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Chapter 15

Ardor had manage to convince Ray that he had to take a mandatory blood test to make sure all of his levels were still fine. Although that was not exactly what he was looking for. What Ardor was after was the confirmation of Ray being pregnant. A mass of thoughts whisked through his mind as the mechanism did its job in testing the blood for the different level of hormones in his system.

What if Ray actually got knocked up by some other man. I mean the higher classes are known to be somewhat promiscuous. I know quite a few who sleep around like they're a bag of unlimited candy for the men to indulge.

Although Ardor knew that Ray was not like that. Ray was one of the few high class androgynous who wished to share such a moment with someone he deemed special. Back when Ray had been a new nurse Ardor had forced himself on him. Ever since then Ardor had called upon Ray on a few other occasions to release himself.

The ping of the mechanism that was studying Rays blood made Ardor jump, startled at the sudden noise other then the hum of its circuits. Nervously Ardor lifted the results from the brain of the machine making his heart sink. The tests were conclusive of high hormones in the areas of reproduction. Ray was definitely pregnant and most likely with his own child.

Ardor slouched back in his chair his hands clasped together forming one large fist that he touched to his lips as his brow furrowed in contemplation of his next steps. A few of his options were to one confront Ray and take responsibility in the breaking his wife's heart in the process.

Another was to deny that the child was his but there were tests to prove otherwise. The last was to cause an abortion but something kept stopping him from even thinking of doing such an act. Each time he thought about it the image of Shades mother would flash in his mind. He knew that if Vieta had found out that he had done such a thing that she would make him rue the day he was born.

He had to find a way to settle this without anyone getting hurt but in truth was that even possible? One way or the other he would harm someone be it emotionally or physically. Although thinking of hit logically Ray was a higher class androgynous then his wife who was a panther. But if he were to abandon his wife for Ray what would happen to him would be completely cruel. For any class that was not of the high class androgynous and have been deflowered and are not hitched would normally end up in the brothel houses by force.

Ardor relaxed his body closing his eyes to think for a moment then decided that he would pay a visit to the ones who started this whole troublesome situation. That night he would make a home visit to Shade and his family. It was probably getting close for the children to be born or they were born and he had just yet to come in to have them checked on.

Not surprising for a high class androgynous. Normally once the child is born they maternal instincts become somewhat animalistic in not letting anyone near their children. Be it unconscious or subconscious now that's a whole other study that has yet to be decided upon.

Sighing Ardor lifted himself from his chair and decided to get back to work to clear his head. Leaving the room he wondered into the hallway back to his ward where the root of his headache worked.

Ace breathed heavily as he leaned against one of the rotting stone pillars within the group building. Lug was still lost somewhere in the forest but the boys decided to let him be and have some fun running around. Holding his midsection sweat pored from his brow and shivers raked his body as cramps pulsed through his abdomen. He could feel something stirring deep inside him almost as if something alive was growing within him.

Suddenly Ace went pale as a sheet and quickly thought back to the last time he had intercourse. Closing his eyes the only image that he could see was his transactions with Sadu. A blazing spray of blush engulfed his face as he bent over his knees hiding his bright red cheeks.

"Damn it, damn it, damn it! Why, why did it have to be that sadistic bastard!" Ace groaned into his knees scrunching up as much as he could into a ball as he continued to curse himself for having ever met the young man. He felt he should have listened to his mother and fathers warnings but he just wanted to protect Niku who's like a brother to him. Was that so much to ask? Apparently by the standpoint of the great goddess Vieta it was.

Ace snorted to himself pulling himself to his feet somewhat unsteadily. Waves of nausea gripped at him as he pulled himself up. Clicking his tongue in discontent he wobbled over to the door steadying himself on the frame taking deep breaths to regain some strength.

After a few moments in the door frame he straightened himself to his full height and walked into the game room where everyone was sitting dumfounded. Only a slight twitched gave way that they noticed him enter the room.

Ace frowned scratching the back of his head as he pondered exactly what to say to his friends and crew. "So, I'm sorry I got you guys involved in something so extreme and dangerous. I really didn't think it'd turn out this way."

Joker blinked himself out of his daze setting his eyes on Ace. "It's alright man. I mean were more so shocked that the goddess actually exists. I mean I can't believe there's actually a higher being that dictates our lives." Twitch slumped back in his chair muttering "unbelievable" repeatedly as the twins looked to each other for confirmation that everything wasn't just an illusion.

Ace wished he could stay longer to consol them but his tummy rumbled in protest as a new wave of nausea washed over him threatening to make him off balance once more. "W-well I best be going back and reporting to mother exactly what had happened." Nodding Ace bowed his head slightly walking at high speed out the door.

Stumbling a few time Ace made his way down the seemingly endless maze of back allies and shortcuts until he found himself standing in front of the goddess' playground. Rage burned under his skin making his whole body hot as he stormed in.

Looking around Ace spotted Shade in the back of the small café feeding his son humming contently. Promptly Ace approached slamming his hands palm down on the table startling Shade as he did so.

"Where is that manipulative mother of yours Shade!" Shade blinked completely confused as to what Ace could want with his mother.

"Ace I have no idea why you're so angry with my mother but please calm down your going to wake Ran."

Ace tensed the anger burning even stronger within him but before he could even utter a word the door to the back open as a young man came out with a pair of twins on his heels. His hair was black with greenish blue eyes and his movement seemed silken with each step taken making little to no sound on the old wood floor.

"Might I ask what you need with my wife and why you persist to call her a manipulative woman?" Ace turned to the man licking his lips with fear tickling in his heart for the first time since he entered.

Shade stood and gestured to the young man. "Ace this is my father Rasker. Dad this is Ace moms latest muse."

Ace nodded sheepishly as his rage cooled some giving him enough of his rationality back to know he should chose his words wisely. "Vieta does nothing but manipulate the lives of the people of Dreiger! How can I stay calm knowing that your kind can control our lives so easily!" Ace flailed his arms up then settled them at his side as he breathed heavily surprised at how emotion he was being.

Rasker focused his cool gaze on Ace making him melt inside as the emotions dwindled. After a moment of unsettling silence Rasker spoke his voice calm.

"Even though we are called gods there is something that is even more powerful then us and that is the human heart. Emotions are something that we can never even think to control. Strong emotions can break any spell placed upon any beast so long as they are strong enough. We can never push one onto just one path. We can only point a single path out to you but it is purely your choice weather to take the path or to take a different one. So do not blame what has happened to you or anyone near your on Vieta. It was yours or their choice. We are only as powerful as the creatures we govern allow us to be. It is your belief in us that gives us the strength to help or to harm your kind. It all depends on the being you put your faith in."

Ace swallowed hard unable to argue with what Rasker was saying. In truth Vieta never forced him to have sex with Sadu. She only suggested it to him nothing more and nothing less. He blushed embarrassed and sad that he could even think she would try to harm him in any way. Besides the fact that she had risked a lot more on actually interfering the way she did. He felt both stupid and ashamed of himself.

Looking up he caught Rasker's eyes full of wisdom that exceeded his own Ace slumped his shoulders in defeat. "How can someone so calm like you be with such a lunatic like her."

Rasker smiled letting out a low chuckle as he pulled himself up to his full height once more looking to Shade who was now rocking Ran to sleep.

"I can understand how you might think that but in truth I wasn't always this way and nor was she. Things were a lot different back when I met her and it took me around fifty years to fully sweep her off her feet. But if you actually get to know her you'll begin to see a spark of her past self in her personality. Only then will you see why I love her so much."

After a short pause Rasker sighed as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders. "There is more to a story then could ever be told. One must live it to fully understand the weight and cots one must carry in order to get to a single point in ones life. No one but the people involved in the beginning can ever fully understand what has happened."

Rasker turned and moved to his sons side watching him with fatherly love. Sitting side by side Ace could see the deep family resemblance that Shade had to his father and smiled touching his own abdomen. He wondered if he were to confide in Sadu if he'd be able to see the same fatherly love for something he probably did not want.

Sensing the thick heaviness that was plaguing Ace Rasker sighed after gently touching Shades hair pride swelling inside of him. He lifted himself from his seat and walked over to Ace patting his head.

"If you are so fearful of what is to happen do you want me to come with you? Although I promise you my wife would never have pointed you down whatever path you are taking if she did not have faith in your strength to bring it to its best outcome."

Ace felt comfort from the heat of Raskers hand that was gently caressing his hair. Nodding slightly he accepted Raskers offer of coming with him. Rasker turned to Shade who was smiling "don't worry I'll contact you if mom wakes up."

Rasker pulled Ace out the door and walked with him calmly as they headed in the direction of the ever ominous high rise buildings that made up the center of the city. Ace hated entering the cluster of metal and glass. All he ever felt was the suppression of peoples nature which was to be out hunting and enjoying all that nature had to offer.

Most androgynous that ever entered the inner level of cities usually felt claustrophobic and caged like a animal. Although now that he really though about it that's exactly what the lower classes were. Nothing but a caged prized breeding animal in the eyes of the normal humans.

Chuckling Rasker walked a bit in front of Ace who was scowling at the building ahead of them. "You seem to feel the same way about the treatment of your kind as Vieta does." Ace twitched looking to Rasker eyes wide with shock and disbelief.

"That's impossible, if she really did cherish us as you say then why, why did she abandon this world for so long!" Rasker stopped abruptly turning to Ace his eyes burning with a mixture of emotions. "It's because of me that she couldn't return and trust me boy it pained her ever minute she wasn't here by her creations side. So don't you say another word on the subject."

Ace went silent feeling pangs of guilt for even becoming so venomous for no apparent reason. He always felt abandoned whenever his mother talked about the goddess and he had no idea why he felt such feelings. He felt it was his instinct to feel such a way or it was the spirits of his ancestors who had grown with her by their side.

After a few moments of them staring each other down Rasker sighed and picked Ace up in his arms. Yelping Ace struggled under his strong grip but couldn't pry himself loose. "Stop struggling or I'll drop you and trust me you don't want to be dropped from the height were going to."

Ace stopped moving as Raskers velvety black wings appeared out of his back and flapped sending them soaring into the air. To stunned to even scream Ace dug his face into Raskers chest closing his eyes tight as the climbed high into the air.

After a few breathtaking moments the sensation of lunging stopped as he felt the wind caress at his whole body Ace slowly opened his eyes. The sight before him made him catch his breath as the ground looked like it was glowing from all the lights. From the sky you couldn't even see the metal and glass just the light glowing below in large collection of orbs.

Rasker smiled as he felt Ace's grip lessen on his neck and his breath slow to a much calmer pace. "Amazing isn't it. I felt you needed to calm down before confronting the father and since your kind adore the natural life. I figured this would suit you nicely."

Ace nodded still unable to speak as the glided down slowly to Ryuus office building where Sadu was busy working away. They landed softly as Rasker put Ace down he smiled ruffling his hair once more. Ace scowled at the notion seeing as it made him feel like a child each time he did so.

Looking through the class doors in front of him Ace couldn't help but feel an ebb of worry and fear as he watched Sadu flip through papers on his desk. As ace started to pace Rasker just watched as he mumbled to himself almost like he was trying to convince himself of something. After a few moments some fervent gestures and what seemed to be an argument with himself Ace finally stood straight and went in.

Shaking his head Rasker followed after him just as emotional support. It seemed to him that Ace was in dire need of such support.

Walking briskly Ace approached Sadu slamming his palms down on the desk in an attempt to get Sadus attention. The action was in vain as Sadu busily worked on his papers completely unaffected by the sudden loud interruption. Rasker snorted which did nothing but earn him a panicked glare from Ace to silence him.

After a few agonizing moments Sadu finally put down his pen and looked to Ace with his usual smile which for some reason made Ace blush profusely. He dug his nails into the wood of the desk making noticeable groves turning to Rasker his eyes screaming help.

Rasker nodded motioning for him to carry on with what he was going to say to Sadu. Ace twitched as he felt a pressure in his head as Raskers voice invaded his mind. "Your going to have to kill your pride for this one man. Pride will only get you hurt in the long run. So drop the stubborn act and just say what needs to be said!" Ace glared at Rasker thinking what help are you! Sighing Ace turned his sights back on Sadu who was sitting there watching them a tick of jealousy in his eyes.

"Listen Sadu that night we had some fun something happened." Ace looked away trying to think of how the best way to tell him would be. Fidgeting Ace became even more uncomfortable as his mind tossed around different ways of telling him. All of which failed miserably in his imaginative scenario. Growling Ace scratched his head messing up his hair turning it into a wild mess.

Sadu although he was enjoying watching Ace squirm he lifted himself from his seat staring Ace down. "You got knocked up that night didn't you?" Ace's mouth dropped and closed a few times as if to object but nothing came out. He bit his tongue and just nodded his face in pain as he bit down hard on his pride as a male.

Sadu smiled as he watched the young man take control of his pride. Taking hold of Ace's chin Sadu pulled his face up to look him in the eyes. "So that means you belong to me now and just to tell you boy I am easily made jealous."

Ace tilted his head completely confused by why Sadu would mention such a thing as Sadu pulled him up into his arms caring him. Ace yelped in protest at the second time a man had handled him like he was nothing more then a package. "Hey Sadu put me down! This is fairly uncomfortable!"

Sadu turned his glare on Rasker who had just stood there watching the whole thing a cold smile on his lips. "You sir can go now I have some duties to attend to with this young man here." Rasker blinked then shrugged letting Sadu take the ever objecting Ace who cursed Rasker as he left the building.

Back in the room that had started all this trouble Sadu tossed Ace onto the bed after stripping him of his shoes. Pinning Ace to the bed Sadu leaned in planting a ruff kiss on Ace's lips forcing his tongue past lips and teeth to twine tongues. "How could you enter the building with a man I don't know. That normally would call for punishment but since you're not in a stable period I'll just have to go with confinement instead."

It was then that Ace realized why he had said all that stuff before. Sadu was jealous of Rasker who was with him. Struggling ace yelled trying to clear the simple misunderstanding. "You sadistic block head Rasker is already married! He's the goddess Vietas husband damn it! This is against the law! Its unlawful imprisonment! Let me go you bastard!"

Sadu smiled kissing Ace once more before leaving him behind in the bedroom locking the door behind him. He could hear Ace cursing and yelling through the door which only brought a pleased look to his face. As he sat back down in his chair Niku came running up leaning on the desk.

"Sadu have you seen Ace? Rocter said Ace would be back today from his mission and I wished to ask how it went." The boys eyes sparked with energy that had been building up from being confined in the building. Ryuu refused to let Niku do much of anything since their discovery so he had become quite balled up with energy and wished to expend some talking it out with Ace. He also felt he just had to tell Ace about Ryuus plans to get rid of all the brothel houses he owns and turn them into shelter for mistreated cat class androgynous.

Sadu gave Niku his usual smile and felt the need to tell the boy exactly what had happened. "Yes he is indeed back and locked in my room. It seems before he left we had some fun in bed and it resulted in quite an unexpected turn out."

Niku gave Sadu a blank look as he let the news turn around in his brain then he started to giggle. "Well that's fine I always felt there was something sparking between you two. Ever since the hospital when Ace completely avoided you."

It was Sadus turn to be surprised at how perceptive the young boy could be about the people around him. "So will you give me your blessing to keep your precious Ace to myself for a while?" Sadu felt it would be smart to ask Niku since the two were like brothers.

Niku just beamed a smile as he lifted himself from the desk. "I don't mind but your going to have one hell of a time convincing Ace's mom and dad about it. So I wish you luck." Niku turned and ran back up the stairs to his room where he had probably left Ryuu sleeping not knowing he had left his side for a moment. Sadu leaned back in his chair relaxing for once while he was on duty.

"Indeed It will be quite a feat." A surge of joy shuttered through Sadu at the thought of taming his now lovers parents. "This will be quite interesting."

Rasker had decided to walk back home instead of fly so he could learn his way through the slums. As he walked around he found that his sense of direction was still something to be worried about. He was hopelessly lost within the maze of buildings and streets that seemed endless around him.

"Well this is just great. Exactly how is it that I still get lost in places that should be easy to navigate!" Rasker yelled to the sky venting his frustration out as a low chuckled formed behind him. Twisting around his heart sank at what he saw. From the shadows appeared a young demon smiling out at him.

As he opened his mouth to speak the demon disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. Rasker sucked in his breath as flashes from the past flew around in his minds eye. "This is not good."

Turning Rasker leapt in the air taking flight looking for the Goddess' playground. When he finally found it he felt even more ashamed that he was only three blocks away from it when he had gotten lost.

Tilting his body he glided down landing in front of the building taking in the sight of the neon sign. Taking a deep breath Rasker sighed feeling like he was finally home. Happiness twisted around inside him but was quickly destroyed when a sudden commotion erupted from within the building. Quickly Rasker shot up the steps and entered inside.

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