I couldn't even tell you the truth
Even love without hope exists
The wind blew away my goodbye
I couldn't distant myself from you

Your sad smile shook my calm
So I swept away my sad past
Looking in your eyes I could see
That with you lies our future

My hand against your cheek
Trembled with such desperation
Even though love can come to hurt
I'll chase after our try of eternity

You've become the sky in my dreams
With this maybe hope can be reborn
I'll protect your from your sorrow
And wrap you in my arms of tomorrow

We'll transform this pain into a new memory
Holding on only to each other, so for now
Don't let go of your feelings, never
Sad or happy it doesn't matter

I'll always love those transparent eyes
I'll cherish your lonely, broken heart
And when you give me that sad smile
I'll become your shield from pain

I couldn't even tell you the truth
That even love without hope exists
So I'll blow away my sad goodbye
Forever, always by your side