It must have been her eyes, her dark blue eyes that made me feel as if I were drowning in a vast pool of beauty. Or maybe it was her hair as it cascaded down her back, a smooth wall of black. Her smooth skin, soft and tan. Her lips, lush and pink. Her smell, strawberries. Or the taste, her taste, an addictive taste.

I don't know, but she was that one. I fell so hard for her.

That's why I'm here, hands gripping her hips as if my life depended on it as she half sat and half laid on top of me. I could smell her, the sweet sent of strawberries and fruits, but I only noted the strawberry smell. I was too out of it to notice anything else. Her lips were at my neck and my heart was pounding loud.

She could probably hear it.

She's the reason I'm in this mess and the reason why I'm not sure if I want to get out of it.

She licked my skin, making me shiver. I knew what was next. My grip on her tightened, but not enough that it might hurt her. I would never hurt her. Not in my entire life. Ever.

"Relax." She whispered against my skin, voice like the howl of the wind through the trees late at night. Her breath was hot against my skin. I let out a deep breath, trying to do just that: Relax. Never before had something been so hard. But I knew what I got myself into long ago and didn't try to get out of it. This was just the price.

Besides, it wasn't like this was the first time.

Her hands wound themselves around me so that she got a better vantage point and, once my neck was at a good angle, I felt her grip tighten hungrily. She nipped at my neck for a moment before she sunk her teeth in. I let out a gasp of pain before a moan escaped my lips as she pulled thirstily at the blood pumping through my veins.

"Rux." I moaned, hands wrapping around her as an odd high seemed to fill my mind. I didn't mind. One of her hands that had been used to hold my neck now found itself running through my hair as the other worked to make sure that I stayed close. She grappled my waist with her legs as if making sure I wouldn't run.

I wouldn't run. I couldn't run.

Her teeth seemed to dig deeper, making me gasp. "R-Rux." My vision went slightly blurry, but I didn't care much about it. I could feel the pressure decrease and wetness slide over the wound as she sealed it with her tongue.

"Oh, did I play too rough?" She asked quietly, nibbling at my ear. My heartbeat went erratic. I could sense it. "Good thing we were on a bed. I wouldn't want you getting too hurt."

"H'm fine." I murmured, blinking as I felt her lips move from my ear to the edge of my lips.

"I don't want to hurt my toy." She whispered, licking the spot before going back to speaking heavily as if drunk, but not off of alcohol. "You are too good to loose." Her breath was hot against my mouth, and a smile made it's way to my lips.

"Good." I just whispered before she pressed her lips against mine. I remained there, letting her do as she wished tiredly. When she nibbled on my lower lip, I opened my mouth, allowing her access. Her tongue traced my gums for a moment before moving in. I found myself turning my head, fighting her for dominance for a minute after regaining some strength. She seemed to let me take over and I found myself entering her mouth instead of staying within mine.

I rolled over, moving so that I was on top instead of her and let a hand move up to her head to move through her soft, dark locks. She shivered against me, a small moan making itself known. My head swam and she pulled back, moving so that she could just lick my lips and sigh contentedly.

She was being careful with me. She knew what state I was in after taking blood and she was being very careful. She didn't want to hurt me too much. After all, I was only human.

Her cool skin felt good against my fever. I usually got very hot during this time with the lack of blood and such. It didn't feel entirely good.

But it felt right. Perfect. How I wanted it.

Here's the truth, very simply. I'm a human, short and simple. My name is Ray Mathews. The girl on top of me is Ruxandera Draco. She's a vampire.

And I'm her victim, her willing victim.