It was suppose to be a simple fairy tale. You know, the ones you tell your children to at night. Where the knight in shining armor rescues the beautiful princess and lives happily ever after. That's the way it's suppose to work! Oh, sorry, I didn't tell you who I was! Sorry. I'm Princess Alexis Jade, but people usually just call me Princess Jade. So, why am I so sad? Why is it I'm so unhappy?

It started about a months ago, and yes, I have been keeping track! That day, I was having an awesome Birthday Party! All my friends, family, and Princess from far away countries had come to celebrate my day. There was cake, presents, cake, games, cake, entertainment, and...well...CAKE! After all, this was my 16th Birthday! It felt as if I was on top of the world!

Sadly, the good day didn't last because some Ogers came out of freaking nowhere! They attacked everything and everybody: the guards, the presents, the guests, even the cake! The brutes kidnapped me and locked me in their lair in a swamp and they've been planning to do...something with me!

Just about every so often, they would talk about how some idiots would try to get past them and rescue me, which was the only bits of news I ever received. The food was gross: all they gave me were large bugs, and most of which were still alive! It stinks, I smell like garbage, and I've been talking to myself to keep myself sane! I miss everybody...even the Court Jester who told really bad jokes.

"Hey, green head!" shouted one of my Oger captors, referring to my long green hair. I looked up to see my keeper leaving me a bowl of, what I hope to be, caterpillars. It was easy to resist vomiting since I've seen them feed me and eat worst stuff. "Eat."

I gulped as I slowly picked up the caterpillars as the Oger walked away. I stole my nerves as I picked one of the-Oh God, it's still alive!-caterpillars as I took a deep breath. With a flick of the wrist, I popped the bug into my mouth and crunched it. It was so gross!

That's when I heard an explosion.

It was faint, but I heard it! Someone was rescue me! I heard footsteps and the sound of metal clashing. Whoever this guy was, he seemed pretty good. I didn't hesitate to spit out the bug and dust the dirt and grime off my once beautiful blue dress.

The sounds got louder and I got giddier. I was so excited! I was gonna get rescued! I was gonna go home! See my friends! My dad! And get cake! You couldn't even imagine how happy I was and how much I wanted to see my knight in shining armor.

Then...SLAM! The door was kicked open and I quickly looked at my savior.

"Oh thank you, brave and noble knight! Thank you for-" that's when my dreams...or at least the romantic ones, all shattered.

As it turns out, my knight in shining armor was a girl and had short red hair, a light tan, a lean, curvy body with a pair of D-cup breasts, and crystal blue eyes. She was wearing a short white dress with a pair of knee high steel boots, black gloves, and she had a Hook Sword in each hand.

"Er...are you my knight in shining armor?" I asked her, the girl giggled a bit as she put away her swords.

"Well...yes. I am." she answered, "Although, many other people had tried and failed to reach you."

This had to be a joke? Where's my story book ending? This isn't suppose to happen! I looked back at my savior and saw her giggling.

"What's so funny?" I demanded from her.

"You're a lot cuter than I thought you would be." she told me with a smile. My face immediately flared up...with rage! She just kept laughing, "Hey! Stop laughing!"

"As you say, princess." she said as she curtsied. It felt as if she was mocking me. "I'm Jasmine Stars." she introduced. I sighed as I nodded.

"Well...Jasmine. Thank you for rescuing me." I told her. Jasmine nodded as the two of us quickly began walking out...before Jasmine suddenly stopped. "What's up?"

"Don't I get a kiss?"

"HUH?" the question practically came out of freaking nowhere!

"Don't I-"

"No! Don't repeat it! Why would I kiss you?"

"Because...I rescued you. That' what all Princesses do." she shrugged as if it was a casual question, "Aren't you grateful?"

I groaned. I knew I wouldn't hear the end of it from her if I didn't do this. I grabbed her by the collar of her dress and slammed my lips onto her. I had to admit, it felt pretty good kissing her as the shocked knight kissed back. We kept kissing for a couple of seconds, and I was really getting into it.

Until she pinched my ass.

"Hey!" I shouted, breaking the kiss, "What was that for?" Jasmine just giggled without answering.

"Oh, nothing. Lets go!" she chimed as she lead the way. I sighed.

Why couldn't this a normal fairy tale?