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For the most part this will be a compilation of short stories that are loosely connected by one factor and that's the first character you will meet (Vieta) BUT different stories for different character may or may not start at the immediate chapter after. A chapter that is a different characters story will have a title in prentices below the chapter. If it doesn't have the new name then it is MOST LIKELY apart of the previous story. Also each new story may or may not jump around in the timeline. It really just depends on how I feel or what I feel like writing at the time. THIS STORY IS PURLY FOR MY ENJOYMENT (had to add that). I created this world so ANYONE can create a story involving two characters born in this world. If you want to write your own story involving the creatures of this world message me and I will give you the basic information you will need (the different types of androgynous)

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"A small city at the corner of a world that has been swallowed by lust, sin, and change. Feels like the perfect playground don't you agree Hawthorn?"

A young woman stood atop the cliff observing the ground blow her as she slid her fingers through the feathers of a hawk that perched itself on her shoulder. People bustled by below completely oblivious to her as her black tipped white hair slid past her shoulders as she smiled watching.

Hawthorn fluttered his wings disappearing in a tornado of feathers only to bring out a young man with reddish brown hair that had a few of the birds feathers hooked into it. He kneeled bowings to the woman who turned to glair down on him a pair of wings disguised as cloth flittered on her back sending feathers flying. Her ears were pointed and feathered with a piercing on the upper part of the crystal that hung from the stud in the ear glistened as she moved revealing a array of purple and blue iris's.

Her outfit was like that of the Greek goddess of ancient times with white silken cloth cascading down her body sticking to her form with a belt right at her waist. The young man was adorned in similar clothes except his were colored a brown with a red tint decorated with feathers of a red hawk. He opened looked up at the woman with red tinted gold eyes.

"Lady Vieta don't tell me you plan on changing this world?"

Vieta smiled at the young man before turning her gaze back on the people below. "Why not? This world is due for a dramatic change. I mean this world is already dieing. Why not give them a fighting chance."

The man snorted slightly and looked to his right before he spoke. "My lady t his world is dieing because the opposing sex cannot reproduce like other worlds. You will need to fix that aspect first."

Vieta clicked her tongue and started laughing hysterically. "well then Hawthorn! Why not make use of the androgynous race then! They have yet to have a world to call their own. Why not make use of a dieing world as such and bring them in. It will be as sweet as the nightingales songs."

Hawthorn bowed his head once more to vieta as a glowing blue and white orb appeared in her right hand. She smiled at it before she tossed the orb into the air letting it crack and shatter to dust that fell listlessly to the people below.

"This is a new born world Hawthorn. They are a young race below us. So why not spice up this world. I don't wish to have a second Earth here. You of all demi-gods should know this. This world will be my playground and my rules." At that Vieta slid down the cliff before she spread her wings to glide below to start her world.

Chapter 1

(as sweet as the nightingale)

The slums of the city were a bustle as the red light district flashed its top grade tiger class one night stands in the windows. Over a hundred years ago the female breed had gone extinct while a new race had emerged among the population.

The race was of an androgynous origins and was divided into class's. The top seven class's of the androgynous races were considered unique because they actually had powers to pertain to their class. While vice versa the lower classes below them only had one redeeming factor to them which was how they could become knocked up.

To knock up a androgynous one must either wait until they go into a head cycle or coerce them into the heat cycle through sexual stimulation. In Essence if you were anything but a androgynous from the top seven you were considered nothing better then a breeding tool.

Vieta leaned back in her chair as she sipped her drink in thought. Hawthorn sat across from her playing with the ice in his cup waiting for her to say anything. They had been hiding amongst the humans since Vieta first introduced the Androgynous breed to the world and from the look on her face she was not pleased with something.

Her hair was still white with black tips but her eyes in her human form had changed to a pure sky blue and her wings had disappeared. She was wearing simple baggy shorts with a form fitting black turtleneck shirt that had thing chains woven into the neck. The shirt had no sleeves but she had on black gloves that went a little past her elbow and exposed her fingers with chains woven into them as well.

Hawthorns hair was now a more auburn color and his eyes had changed from red, gold to a hazel color. He had on a simple red shirt with gene shorts and slid on shoes similar to the ones they wore in the "heavens". The scowl deepened on Vietas brow as she read more of the report she had Hawthorn gather.

"So they see the other breeds of the androgynous race as just nothing more then a good screw and knock up type thing? Ridiculous, even the ever abundant neko class androgynous have class and power!"

Hawthorn tilted his head to lay down on the table watching Vieta as her discontent deepened.

"Listen here Hawthorn this is completely unacceptable! My precious androgynous race is being abused here and for what? Just because people want the more rare and powerful breeds. Well not while I'm still here on Dreiger."

Vieta jumped up out of her chair and quickly walked past Hawthorn who bustled to pay for their drinks and chase after walked past various shops as she shot past out of the red light district into a more desolate looking part of the town.

She then turned down an alleyway and kicked open a door and went in leaning against the frame of a door that went into a hidden back room. As Hawthorn approached his ears flicked up as his true form began to chip into view as moans filled the room.

When he caught up to Vieta he realized that she to was in her true form waiting for something. He followed her gaze to a pair of bodies and suddenly blushed. Right before them was a pare of men copulating their lust for each other. Hawthorn quickly stumbled back as Vieta turned her attention to him and laughed.

"V-Vieta! Its rude to watch!"Vieta shook her head smiling as she approached Hawthorn who was still backing away into the far corner.

"Hawthorn its alright the little receiver is a friend of mine. He's a god class androgynous and is the only one here who can see us right now."

Hawthorn slowly approached the doorway again to take another look. The young man who was making most of the lustful sounds had medium length brown hair and a fairly well developed build on his body.

Hawthorn blushed even more as the young mans body convulsed in pleasure as the other man thrust his member in and out of the younger ones body. Vieta smiled and gave a slight giggle as Hawthorn changed to various shades of red.

"The god class is Shade. He has the ability to manipulate shadows. The man who is currently trying to copulate with Shade is Trenton."

Hawthorn's head wiped around to stair down Vieta. "you mean Trenton of Trenton enterprise? What is a big wig doing in the slums?"

Vieta smiled slyly again before answering. "Most likely getting seduced by Shade."

When Hawthorn looked back Shade was now on his knees as his own member was being played with while Trenton slammed into his body bringing convulsions of pleasure. A musky smell of sweat and semen filled the air as Trenton gave one final thrust sending a load of sperm into Shades body as Shades own penis released a load as he slid to the floor in satisfaction. Trenton quickly got up and dressed himself then ran out the door leaving behind some money before jolting out, his face painted red with embarrassment.

Vieta stared at the door for a few moments before she turned her attention to Shade. "What exactly did you do to him?" She inclined her head to the door which was now slammed shut by the Trenton. Shade looked to Vieta with one black eye with a white pupil and one blue.

"Nothing much. Being that I'm a god class that controls shadows it also means I bring out the darkness within men. Surprisingly Sir Trenton had a sick fantasy of screwing a stranger bareback."

Shade stretched and lifted himself to his feet letting Trentons semen slide trickle down his leg. "Though I must say he wasn't that bad. He just need to work on that quick shot of his."

Vieta huffed shaking her head as a calm gentle smile came to her lips. "You know one of these days you're going to find a man who will actually leave you with a child growing inside of you."

Shade burst into laughter as he walked into a shower room to wash himself. "You know that's funny coming from you Vieta. I mean you created us yet you gave us such a curse to bare. Especially for those who were born below the top seven breeds."

Vieta walked into the room and picked up a bottle moving it out of her was so she could sit down. "This is true. I did indeed curse your kind with such an ill fate. Especially since the normal males have started calling your kind the breeders. As well as you're kind bares the responsibility of continuing the bloodline of this planets humans."

Shade threw open the shower curtain with a curt look on his face as he quickly crossed the room, water dripping off his naked body as he approached Vieta. "If you know that then why the hell did you create us." His voice came out in a his as his eyes bore into Vieta's as they stared each other down.

Vieta lifted herself to her full height spreading her wings to reveals white feathers with black riming each individual feather. Individual feathers flew about catching Shade off balance falling back with a thud.

"I created your kind because it was necessary and I wanted your kind to live. As well as have a place to grow. Only true breeds of the Androgynous can see me and Hawthorn in these forms and from what I can tell there's still quite a few true breeds of androgynous out there. I need advice on how to keep my precious race safe and from abuse."

Shade sighed as Vieta calmed herself folding her wings back once again. Shade scratched his head before he spoke.

"Listen Vieta if you really want to protect your precious androgynous beings then you need to do something about the lower rungs of the latter before you worry about the other classes. The majority of my kind is from the lower classes such as the neko class, Dog class, bird class, and serpent class. Then you have the different branches of each class. The individual Cat breeds, dog breeds ,bird breeds, even snake breeds. Lets not forget the bug class. Many perverts out there are quite fond of the cute little antenna they get when they go into their breeding form. This is going to be a all out battle of the breeds in the end. You said that each breed of androgynous has powers well! Teach it to them! Let them know that they are not to be pushed around! That they to have the ability to fight back just like the top seven classes!"

Shade's breath came out in gasps as his voice had intensified towards the end. Vieta Leaned back against the wall letting out a sigh. "Very well then. Hawthorn I believe its high time we call my brother in on this."

Hawthorn's eyes widened as his face turned pale and he shook his head in protest. "Absolutely not my lady. Lord Faine is nothing more then a sexually harassing dolt who is not needed!" Vieta glared at Hawthorn who flinched away knowing he went to far."

"Faine may indeed be all those things but he is the god of change and we need him. He can help us to obtain the best possible outcome of the situation. As well as I personally do not care of he is constantly after your ass! Why not just accept him. In truth he is the only one for you."

Shade blinked bewildered at their conversation. Vieta noticed his bewildered look and giggled. "Hawthorn is a special demi-god hawk class androgynous. Which means his body will only ever be able to except the seed of one male in its whole life. You know we had quite the scare not to long ago when Hawthorn ended up getting knocked up by my brother Faine."

Shades body went limp at the news as his eyes widened at Hawthorn. "W-what happened to the kid?"

Vieta looked to Hawthorn as well who now had his nose in the air just liked a pouting child. "Hawthorn got involved in a fight between two gods and ended up taking a hit to his abdomen loosing the child. Ever since then he's been afraid to have sex with Faine to conceive another child."

At that Hawthorns eyes cast down as sorrow for the lost life filled his chest with emotions. Vieta then clapped her hands together and smiled. "Well enough of this sad talk its high time we call on Faine and get this party started." At that Vieta dragged Hawthorn out to contact her brother as Shade sat staring after them into space lightly touching his stomach.