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Chapter 20

Rasker had shielded his eyes from the sudden, blinding white of the ice pillar that had decimated the old building. The pillar itself was vibrating as the boys emotions went out of control at the sudden shock of hearing their own voices.

Once he dropped his wing Rasker could see that both Lug and Joker were out cold as the two boys where loosing even more control over their own power. Rasker clicked his tongue in worry for the two unconscious men. Right at the moment the ice was only chilling to touch but knowing the fact that the twins were ice phoenix's it means that sooner or later it would become so cold it burns the flesh just being near it.

Although he wanted to leave it up to them entirely he knew that they needed some outside influence to wake up. Sighing Rasker turned and linked in with his feather that was holding Twitch and Toby hostage within their room. His eyes were closed and his hand was clenched into a fist as his mind and energy found their way to the feather.

Once he found the feather he gave a slight grin to see that it was still holding up against the onslaught of bashing from within the room. It was just what one would expect from a feather of an ex-demon. As soon as he had full control over the feather he opened his eyes and fist spreading out his fingers. The quick movement sent out a sudden burst of energy making the feather explode destroying the door handle.

Twitch and Toby came stumbling out of the room completely caught off guard by the sudden freedom that was granted to them. Toby stumbled into a mounting pile of snow that was collecting from the blizzard being caused by the erratic power of the twins.

Twitch helped Toby to his feet, his breath coming in white puffs in front of him. He swallowed dryly as all the phlegm had become thicker in the back of his throat in an attempt to keep from freezing. The whole building was turning into a winter wonderland without the wonder and more of the danger.

"Come on Toby, we gotta find the twins, and Lug, and Joker. I have a bad feeling about this. Can you walk ok?"

Toby nodded a little disoriented from the sudden blow of a hidden block under the snow pile. The corner of the block had left a nice little slice in his forehead that dribbled blood for a few seconds then froze close from the intense, icy winds.

Noticing this Twitch waited a moment for Toby to get his bearings back before they pulled forward heading in the direction of the wind. They pushed forward as the wind itself attempted to push them away as if it wished to keep them away from its masters.

The wind had sharp blades of invisible ice mixed in that cut at their faces sending small crimson trails sliding down their cheeks and arms. Twitch stopped them for a moment to pull out a thick tarp that he knew he kept under one of the tables where they were at. He shifted his hands around under the snow until he felt the cold plastic under the white powder.

He tugged and pulled the plastic loose of its icy grave then wrapped it stiffly around them to help protect them from the ice shards. Twitch then took out goggles from within Toby's side pack and put them on giving the second pair to Toby to protect their eyes.

The continued forward taking it slowly since each breath of air felt like thousands of tiny needles were entering their lungs and stabbing at the inner walls of their throats. Toby was the first to notice the root of where the wind was coming from as he pointed to the twins room.

The wind coming from the room was so violent and thick with snow that it seemed like nothing more then a massing wall of twisting white swirls in front of them. The wind was now howling so loud that when the two would talk their voices would drift away on the wind as if they had never even spoken in the first place.

Twitch bit his lip and pointed to the middle of the swirling white wall. Right in the center for a split second a hole big enough for a person to fit through would open for a few second then close right back up. It would swirl open after ten seconds and stay open only for around five seconds. To get through it to the room beyond they had to time it perfectly.

Toby nodded his acknowledgment at what Twitch was trying to say. Lucky for the two of them they were the snipers in the group. Which took absolutely précis timing more times then naught due to the fact that if they were off even for a second, they'd end up hitting on of their own.

Toby shrugged off the tarp and settled himself close enough to the swirling mass to be able to go through in one leap. He watched the swirls in front of him open and close counting in time with each to make sure he would have his timing right.

Taking a deep breath he counted to ten and on the third opening he leapt through with all his might. Toby slipped through the short lived crack in the wall just barely nicking the lace of his outfit on the edge as it closed. Gasping for air Toby looked at the piece of cloth that didn't make it through to see that the opening had sliced the end completely off. What scared him even more was that it was a clean cut like a hot knife through butter.

Twitches heart did a back flip into his throat as soon as he saw the small piece of cloth sliced from Toby's clothing. He prayed that Toby made it through safely as he waited to see the opening once more. Once the snow wall shifted and opened all his fears were dashed away as he spotted Toby lift himself from the ground and brush off the powdery snow.

Now it was his turn to take the dangerous plunge into the icy depths of the razor sharp hole in the wall. He flicked the tarp to the side and tensed his body as he began to count the intervals between the opening and when it closed. After a short period of time Twitch took the plunge and ran head first still counting the seconds.

Right as he reached the twisting mass the opening appeared as he pushed his way through. He flipped in the air to pull his lower body through faster and rolled on the cold ground on the other side of the wind.

Scrambling up out of the snow Twitch realized that on this side of the wind wall it was calm. The wind was practically dead as the snow was settled on the ground around them in large piles. Now this was truly a winter wonderland, calm, serene without much to worry about. It felt extremely peaceful like the time the group had a job deep in an arctic forest.

Although it wasn't the quiet that stole all words from within them. It was the massive pillar of ice that had encased the twins and knocked Joker and Lug unconscious in the corners of the room. Toby ran over to Lug and inspected him while Twitched attended to Joker. The two only had minor bruising almost like something had protected them at the same time as it assaulted them.

"Hey Joker wake up, seriously what happened here?"

Joker groaned as he pulled himself up to a sitting position while rubbing the swollen red bump on his head. He blinked a few times to re-gain his bearings as Lug and Toby crawled over by them. Lug hacked a few times spitting up semi frozen shards of spit.

"T-the twins spoke, but when they spoke they suddenly became engulfed in the ice. Twitch they are phoenix's but man they aren't fire birds that's for certain."

Joker's breath was coming out somewhat harshly as he his lungs felt constricted by the sharp cold that was seeping into their bones. All four boys were shivering uncontrollably as the temperature continued to drop and the ice that was crawling on the walls began to burn the wooden frames.

The group was startled by the sudden sound of laughter from behind them as Rasker appeared out of black smoke. He shielded his eyes from the glair of the ice with his silken wings as he looked up at the pillar of ice. Massive storm clouds were forming in circles around it but were failing in progressing any further due to the shield that Vieta had placed around their area.

Although it was quite worrisome what he saw within the shield itself. The energy within the clouds were crashing violently against the shield and was beginning to take its toll on the glowing wall. Minute cracks were forming in the wall where they shield was under the most pressure. Rasker realized that they were quickly running out of time.

"Thos two were under a very powerful cures set by their own flesh and blood mother. You see their mother is actually one of the original phoenix androgynous that became displaced in time. The only reason she survived was because the children she was carrying within her absorbed the energy from the dimensions. Thus turning them from fire phoenix's into ice phoenix's. They are the only ones in existence."

Rasker paused to inspect the shield once more before he turned his attention back to the boys. They all looked disheveled and shaken from the massive display of power from the twins. Rasker knew he had their full attention now so he continued.

"Their mother decided it was best for them to stay within this time zone as she didn't wish to risk their lives returning to her original one. Yet life is cruel so she sealed their ice abilities within their words, within the truth behind their words. So the second they opened their mouths and spoke it released the seal on the ice energy which had been building up for years. They need the strength of someone truly important and close to their heart to break free and regain control over themselves."

There was no mistaking it, Rasker was looking right at Lug and Joker. Shivers made their way up the spines of the boys as Rasker stood completely unfazed by the dropping temperature. Joker clenched his fists tightly in an attempt to clear his head. While Lug just stared blankly at the two boys trapped.

"If you two don't do something the city will be lost forever in a torrent of ice that is so cold it burns the flesh of any creature it touches. Their power right now is being suppressed by my wife Vieta but due to extenuating circumstances she is far weaker then what she was in the past. Thus the shield wont hold for much longer. It's now or never you two."

Lug got to his feet and glared at the pillar of ice and ran forward yelling the whole way as he slammed his fist into the solid block of ice calling out to Z. After a moment of apprehension Joker stood, his eyes closed and his hands balled into tight fists. Taking a deep breath he ran up within range of the ice pillar and grabbed his arrow set from its hook on his back.

Locking one of the arrows into place he doused them in oil and lit it on fire. He quickly took aim at the area in-between the twins who look as if they were sleeping within the ice. They seemed to be holding hands as they drifted into a deep sleep.

"Lug back up I'm going to fire a flaming arrow into the ice. RJ you better be ok in there!"

Joker released an volley of flaming arrows onto the ice in an attempt to split it open. All that the arrows did was stick into the ice giving a loud sizzling sound as the flame was snubbed out by the cold. Joker cursed under his breath as he called out to RJ once more in a futile attempt to jolt them back to their senses within the ice.

Rasker couldn't help but feel sorry for the two men in their mad attempt to save the two boys locked away within their own little world. A loud crack caught the attention of everyone as they looked up they realized exactly how much danger they all were in.

Higher up on the ice pillar white flames were beginning to form as the shield protecting the rest of the town was beginning to crack under the pressure. Rasker bit his lip knowing that the crack meant that Vieta herself was beginning to feel the weight of the energy. Which in many cases was not a good thing, especially if the dark energy that was sealed away within her becomes the more prominent of the two.

Rasker clicked is tongue and strode over to Joker who was shivering even worst then before. Rasker wrapped one of his wings around Joker's shoulder to warm him up a bit. Joker gratefully accepted the warmth as the loud pounding of Lug's fist echoed off of the ice once more.

Looking over at lug you could see a small crimson dot about the size of lug's fist forming against the hard ice. Yet Lug continued to pound away at the strong substance in a futile attempt at cracking it open. You could tell that he was no longer thinking rationally.

"Listen Joker at this rate Vieta's shield is going to crash and the city will truly be in trouble then."

Rasker pulled one of his feathers from his wing and flicked it down slightly making it change into a black arrow. The arrow itself glistened almost like it was alive as Rasker passed it over to Joker who took it gingerly in his hand.

"This arrow is connected right to my energy. It'll hit the ice with enough force to crack it in order to let those two hear your words. The only thing is you have to hit it right in-between where their heads are. The cracks will form around that area opening them back up to reality."

Joker nodded and hooked the black arrow into his bow and pulled back aiming right where Rasker had said to aim. He could feel the continued warmth of Rasker's wing around his shoulder and watched as each breath he let out onto the arrow made it glow warmly. He could feel it vibrate in time with each pound of Lug's fist as he continued to assault the ice. The arrow itself was breathing in all the emotions within the room and was preparing to send every ounce of those emotions right into the ice wall.

The glowing stopped pulsing and stayed growing brighter by the second telling Joker it was time to release it. Slowly he let the bow string slip from his fingers sending the glowing arrow flying forward. It whistled through the air leaving a trail of what seemed to be glowing dust as it flew forth and split right into the ice sending cracks cascading out from where it hit.

RJ could feel that he was loosing himself, he could also feel the warmth of his brothers hand clutching his own. It was almost like they were trying to make sure they didn't loose each other but why? Why would they loose one another?

RJ tried to open his eyes but to no avail. All he could feel was cold darkness surrounding them. It was far different then the usual warmth of the loving home they had built along side the others. Yet he didn't know who it was he was missing. He could only remember the warmth of the days they spent together doing their job, but who were they?

A sudden squeeze told RJ that he wasn't the only one loosing sight of who they had become through the years. RJ squeezed Z's hand in return to tell him that he was as lost as his brother. The darkness was getting thicker around them, attempting with all its might to steal all that they were and are in that moment.

The twins could sense something above each of them. Something that was apart of them yet it was trapped and trying to get free. It seemed to be a bird of some sorts that was franticly trying to escape from its prison to return to its master, to return to them.

Their bodies shuttered as a loud crack crashed though their defenses and opened up their mind to a blinding light from the outside. The twins twisted within the confines of their icy prison as the sensed the cages locking up the birds were beginning to break.

Voices drifted in from the outside would to whisper in their ears. Both Z and RJ recognized the voices as Joker and Lug. The two of them were calling out to them, calling for Z and RJ to return home to their home. Warm tears streamed down the boy's faces melting the ice around them as they tried twisting free. They could hear the birds thrashing about even more violently then before until the walls of their cages came crashing down.

A sudden lurching sensation came to Z and RJ as they felt themselves begin to fall in the direction of the blinding light. The could hear the birds squawk loudly as they beat their wings against the darkness and glide down after them.

Vieta looked up just in time to see a mass of large cracks climb up the pillar sending large chunks cascading down to shatter into ice shards. As the pillar itself fell apart the energy that had been thrashing about within the containment of her Shield gave one final oomph breaking through her defenses.

The feathers she had used as focal points for her energy were ripped to shreds as she was tossed back taking quite some damage. The area that was once protected by her energy shield had felt the brunt of the energy gliding out in waves.

The energy waves bounced off of one another as they crashed into buildings shattering the glass windows and leveling many decrepit buildings. A substantial amount of damage was done to the old parts of town where many of the buildings were old and unstable.

Many of the waves had built up momentum as they climbed up to the new parts of the city and made large dents in the metal framing while shattering every window. Only to continue on its path until it just vibrated off to space where it became loose particles like a ring around the planet.

Vieta ran her hand through her hair as the wind bit at her nose and whipped her hair about. She watched as the bulk of the pillar fell to the ground leaving behind only the destruction of its energy.

The clouds that had built up around the pillar itself were slowly dissipating back into the atmosphere. Almost as if they were never there to begin with. Like they were once just a figment of ones overactive imagination playing tricks on them.

"We'll Valcor I think it's high time we move on to bigger fish. We still have the brothels to level to the grounds on which they stand. I take it you're going to stay here and make sure everything's alright?"

Valcor smiled at Vieta realizing that she had all this planned ahead of time. She didn't freeze time to clean up loose ends, no she did it to make sure she met up with him and Tray to make their appearance. She wanted to leave this city in the hands of someone she could trust to make sure her hopes and dreams for this planet continued to live and breath within its walls.

"It doesn't look like I have much of a choice in the matter now does it? Besides I would really like to be apart of my grandsons life. Let us not forget the father to son-in-law talk that I still have to use on that lad to strike some fear into his veins."

Vieta gave Valcor a coy smile as they looked to the horizon where the sun was beginning to rise making the thousands of ice shards in the air glisten like little crystals floating down to the earth. This was truly the end of the beginning of a new world.

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