Every day I wake up
I relive your death.
I relive sitting right beside you
as you took your final breath.

Every day it gets harder to realize
that you're not coming back.
You dying gave me
the last crack.

This last crack
made me finally shatter.
I don't think it's possible
that I could be any sadder.

Every day I wake up
hoping you'll be next to me.
But then I remember your final words,
telling me you're finally free.

No more pain, Mariah.
I'll finally be okay.
I won't have to live like this
another painful day.

I smiled at you,
trying to make you see that I'd be fine.
I told you I'd be okay
over time.

But seven months today,
and I'm still dead.
Your words still
run through my head.

I remember you lying on your deathbed,
I remember that one last promising smile.
But Jake, you haven't been here
in quite a while.

And I need you to come back.
I need you here.
I thought as you were dying
I made that clear.

I told you I'd be fine,
but you knew I lied.
On the day you left,
you're not the only one who died.

Seven months today
and I still feel the void.
The day you died
I was completely destroyed.

I've always though
that you'd help me through.
But since you're gone
I'm doing it without you.

I'm trying so hard,
trying to be okay.
But I guess
it doesn't work that way.

Each day I miss you more
and I don't know what to do.
Jake, please come back.
I can't do this without you.

I remember your final days,
I remember your final word.
I remember you pleading with God,
wanting to be heard.

But God doesn't listen,
I've learned that by now.
If He did,
you'd be back somehow.

I'm happy you can't see me,
you'd be so sad.
I'm even scared that you would
be a little mad.

If you saw my body,
I'm sure you would cry.
There's so many scars, Jake.
They began the day you had to die.

Jake, please. I need you here.
I can't do it anymore.
I want things back to the way
they were before.

Seven months today
and I still feel the void.
The day you died
I was completely destroyed.