puckered. His hands grabbed the swollen mounds at the front of her shirt but Maria shrieked and slapped at his hands.
"Darrin, stop it!" Maria said with annoyance,
"Ah, come on," Darrin grumbled. "They're making out. Why can't we?"
"Because I don't want too," Maria replied forcefully.
"Sure you do," Darrin said.

He locked his lips on Maria's, holding her around the waist with one arm to keep her still and he molded her breasts in his other hand. Maria squirmed, but she could not get away.
Eddie looked at Riley . Her fingers pinched his nipples through his shirt and she was looking up at him with wide eyes and a playful grin. Eddie realized that Darrin should be with Riley and that he should be with Maria but it wasn't going to work out that way.
"You can touch mine, if you want," Riley whispered as she stuck out her chest.
Eddie's nervous hands shook as he brought them up from around Riley ' waist and they hovered over her large breasts. He touched her and squeezed. Her soft flesh yielded under his fingers. Riley moaned and closed her eyes and Eddie couldn't believe he was copping his first feel. Eddie kissed her again. Their lips smacked. Riley's hand drifted down his front to his lap and settled on the hard ridge in the leg of his jeans. Her fingers moved from the base to the head and she squeezed. Eddie groaned in her mouth and kissed her deeper.
"Jesus, Eddie, don't swallow her," Darrin laughed.
Eddie broke away quickly and blushed. He couldn't look at Darrin or especially Maria. All of this stuff was new to him - making out with a girl in front of another couple felt strange and awkward to him, especially because he knew he was kissing the wrong girl.
"He can swallow me if he wants," Riley giggled.
"Well, he might," Darrin warned. "He's one horny bastard who's been waiting all his life to get laid."

Riley stared down at Eddie's lap where her hand stroked his erection. "Maybe the wait is over."
Riley motioned to Maria and they leaned over so Riley could whisper something in Maria's ear.
"What?" Eddie wondered.
Maria's eyes looked at Eddie sideways and she whispered something in Darrin's ear who laughed.
"What?" Eddie asked again, feeling embarrassed and paranoid.
"Riley said you got a big hard-on," Darrin said, still laughing.
"I said this poor kid's got a boner my brother would kill for," Riley revealed with a laugh.
"Who's your brother?" Eddie asked.
"Charlie Stewart," Riley replied. "You know him, don't you?"
Eddie shook his head.
"He's the fag," Darrin explained.
Riley made a face and swiped at Darrin but he leaned away and she missed.
"He's not a fag, he's just gay," Riley clarified.
"What do you think fag means?" Darrin asked. "He likes to suck dick and fuck guys up the ass."
"Don't be so crude," Maria said with a disgusted face.
"There's nothing wrong with being gay," Riley said. She stuck her chin out like she was ready to fight.
Darrin's face turned sour. "Yeah there is. It's sick," he said.
They became quiet and Eddie couldn't think of what to say in response.
"I don't think it's sick. I think it's kinky," Riley said with a giggle.
Darrin looked at her with a disgusted face. "You're sick, too."
"No I'm not," Riley rebutted. "I'd like to watch two guys doing it with each other."
"Oh God," Darrin said.

"Just like you'd like to watch two chicks doing it," Maria pointed out.
"You game?" Darrin asked, raising his eyebrows. "Hell yeah, two hot chicks, nothing better," Darrin said.
Eddie was suddenly uncomfortable with the entire conversation. He didn't know making the varsity baseball team was going to put him in situations like this.
"What about me and Maria?" Riley said with a giggle.
"No way. No girlfriend of mine is into that kind of shit," Darrin replied.

"I'm not your girlfriend," Maria was quick to point out.

"Not yet," Darrin grinned, giving her a hug but then he looked at Riley. "Why don't you pay attention to my boy over here?"
Riley looked at Eddie, from his face to his lap. "What do you want me to do?"
"Why don't you jerk him off?" Darrin suggested.
"Right here?" Eddie said, looking around.
Maria gasped. "Darrin, are you crazy?"
"Come on, I dare you," Darrin said, grinning at Riley.
Riley smirked. "Why don't I just give him a blowjob?"
"A blowjob?" Eddie asked nervously as his penis twitched.
"Why don't you fuck him?" Darrin dared. "You're the one who got him hot."
"That's my business." Riley grabbed Eddie's hand and jerked him to his feet. "Come on, let's go over there." She pointed to the woods.
"I'm not sure if I want to," Eddie admitted with a red face.
"What the hell's your problem?" Riley wanted to know.
"What are we going to do?" Eddie asked hoarsely.
Riley looked straight into his eyes. "What do you think?"
She jerked his arm again and he had no choice but to follow. He looked back at the rock to see that Darrin was grinning and Maria had a shocked look on her face, her mouth and eyes wide open.
Riley dragged Eddie through the narrow opening in the woods and then she stopped suddenly and Eddie bumped into her.
"Sit down right here," Riley said, and pushed Eddie on a nearby log. She rubbed her hand over the ridge of Eddie's erection. "How old are you?" she asked, barely whispering.
"Sixteen," he said. He kept his own voice to a whisper but it still seemed like he was yelling.
"Shit, you got a really big cock for such a young kid. Do you mind?" Riley said. Her hand opened the zipper, slid in against his warm, hairy leg, and squeezed his cock. "God, you're so hard!"

Eddie wanted to run away. He couldn't believe this was happening to him. He wasn't even sure if he wanted it happening to him. He wondered what Maria thought of him now. Just another stupid jock looking for sex when that was the last thing he wanted her to think of him.

Riley pulled "it" out and sighed. "It's beautiful."
Eddie groaned as her hand moved slowly up and down his shaft.
"I can't believe you're a virgin," Riley said. Her breath was warm on his neck. "I can't believe you never fucked a girl with this thing. It's huge!"

"Yeah, really. And you know what?"
"I think I wanna suck it."
Riley bent down as she spoke. Her hand moved down his chest. She squeezed the base of his cock. He felt her warm breath on the head. In the dim light, he could only see the top of her head. Her soft wet lips touched his cock and smacked. Eddie gasped as Riley's lips kissed around the rim of the head, down the side of his shaft, and his balls. She sucked one into her mouth. He gasped again.
"Maybe you shouldn't be doing this," Eddie said feeling dirty for some reason.
She giggled and her eyes sparkled as his cock brushed her chin. "Why not?" She opened her mouth wide and lowered it over the end of his penis.
"Oh God," Eddie groaned and he actually fell off the back of the log and landed with a splat on his naked ass with the sound of a pop as his dick came out of Riley ' mouth.

"Quit fooling around," Riley complained.

"Sorry," Eddie replied. He stood and pulled up his pants and underwear. "I don't think I'm ready for this," he admitted.

"What are you talking about?" Riley asked with disbelief.

"I just don't want to do this," Eddie said.

"Are you queer or something?" Riley asked, standing and glaring at him.

"No, of course not," he sighed. "It's just that I don't know you and this is all to fast for me."

"You're kidding, right?" Riley frowned. "You're turning down a free blow job?"

Eddie shrugged. "I guess."

Riley lifted up her shirt and flashed him her naked boobs since she had removed her bra at Johnny C's. "Don't you want some of these?"

"Not really," he admitted. 'Not now. Not yet. Not like this."
Riley was stunned. "Who are you? The last of the great romantics?"
Eddie closed his eyes and sighed. "Maybe I'm just chicken shit."

He waited for her to get all pissed off and start screaming and yelling for rejecting her, insulting her, and being a jerk. He wouldn't really blame her. He probably was a jerk.

"It's okay, Eddie," Riley replied and he looked at her with surprise. "In a strange way, I actually kind of respect you for taking a stand. I've just never had a guy turn down a blow job before."

"Well, I've never had a girl offer to give me one before," Eddie let her know.

"Look, I'll let you off the hook, but when we go back out there you've got to pretend that we did it," Riley said. "I have a reputation to protect and I don't want Darrin thinking I'm not good enough or something."

"That's fine," Eddie agreed. "He says I can't be a virgin on varsity so I don't mind lying and pretending we did it."

"Good, okay, great," Riley said with relief. "But," she said, thinking about it for a minute. "You do like me, right?"

"Sure, sure," Eddie agreed quickly. "You're very nice. Funny, outspoken, unafraid. I'm just not in your league yet."

"I guess I did start kind of early," Riley admitted. "I think my brother coming out of the closet when I was like twelve kind of sexualized me."

She sat on the log and sighed.

"Sexualized you?" Eddie asked, sitting next to her on the fallen tree.

"Yeah, you know, got me thinking about sex and all that," she said. "And then I started to wonder if maybe I was going to be a lesbo or something so I started experimenting with guys to see if I liked them."
"I'm sorry that happened to you," Eddie told her.

She shrugged. "My Mom put me on the pill when she found out."
"Found out what?"
"How much I like to fuck."
"You really do it?" Eddie wasn't sure if he ever knew a girl before who actually admitted to fucking.
Riley giggled. "Oh yeah. I like to fuck. A lot."
Eddie's eyebrows arched. He thought only guys liked to fuck and girls did it because it was expected. But if Riley liked it, did that mean all girls liked it? Did that mean Maria liked it, too?
Riley looked over her shoulder at Eddie and spoke in a soft whisper. "I hope you don't think any less of me."
"I don't," he assured her.

She nodded her head and brushed her fingers through her hair. Then she touched his cheek with her hand. "You're so sweet. You got so much to learn. You can never give a girl too much of your stuff." She kissed his lips.

For a moment, Eddie wondered if maybe he should change his mind and go ahead and let Riley seduce him and take advantage of him and be done with it. But he wanted it to be something more than a fuck on a log in the woods with a girl he had just met.

"I bet there's another girl," Riley guessed.

"Not really, I wish, not yet, no," Eddie stammered as the image of Maria flowed through his mind.

Riley laughed. "Come on, let's get back."
Eddie stood with Riley and they started walking back to the rock. He put his hand in hers and she accepted it.
Darrin and Maria were making out but they broke apart when Eddie and Riley returned and sat on the rock beside them.
"Look at the grin on your face," Darrin said, pointing at Riley. "You fucked him good, didn't you?"
Riley looked at Eddie. "Yeah. He's not a virgin anymore."
"What about you? Was she hot?" Darrin asked, looking at Eddie.
Eddie nodded. "Yeah. I liked it." But he couldn't even look at Maria.
"He liked it," Darrin laughed. "I bet you did."
Eddie and Riley exchanged relieved looks knowing they pulled it off.

"So, now you see why the call Eddie King Dong, right Riley?" Darrin grinned.
Riley lay her head on Eddie's shoulder. "Let me tell you something, this boy is hung like a horse."
"Really?" Maria said and she stared at Eddie with wide eyes.
Eddie's heart skipped. He looked at Darrin waiting for him to lash out and as predicted he turned to Maria.
"What the hell? Don't be getting any weird ideas," he said.
Maria threw Darrin an annoyed look. "You can't tell me what to do."
"Jesus, Maria, why do you always have to be such a ball buster?" Darrin protested.
"What do you mean?" She asked defensively.
"How come you won't fuck me?" Darrin wanted to know.
"Because I don't want to," she replied coldly.
"Yeah, but I do!" Darrin groaned. "I know we'll fuck one day."
"I wouldn't hold your breath," Maria said in a tiny but insistent voice.
Darrin made a helpless shrug. "I've been waiting forever for you."
Maria frowned and crossed her arms in defiance. "Who asked you to?"

Darrin leered at Eddie. "I can't believe you got laid and I didn't," he grumbled.
"Sorry," Eddie said with a shrug.

Darrin lifted himself from the rock and walked toward the car in a huff.

"Guess the party's over," Riley noted as she stood too. "We'd better get going."

"Okay," Maria agreed, tossing Eddie an interesting look before she started walking toward the car with Riley.

Word got out that Eddie had done it with Riley and Tommy and the other ballplayers welcomed him to the non-virgin baseball club with back slaps and acceptance and even though he was a liar Eddie was happy to a member of the club.

Hillsboro won four of its next five games and Eddie played in three of them. He noticed that Maria was in the stands watching the games and he assumed she was there to watch Darrin play even though he couldn't figure out why she wouldn't officially date the guy.

Eddie was standing at his locker the day after the Hurricanes beat the Mudhens 12-4. It was 8-0 after three innings and Eddie got to play the last four innings of the blow out, going 2-3 with 2 RBI, his best game of the season so far.

"Nice game yesterday," a voice said.

Eddie was surprised to see Maria standing there in front of his locker. "Oh, gee, thanks," he said, feelingly awkwardly embarrassed.

"Do you want to go get a coke or something?" She asked.

"You mean with Darrin and Riley again?" Eddie wondered.

"No, I meant with you and me," She smiled.

Eddie looked both ways down the hall. "Really?"

"Sure," she laughed.

"But what about Darrin?" Eddie asked.

"What about him?" Maria asked innocently.

"He really likes you."

"That's his problem," Maria replied.

"You don't like him?"

Maria shook her head no. "He's a fouled mouth, over-sexed jerk."

"Well, he's my friend, so I really can't say anything about that," Eddie smirked.

"I don't think that guy is really your friend," Maria replied with a frown.

"What do you mean?" Eddie asked with surprise.
She shrugged. "He hasn't exactly said kind things about you behind your back," she revealed.

"Like what?" Eddie tried not to sound offended.

"Oh, like you're not a very good baseball player and that he didn't think you really had the balls to do it with Riley and that sort of stuff."

A flash of anger zapped through his body and Eddie bit his tongue not to say anything but he couldn't deny the hurt that shook his bones.

"Come on, I have the car today," Maria said.

Eddie couldn't believe a girl was asking him out. Is this what happened when you made varsity baseball?

He didn't say anything as she drove them to Johnny C's Diner.

"I remember that night at Tommy's party," Maria said quietly. "When they were hazing you."

"I was hoping you didn't," Eddie sighed.

"I didn't know what was going on," Maria let him know. "Riley tricked me. She thought it was funny."

"Yeah, a real laugh," Eddie mumbled.

"I didn't see anything," Maria assured him.

"That's good," Eddie said with relief. He looked at her and decided he should be totally honest. "Darrin's right," he confessed. "I didn't fuck Riley that day in the woods," he revealed. "I'm still a virgin."

She looked at him and smiled. "That's good." She bit her lip as she parked the car in the diner's parking lot. "I am too," she said softly, blushing and looking away.

"I'm glad," he smiled.

"Me too," she replied. "I just don't want to be doing the whole sex thing just because everybody else is."

"Me either," Eddie smiled. "I just wanted to be on the varsity baseball team. I don't care about all the other stuff."

She smiled. "I like baseball."

"Me too," he grinned.

"Let's go get that coke," she smiled.

"Okay," he agreed.

They both got out of the car and she took his hand in hers as they both came around the front of the car and they walked together into Johnny C's Diner. Finally, making varsity baseball had paid off.