August 7, 2012

My nerves are the frazzled ends of
broken rope, untwisted twine,
thread untied.
Pieced together pieces
of shivering shaky breakdown.

Shut the hell up and stop smashing eardrums,
plucking hairs from my sensory nerves.
Stabbing jabbing with your fucking cacophony.

Un-spun, the rope undone,
the twisting jerking fucking tinny crack
of loud against loud and crack against snapping spines.

The 'breathe- don't breathe',
stop stutter of my sagging breath in the limp limp air.
Oh god oh fuck ohgodohfuck.

Shut the fuck up
because I feel like I'm gonna break any minute,
any fucking shaking second. Some time close to now.

Somewhere close to now,
where the concrete cracks meet the gaping sand hole left in my
desert grave. My quicksand burial, my death march parade.