It wasn't over that night. After my sexies had recovered, it was time for another round.

"Jasmine, fetch a strap-on." the knight had nodded as she got up and headed towards the closet, "Snow, I want you to lick me. Pokona, present me your cunt." the two girls nodded as Snow crawled over to my nether region and began lapping it. It caused a wave of pleasure to go up my spine. When Pokona was in my face, I groped her ass before I began to eat her out.

"What shall I do with the toy, Mistress?" Jasmine asked as she walked back with the strap-on securely on her waist.

"I want you to fuck our little pussy cat." Snow mewed in excitement as she kept licking my pussy. I kept eating out Pokona, who kept moaning a symphony. Jasmine had a good grip on Snow before thrusting the toy into her hole, making the neko moan like there wasn't a tomorrow.

"M-Mistress! I can't hold it! May I cum?" Pokona pleaded. I just smirked, slapping her ass.

"Not until I say." Pokona bit her lip as I mercilessly ate her out, causing the goblin girl to twist and moan. I was reaching my own climax as Snow kept licking up my cunt. And by her moaning and Jasmine's grunting, they both were in their own ecstasy.

"I-I can't hold-AGH!" Pokona had came, her juices dripping into my mouth as Snow made me cum, the cat girl getting plowed by Jasmine. I pushed Pokona off me as those two kept fucking each other.

"You two keep going. I have to punish this naughty Goblin." the tone in my voice made me much scarier then I was going for as Pokona shook a bit. With Jasmine and Snow moaning in the background, I grabbed Pokona and made her stick her plump, green ass into the air before I took my own strap-on...on.

"Alright, sexy. It's about time that ass of yours got what was cumming." I know what I typed, I don't need you guys to correct it. Even if I wanted to, it's in bloody pen.

"W-what do you-OH GOD!" I was, indeed, fucking the Goblin girl in her ass as she squirmed, screaming blue murder as I fucked her tight as faster and harder. She grippe the bed sheets as I plowed her rump, "Y-yes! God yes! Mistress, yes!" she cried loudly. Good thing, too. For a second, I thought I was hurting her for a minute.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me good!" Snow screamed as Jasmine fucked her pussy.

"What have I been doing for the past minutes?!" Jasmine began to increase her pace as she fucked her harder. All of us were reaching our breaking point, but nobody wanted to be the first to cum.

"OH GOD!1!ELVENTHOUSAND!" that's when we all shouted, each releasing a torrent of orgasms as we all panted before falling over into unconsciousness.

We woke up early that morning, having to announce I had married Pokona as a symbol that Goblins and Humans could live in peace. I could tell a few people didn't fully like this plan, but hey! I'm the Princess! I can do what I want!

"So, what now...Alexis." Pokona had a bit of trouble with names, but she was getting use to it. But that was a big question.

What now?

I guess the possibilities are endless.

Snow: Ugh. What's with the crappy ending?

Alexis: Guess the story's over?

Jasmine: What?! Why?!

Pokona: Just appeared fair.

Alexis: Not my fault, the author's just not into the story.

Pokona: Sucks.

Alexis: He said he'd make another 'Yuri Tale' called 'Yuri Shots' where there will be various short stories.

Jasmine: Ah! I gotcha! But...when will that be up and ready?

Alexis: By next Tuesday.

Snow: Well, I hope that satisfied the fans. Thanks for reading!