"Tonight at London's Ice Rink, the largest figure skating competition is to be held. This rink will hold some of the greatest figure skaters from around the world, and these skaters include Andrievicha Bashmakov of Novosibirsk, Russia, Anita Hakkila of Akaa, Finland, and our very own Sadelle Taylor of London, England! Tonight, the international young girls' finals will be held and tonight, a winner will be crowned! London can only hope and pray that their beloved Sadelle Taylor can…" The TV was turned off.

Inside of the infamous figure skater, Sadelle Taylor's dressing room, the young thirteen-year-old was dressing for the tournament. All of the girls skating tonight were either twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen. The eldest, Andrievicha Bashmakov, was sixteen. Sadelle Taylor was just like your average everyday teenager: she had pimples, she had bad hair days, and she crushed on older cute boys. Of course, Sadelle Taylor could not live a normal life. Her mother, Jennifer Taylor, had grown up a famous figure skater as well and had wanted her daughter to live a life similar to hers. So Jennifer Taylor was difficult on her only daughter.

Sadelle grew up with three brothers named Kelly, Blake and Carter, all three of them being soccer players. The Taylor father, James Michael Taylor grew up a famous soccer player for London, and he, like Jennifer, wanted his dream for his sons.

"Sadelle, hurry up!" exclaimed Jennifer in an irritated tone. Sadelle sighed.

"Mother, I told you, I wish to be called 'Sadie'," she replied.

"I named you Sadelle, and so Sadelle I will call you," said Jennifer. "Now, hurry! You're up next and that Russian bloke is almost finished!"

"All right, mother…" said Sadelle as she continued to decorate her face with the hideous glitter that she had hated so.

The time came for Sadelle to perform what her mother had taught her, and Sadelle couldn't help but feel so frightened. So many people to impress, including her country, her friends, and most importantly, her mother. The first few minutes of her routine went amazing – almost enough to already win her first place. However, when a hole in her tights started forming, things began to get bad. The heel of the inside of her left skate was gnawing so ferociously at her tights that a hole was formed. The tight skates then started rubbing away at Sadelle's heel, causing major discomfort. At one point, it was so bad that when Sadelle performed a jump and landed, the skates tore her skin and she cried out in pain. She fell with such ferocity and her head hit the ice. The last thing she had heard were the gasps, screams and cries coming from the crowd.

After that horrid disaster on the first of December of 2007, Sadelle Taylor was never seen or heard from again. Some had believed that she had died from her injuries, others believed that her mother threw her out on the streets because she was so ashamed. It remained a mystery, until a young, seventeen-year-old hockey player came across the broken soul of a former figure skater in early 2010, when a seventeen-year-old British student named Sadie Taylor had come as a new student to Lexington High School in Lexington, Michigan.