Not Alright

I hate you ask me if I'm alright

You don't actually want an answer

Unless it "I'm fine"

I hate how you ask that stupid question

If you're asking, how can I possibly be fine

And when I cry

You just ask why

Don't want that answer either

I'm just not "fine" or "okay"

I don't cry just 'cause I can

Something's wrong

And everyone's miserable

Where are you when we need you the most

How can we try to end our lives under your nose

And you not notice a thing

How can I forgo food for days

Without anyone knowing

Don't know how much longer we can walk the line

The fine line

Between dead and alive

Don't know how much longer this charade can go on

If the cast is dying in their opening lines

And the audience watches in amazement

The skeletons that go on living

Day after day

Night after night

With our sorrow our only company

They applaud the cast

Though their appreciation falls on deaf ears