Eyes without light. Too tired of good-byes
Never felt embraced. And frightened of every face
A life in disguise. Hope forever died

Lost and so alone. Born but never known
Left all on their own. Forgotten children
We'll never hear a name. They carry all the blame
Too young to break the chains. Forgotten children
~Forgotten Children by Tokio Hotel

Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride. ~Unknown

Chapter 1: Same Old, Same Old

The buildings had long disappeared into trees and land. That's all that was here in the country. There was land maybe a house here and there then some woods then repeat. About an hour into the drive there was a small shopping area. That held a Kmart, Subway, hair salon, and a gas station.

I knew immediately it was one of those towns where everyone knows everyone and their all in your business. I absolutely hated people in my business and now with me being adopted by an apparently wealthy family is most likely a huge gossip fest. All those teenagers gossiping about the girl that would be apart of their town.

Hopefully there wouldn't be any rumors about me. If my social worker gave them my folder, which she isn't allowed to do, but has done it before there definitely will be some rumors. Lets just say that family that read my folder was a horrible experience.

The past is the past and I've learned that you half to let go of it.

A gurgle came from beside me. I looked over in the car seat and saw a pair of big green eyes staring up at me. There was a huge smile on his face, his dimples showing, telling me he was extremely ecstatic.

Bending down I gave him a kiss on his small nose. He laughed shaking his arms and making his green eyes sparkle. I did it again and repeated it a couple more times before someone rudely interrupted us.

"Ashton this family is a very wealthy, someone of your likes wouldn't understand the importance of how much they help us. Its unfortunate that they chose you as the one they adopt." She started talking to me then more to herself, "So many wonderful, beautiful, teens that would of made a better choice but they pick her. Why?"

Her ignorant remarks just made me more pissed. I stared at her with an emotionless face. I've heard worse and she was definitely not worth my energy or time. I could understand why she dislike me so much. I was the only client she ever had that she had never found a home for. The only one that has been to eight different families only one of them being a good home.

Its not my fault that I had such bad luck. Maybe if I was in her place I would hate me to especially if my job was hanging on the line.

Only two more years then it won't matter anymore.

I glance back at my baby to see him sleeping. His mouth was open slightly and his little fist were bunched up around his soft green blanket. I gently ran my finger over his fist. He was the only reason I was here. He was my own little miracle. My Mika.

"Get up!" I felt a harsh shake to my shoulder and immediately I was alert and seeking who the intruder was.

"Gosh you act like a mother bear. It just me!" I glanced at her as she through her curly red hair up in a pony tail mumbling things to herself as she grabbed my luggage. I gracefully got out and unhooked the car seat.

"Ashton hurry up!" I glanced up and saw her with my luggage up at the front door waiting impatiently. Her arms where on her hips and she tapped her foot up and down.

Rolling my eyes I grabbed the diaper bag and car seat then walked up to where she was. The minute I had got to the top the door was opening to show us a man and woman.

They were both smiling and greeting us. It was like I had walked into a movie. The woman had shoulder length auburn hair, blue eyes, a long nose that worked perfectly with her round face. She had an athletic body that was covered in a fancy pastel pink dress.

The man had a black buzz cut, oval face to fit his slightly chubby nose, and high cheek bones. His eyes were to die for though, they were a deep grey that reminded me of storm clouds. I couldn't really tell his body type since he was in a suit but he was a very tall man towering over the woman's much shorter frame.

"..This is Ashton with her son Mika." Michelle introduced us giving me a pointed look.

"Son? We weren't informed of this little situation." The woman's smile turned into a frown as she glanced at the car seat disapprovingly.

I glared at her as I spoke, "If my son is an inconvenience for you. We will be gladly to leave."

"Oh no. I didn't mean to offend you, it was just a surprise." She bit her lip and stared into her husbands eyes. They seemed to be having a private conversation.

"Ashton," Michelle hissed, "be good."

My glare turned from the people to her. I didn't care what happened to me as long as my son was taken care off.

"Well, lets go to the formal living room and discuss some those items you said you need to inform us of."

They quickly walked a head as I grabbed Michelle's arm.

"You better not have given them my file or I swear you will be jobless by tomorrow."

Michelle looked scared but bit back, "They have a right to know what a fuck up you are. My boss wouldn't believe you anyway. Your just a kid."

"Do you want to challenge that theory?," Giving her a hard stare I turned and quickly caught up with the couple not giving her time to answer. Michelle catching up a few seconds later.

We all sat down and a older maid with silver hair rushed in, setting down a silver platter of food. Next she brought in some tea and started to make a cup for the woman.

"Thank you, Bethany."

Bethany gave a nod and left leaving us in an uncomfortable silence.

Michelle signed, "Mr. and Mrs. Moore what I wanted to discuss with you earlier cannot be discussed any more. There were a few misunderstandings that I had mixed up. I'm very sorry for wasting your time."

"It quiet alright. Now that is settl-"

Mika started to fuss and I quickly reached in, making sure to support his head, and took him out instantly knowing he was hungry.

"Do you guys have a room I could go in to feed Mika?" I asked.

They gave me a confused look but nodded.

"Yes, I'll show you it."

Giving a sharp nod, I grabbed Mika's diaper bag and followed Mrs. Moore. It was a silent walk except for me talking to Mika quietly calming his cries a little. She led me to a different room but it was a living room just less fancy.

The room was only down the hall and the second door on the left.

"Here you go. I'll be back discussing some more paper work."

By the time she had finished her sentenced I was sitting on the couch. Mika laid next to me as I quickly unbuttoned some of my shirt and slid the bra strap to exposed my left breast.


She stutters a quick 'your welcome' and leaves shutting the door. Mika's cries instantly stopped as he latched onto my breast. His eyes were wide as he stared up at me.

I started telling him a story in Spanish about a brave hero who rescued the princess. It was a short cliché story that kept him entertained. He loved hearing stories randomly.

At the end of the story he was finished eating and I grabbed his rag and put over my shoulder. After a few pats on the back her burped a couple times before giggling at himself.

I laid him on the couch next to me and wiped off his mouth getting rid of the excess milk. I gave him one of his toys and he began to shake it around.

Quickly fixing my bra shirt, I grabbed a cute black, green, blue, orange, and white striped footie pajamas from the bag.

Mika whined a little since the air was so cold in the house even to me it was unnaturally cold.

"Almost done sweetie I promise." I reassured him while snapping the buttons together.

"All better," I smiled kissing his forehead.

He smiled showing off hiss dimples.

Getting up I put the diaper bag strap on my shoulder and held Mika as we headed back to the other room.

In the middle of the hallway stood the couple telling Michelle bye. They turned to me with warm smile.

"I hope you like your new home."