The Angry Pimp Chapter 1

It's the year 2019, In London England...

Darnel Hopkins was a man of little taste. His grand parents immegrated from north Africa to Britain. Darnel always wore the same clothes. A basic black tee, a pair of worn track pants, and a beanie hat. He was rather poor. This however was the night that would change his life forever!

It was 8:26PM, Darnel was out for a walk like he did every Thursday night. He was 13 when his parents where murdered by a gang of thugs during a stroll in the wrong part of town. Darnel pays his respects every week by walking down the same streets that claimed his parents lives.
*BANG* *BANG* The sound came from the other side of a doorway down an alley. Darnel aproached the door and glimpsed inside.

"Hello! Is everything okay in here?" Darnel said conserning for anyone that might be hurt. What Darnel seen made him gasp. A man was straped to a table, having all of his internal organs cut out, first his liver, then his kidneys. Blood spillied all over the concrete floor.

"HELP ME!" Cried the man in agonizing pain! Another man was chained to the ceiling. Two burnt holes in his face, he must have been shot at close range. Darnel was dumbstruck.

"Who's this bozo?" One of the criminals said with a deep British accent. He hat a Hitler stash, and was bald. He wore slacks and a muscle shirt. "This guy saw everything!" He said again,

"Get rid of him!" Yelled the other criminal. A shot rang out! Darnel bolted out of the door, the bullet just grazing his arm.

"Oh Shit!" Darnel screamed. Darnel took cover behind the nearest car and managed to call 911. A few more shots where fired before they realised that their target had contacted the fuzz.

"Dane! He called the cops! We need to leave!" Said Dane's accomplice.

"No. Get the crew." Said Dane calmly.

Minutes later.

"How long does it take those damn cops to get here?" Darnel asked himself. The sound of a powerful moter rumbled down the road. Darnel knew this was not the cops. 3 Men and 1 Woman jumped out of the convertable, all armed. They had the same strange symbol on their jackets.

"Open fire!" A man with an AK-47 commanded. The car that Darnel was hiding behind was getting riddled with bullets! A woman with a MAC 10 moved in for the kill. The cops rolled up.

"DROP THE GUNS!" Ordered one of the three officers.

"Cops!" Yelled the man with the AK-47 just before getting shot in the head. A man with a 12 Guage shot the one of the cops and killed him after he nearly got shot. The Woman with the MAC 10 got shot seven times in the chest. The cop cars gas tank blew up, killing the last officer. The remaining two criminals checked to see if all the cops where dead. Darnel Hopkins ran to another car and hopped in.

"Well thats the last of the cops for now. Lets be rid of that swi-GAHH!" The guy with the handgun was cut off as Darnel ran him over with the car. The man rolled off the hood and underneath the car. The tire ran over his head, creating a mess of blood skull fragments and brains all over the road.

"Fucker!" Yelled the guys with the shotgun! Darnel crashed into a pole, flinging him out of the windshield and onto the side walk. The last remaining man approached Darnel who was laying helpless on the street. He pressed the shotgun right against Darnel's face. "You should of kept walking home boy." Darnel passed out.